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The Positive Things That Happened During COVID-19

The influence of COVID-19 has been prevalent and has altered the method many things work. Although we recognize it has been a thought-provoking period for some individuals with a debility, there have also been some positive changes that have happened.

1-Wild animals enjoy freedom of a quieter world:

The human limitations due to the coronavirus pandemic enabled animals to explore emptied streets and waterways. Bosphorus in Istanbul, Turkey fishermen are staying at home during the city's lockdown, dolphins are swimming and jumping in the waters.


"Wild boars take over Haifa as residents stuck inside," said the headline in Israeli newspaper Haaretz.


One of the big cats was found inside an apartment complex.

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2- World of work changed forever

Work became easy, the requirement of getting ready for work completely vanished. People now work in trousers they are their own boss. People started learning new skills like content writing and graphic designing which helped them in earning online.


3- Spending more time with family

Our busy work schedules can make it hard to spend quality time with family. In this pandemic, we won’t have that excuse. Our stay-at-home orders are helping us find ways to spend more time with our families.


4- Nature mended

In April 2020, NASA satellite images showed significant reductions in air pollution over a part of the United States. Similar reductions were observed in other regions of the world.


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