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Advantages and Disadvantages of Being a Working Student (Outside or Inside your School)

Because Why Not?

Education is a treasure nobody can take away from you.

This quote has been a cliché for most of us and we are really trying to get that "treasure".

College Degree is one of the best investment you could ever have in your life. Your diploma will lead you to the path where you've been following ever since the first day of being away from your family and being independent for the first time. Most companies prefer applicants who have college degree even with a job that a high school can do.Let's just face it. Being a college graduate with good credentials has a whole lot of advantage if you're not lucky enough to be like Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerberg.

This is a one of the best first step you could ever have. However, some of us just don't have the financial capacity to semi-annually enroll for four years. This is specially for those students whose parents can't continually support for their child's enrollment fees because of insufficient amount of wage or if your independent with nothing to hold on to.

So, as a student who wants to pursue a college degree, we end up looking for companies willing to hire students then try all our best to balance work and school.

It surely sound desperate but it's worth giving a shot than be stuck in unemployment for a longer period of time.

The Problems

I may have inserted "Perks" in the title first but come on, it's better to get dirty first then wash up afterwards. No other meanings intended. Just deal with it.

  1. Your role as a student. The greatest challenge you could ever face being in a work-and-study scheme is to have a focus on class and time to review all your piled up lessons. Inside the classroom, you may be too exhausted that your mind would just want a comfortable sleep and hope for the best about your grades.
  2. Your role as a worker. The company you're working with may be the busiest business the town has ever had. You are expected to do your best and devote your energy for them since they are paying a certain sum of money for you though it is a minimum wage.You've got to work as fast and accurate as you can. You are oftentimes pressured with the quotas that your employer has assigned to you. And most of all, customers are much more challenging to deal with.
  3. Your social life. You may be missing a lot of big moments with your classmate who in part also your friend. Sometimes, you'll get "out of place" when your friends gather around with you in the circle.
  4. You as a minimum wage earner. Despite working hard as the regular ones, your wage is still lesser than they get. It is legal for some country. And most businessmen think that you even owe them for hiring you for a job. With minimum wage, you can't even pay all of your tuition fee.
  5. That bug called "pride". Although you should keep you pride intact, it sometimes would hinder yourself from doing this "desperate move". Some friends of yours may be indifferent with what you are doing and you may feel inferior especially when they are more fortunate than you.

The Perks

  1. Maintained Good Grades. When you really know what your goal is, you'll know what to put on top of your priority list. Though studying while working may be a challenge, you will be determined to study harder for you to reach that goal which, in this case, is to graduate in college.
  2. Training. The experience you get from your work will enhance your skills that is essential for your college life and even after school. Your work may not be related to your college degree but the discipline you've obtained from that experience will surely stand out among others.
  3. Money earned is money saved. Though you might fret about how small your wage is, that money can still be used to sustain the necessities for your daily life. If your frugal enough, you can save up for the fee for the upcoming exam.
  4. Reference. If you've showed a good performance in your workplace, your employer, with his permission, can be a good reference for your resume. It is mostly preferred by most companies especially if your work is related to your degree. People from your workplace can also be your networking prospect which will help you find reliable connections especially after you've earned your diploma. And who knows, if you've learned to loved that company, they might hire you for a higher position related to your degree.
  5. Social Life. Sometimes, you'll need a break. and with a break you mean to be with group of friends or just a friend that you want to hang out with. In your work, you actually have added list of new friends. You can be having fun in your workplace with them while doing your best because they too, would want to lighten up their mood. This is especially if you're a person who can't live a day without having someone to talk to you. And for those who wouldn't mind gaining connections with their workmates because they're too frugal to be hanging out, your workmates will understand if you turn down their offer politely. They knew you're a student. They might even treat you with free coffee.
  6. Freebies. This is mostly applicable to those who work in a food industry. Nothing is tastier than a free meal. It may help you lessen your budget on food especially when your employer offers you meal aside from your wage. For industries aside from food, you may get freebies when your employer is generous enough.


  • When your workplace is your school itself. Being a Student Assistant may give you benefits such as free snacks (if they include you in the headcount) and a place for break. It could also be baggage counter for when you want to walk around (or sneak out and go somewhere else when no one really needs you for that time) and don't want to carry things. You're always updated with the latest issues about your school or department (you're the one of the first few students who would know when there is a suspension of classes). It is a very good training for office experience. And the best thing is, you are automatically their scholar and therefore, your tuition fee is all paid. If your school just gives you allowance, then the best thing perhaps is that you have access to latest updates on suspension of classes)

Now, you should be thinking if you'll continue to be one of us

You can observe that I've listed more perks than the problems. I don't intend to be biased. I just want to motivate those who work for their education that being a "working-student" shouldn't be a burden but a helpful move instead.

If you know that you don't have enough resources but is determined to finish school, you should not be complaining about not having the fund. You should be doing something to attain your goal instead.

And about the so-called "friends" that looks down on you, forget about them. Everybody will change after college. I'm telling you. Even your "Best Friend" will.


If you don't want to be a working student to pay for your tuition fee for the rest of your college life, try this tips:

Before you enter college,

  • Your country/state has budget for scholarship. Apply for it. As much as possible don't avail the study-now-pay-later scheme. You'll just have to maintain certain grade.
  • Send scholarship applications as many as you can simultaneously. It's better to choose from the approved application than to wait and find another. Remember: time is important.
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When you're already in college and suddenly, you or your parents just can't afford it anymore

  • Your country/state may still offer you a scholarship. There's nothing wrong with trying.
  • You can ask a help from your relatives I guess?
  • Search for an online job. (Though this is still working while studying, this is less exhausting compared to being in the field)


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