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The Polar Shift Continues with Floods In America

Flooding In Your Backyard

This photo was taken in my front yard in 2010 from a nearby creek that was mishandled by the USGS.

This photo was taken in my front yard in 2010 from a nearby creek that was mishandled by the USGS.

Does Your Car Float?

If it floats and isn't nailed down you may never see it again.

If it floats and isn't nailed down you may never see it again.

At Risk Coastlines

Any coastlines whether it is here in the United States or elsewhere in the World are at risk, if they are at sea level. Meaning if the land is flat leading up to the coastline then any appreciable rise in Ocean levels can cause massive flooding, New Orleans is the perfect example of this.

Most of Southern California is to some degree, however they do have mountains relatively close to the coast, so there is an avenue of escape. The Eastern Seaboard however is very flat and most of the major cities, including but not limited to the Nation's Capitol, were built on a swamp. Any major rise in sea level on the East Coast would affect millions of people from Boston to Miami.

Maps created by FEMA and the US Dept. of the Navy have most of Florida underwater, if the New Madrid Fault Zone were to displace. This would affect the entire population. Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana and most of Texas are very flat and at sea level and any rise in the Gulf of Mexico would have serious implications for these States as well.

While many parts of Australia, Indonesia, South America, Mexico and India have already experienced flooding in large areas of their coastlines, the US has been relatively unaffected and is still above water, this will change as the Polar Shift continues.

Water Mail

Will the Postal Service be changing their service to Water Mail soon, depends on where you live.

Will the Postal Service be changing their service to Water Mail soon, depends on where you live.

Polar Shift Floods

Coastlines from Maine to Southern California and everywhere in between are being flooded by thunderstorms and rising Ocean levels. Nowhere is this more apparent than Southern Louisiana, where overnight rains raised water levels from 10 inches to 5 and a half feet. The Polar Shift Continues with Floods In America gives those willing to read between the lies and disinformation a look into why early season thunderstorms are creating havoc on our coastlines.

The National Weather Service on March 13, 2012 reported that 12 to 18 inches of rain fell overnight in some areas of Southern Louisiana, causing many people to become trapped in homes and vehicles.

"Among the hardest hit areas in Lafayette Parish was Carencro, where reports indicated water was as high as high as 8 feet on some roads, Sheriff's Office Capt. Craig Stansbury said."

Deep underground earthquakes have been stretching the New Madrid Fault Zone for some time now, which causes the coastal levels to decrease in elevation. Since much of this is occurring underwater it doesn't become prevalent until water levels rise, such as intense rainfall.

Global Warming and 'erratic weather' still gets the blame for much of this flooding but by now most people are becoming aware that the Polar Shift is causing much of the World wide flooding as waters are simple not receding.

According to U.S. Census data and fresh analysis of 'high tides' from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration more than 5 million people in Florida alone are at risk and are being labelled "indefensible".

This rise in the world's seas is caused by the expansion of ocean waters as they warm and by the melting of glaciers and ice sheets, Strauss said. This is due to global warming fueled by the emission of heat-trapping greenhouse gases, he and other climate scientists have said.

The same old tired rhetoric, and although true, hardly addresses the trues reasons for the Global Warming or rising Ocean levels, as coastlines lower in elevation it only appears that Ocean levels are on the rise.

Due to the ongoing Earth Wobble because of Nibiru's direct influence on the Earth's tilt and continuing Polar Shiftflooding the Ocean's waters are being displaced. As coast lines sink in elevation the water takes it's place, without receding.

This is an ongoing event and we are only now seeing it here in America, however most mainstream media outlets are not covering these events and keep the general public's attention on school shootings, sports figures and TV Stars.

Climate Central a non-profit organization based out of New Jersey has estimated in a recent study that more than 4 million people are at risk nationwide due to Polar Shift Flooding. Florida, Louisiana and California top out the list followed by New york, New Jersey, the Carolina's, the Gulf Coast States and Texas.

As the Hurricane season approaches combined with the erratic weather it will be easier to disguise the ongoing Polar Shift flooding and sinking coastlines and blame this on Global Warming.

What will be important to note is how quickly the water recedes if at all which will be a clear indication that the coastlines are indeed sinking as the Polar Shift flooding continues to create seismic disturbances, sinkholes, crevasses and stretching of the land.

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The New Madrid Fault Zone here in America is at the greatest risk from Polar Shift flooding.

NMFZ Flooding

This is the projected areas to be flooded if the New Madrid Fault Zone displaces, but can also represent what areas would be effected by rising Sea Levels.

This is the projected areas to be flooded if the New Madrid Fault Zone displaces, but can also represent what areas would be effected by rising Sea Levels.

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Landlocked States

Many people in land locked States such as Colorado or Tennessee probable feel that they will be unaffected from rising sea levels. What they may not have taken into consideration is that as Ocean levels rise and populations are displaced they will be migrating to these and other States.

You think food prices are high now . . . just wait until the population in your town, city or State doubles or even triples in a matter of days. With the migrating population diseases and illnesses will be on the rise, crime and looting, demand on resources, gas, food, shelter etc., . . .

Infrastructures will breakdown as many of our nations transportation systems begin in coastal cities, oil refineries, shipping, railways and trucking and food distribution. Clean drinking water will be the most affected resource as many States are already experiencing droughts and have for many years. Food distribution will breakdown as ships will no longer be able to import food.

As population's increase the availability of land will decrease putting even more pressure on communities and squeezing people closer together. This will lead to more stress and conflict, even the local wildlife will be affected as they also are squeezed into a smaller area.

Add to this any erratic climate change or weather and you have a full blown disaster on your hands, that no security force or National Guard unit will be able to handle.

Is the Polar Shift flooding the reasons for the recently passed legislation (NDAA) from the Obama administration which may lead to Marshall Law?

Are these the reasons FEMA seems so intent on practicing the countless emergency drills in States neighboring New Madrid Fault Zones?

Do the many articles on the internet reflect the growing apprehension of rising Ocean levels here in America?

Does the US Government KNOW something they are not telling their citizens?

Consider the recent legislation created by the Obama administration in relation to FEMA and Emergency relief as well as the government to create organizations committed to emergency governments. Clearly this administration is anticipating a major natural disaster and trying to be well prepared to maintain the social infrastructure.

As the Polar Shift Continues with Floods In America we begin to see the wide spread implications of these and other effects from the Polar Shift flooding. Wake up America and begin to prepare if not for yourself than for those that will lose their homes as Ocean levels rise due to the ongoing Polar Shift Flooding.



somethgblue (author) from Shelbyville, Tennessee on July 13, 2012:

Both good links to the cover up of Nibiru, Blaming the Sun for the unknown swirls being seen in various parts of the world and the recent rash of flooding world wide, including the UK which I'm sure you're aware of.

As I understand it many of the floods happening now are due to stretching of the Earth's crust like the one in Russia. What is being labeled in the press as thundershowers and rain is just part of the cover up to the stretching of the Earth's crust.

It should be interesting to see from here on forward what excuses they use to deceive the public.

Sparkster on July 13, 2012:

Here are a couple of links to relevant articles which have been posted in UK news today:

somethgblue (author) from Shelbyville, Tennessee on March 18, 2012:

Talk about garbage and then post links on someone else's hub is considered rude without permission. I will allow your comment to continue to exist because showing patience and tolerance to other's views is a worthy endeavor, however showing manners is advisable when visiting and leaving comments.

You are certainly entitled to your opinion and if you wish to share links with others you should write a hub article and share all the links you want, but posting them on another's hub without the permission is GARBAGE!

Because you are willing to proclaim your ignorance to all I will allow your comment to exist, after all my article and my views do not require proof to be stated.

Your comment is all the proof I need for your stance and intelligence level!

OneYearLater on March 18, 2012:

This is garbage. Polar wander or polar shifts is not a dramatic occurrence, to say the least. It has been sensationalized by science fiction, popular culture, and uninformed article writers on Hubpages.

Let's post some reasonable information.

"...the rate of this polar motion is about 1°/m.y. Astronomical measurements for the past 80 years have recorded actual motion of the earth's rotational axis up to 1°/m.y. in the direction of eastern Canada. This agrees in rate with paleomagnetic polar motion of the past 7 m.y. and in both rate and direction for the past 2 m.y." -JOURNAL OF GEOPHYSICAL RESEARCH, VOL. 90, NO. B9, PP. 7737-7750, 1985

And let's also link to a webpage that doesn't have a "grey alien" as its logo (see the hyperlink, "polar shift" in the ninth paragraph from the top). Perhaps we shall link to a more credible place. Is Harvard credible enough?

Come on, I like a good conspiracy as much as the next guy, but don't pee on my leg and tell me it's raining. This article has little to no solid evidence, although it boasts like a kid who has just tied his own shoes.

Thank you.

somethgblue (author) from Shelbyville, Tennessee on March 17, 2012:

I like that Avatar much better, that was a photo of Nashville two years ago after 24 hours of rain and some gross incompetence by the USGS. They admitted on their website that they were responsible for the flood but later retracted the statements when citizens tried to recover their losses from the Government.

jenubouka on March 17, 2012:

That is a pretty crazy photo of your town Somethgblue! We have a pretty prominent river here where I live and I often wonder if it will flood. My town does not appear in the zones but I could be money the majority of the town folk would be floating on their beds when they find out we got hit. Then, I also wonder what the desert valleys, like mine, will encompass during the shift.

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