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Adolf Hitler Facts About his Life

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I am pretty sure that almost every person in this world would have heard about Adolf Hitler. Naturally, the things that people remember when they hear his name is that he is a totally evil and sadistic person who was responsible for the Holocaust. But I would like to tell you some facts which might actually change the way you think about Hitler. What most people forget is that he has many qualities that deserve admiration. I am in no way trying to say that Hitler is a good person or that what he did was right. I have written this as just because a person has committed acts of evil doesn’t mean that we cannot learn from the good qualities in him.

Early life:

Hitler was born on 20th April 1889 in Austria. He was fascinated by wars even in his childhood and frequently played war games with his friends (not surprisingly). He was very attached to his mother (Klara Pölzl) and carried a picture of her wherever he went. Hitler was deeply hurt by the loss of his brother Edmund in 1900. He also lost his mother on 21st December 1907. These turn of events made Hitler more detached and frustrated. Later on, Hitler wanted to become a painter but gave up his ambition when his paintings were rejected twice by the Academy of Arts in Vienna.

Mein Kampf:

Life for Hitler was not a bed of roses. His whole life was a struggle. He was even left homeless during his early adulthood. His autobiography is aptly named as “Mein Kampf” meaning “My Struggle”. He joined the Nazi party in 1921. Even here his party was facing failure after failure in every election. He was jailed when he tried to seize power on 8th November 1923. Due to his perseverance, he was finally elected as chancellor of Germany on 30th January 1933. Many people idolize Abraham Lincoln for having persevered to win the election after multiple failures but not many know that Hitler went through exactly the same struggle.


Oratorical prowess:

Let us now dig deeper into his bright side. Hitler, as we all know, was an excellent orator. His speeches were very persuasive and drew the audience towards his views. It is said that he used to visit operas to study the gestures they use in order to inculcate them in his speeches. Ambassadors from various countries during the 1930s have recognized his superior oratory skills as seen in their diaries. His speeches gave the people of Germany hope. Hope that he would be their savior to help them reach great heights. He did not disappoint.

The Messiah:

Hitler was also undoubtedly a wonderful leader. He was very much capable of leading his armies to victory as well as making Germany a superpower economically. Before Hitler came to power, Germany was facing a great depression. Having lost the First World War, Germany was forced to sign the treaty of Versailles. For those who do not know, the treaty of Versailles imposed various restrictions on Germany which could be considered as very unfair.

Germany was asked to pay a huge sum as reparations for the war, many regions from her borders were divided between the victors as spoils of war, her army was reduced to 100,000 and the nation was banned from researching any new aircraft or submarine technology. This crushed the economy of the already struggling country. Unemployment was widespread and the people needed a hero to save them. They got Hitler. He immediately began taking steps to improve the economy of the country. He rearmed Germany and nullified the treaty of Versailles. Germany’s economy started to boom. Germany even hosted the 1936 Olympics. The nation was on the path to success.

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A Patriot:

As far as his character is concerned, Hitler did not have any vices. He did not smoke or drink excessively. Although he used to be a chain smoker he realized the harmful effects of smoking and conducted anti-smoking campaigns, the first during this time. He was also a vegetarian. He was very brave and was a runner on the front lines during WW1. He won the Iron cross which was the highest award given for bravery not once but twice! Hitler loved his country and his people. He was a true patriot. His patriotism is really one of the qualities which I admire the most. The treaty of Versailles signed after WW1 suppressed Germany so much that she was crippled fatally! This treaty was one of the main reasons that led to WW2.

Hitler only wanted to make his beloved Germany prosper. Germany was suppressed similarly to how Colonialism had suppressed many counties. Yet we consider the acts done by freedom fighters to be an act of patriotism but the actions taken by Hitler to rescue his nation as evil. During a time in which the powerful countries had colonies all over the world, we could say that Germany was colonized by the allied forces and Hitler was the nation’s freedom fighter trying to gain their independence. However, we consider the Germans to be the instigator of war and the allied forces to be the helpless victim.


Twisted facts:

It is true when they say “History is written by the victors”. When we read about WW2 from any book this is what we generally see. The Germans who are the personification of evil, an army from the depths of the underworld itself attack the defenseless allied nations. Yet despite all shortcomings, the heroes(allied forces) somehow overthrow the overlord and save the world. The wording may differ but this is exactly how the Second World War is portrayed. The facts have been twisted to the extreme. The Second World War was a power struggle on a whole other level. Nothing in this war was pretty. No one was holy, not by a long shot. Poland which was attacked first by Germany fell quickly not because it was a peace-loving nation with no army. Poland had the fourth largest army in Europe at the time she was invaded.

The fact is that while Germany attacked Poland from the East, the Soviet Union also invaded from its western borders. If we consider the British and French to be the peacekeepers of Europe why didn’t they declare war on the Soviet Union as well? The answer is as clear as daylight. They couldn’t possibly win a war against both Germany and the Soviet Union. So as time went by, Churchill and Roosevelt even resorted to making a pact with the Devil himself(Britain and USA signed a mutual assistance treaty with the Soviets).

Stalin himself was responsible for millions of civilian deaths and craved for power. Personally, I do not blame them. Every country was trying to survive and certain decisions had to be made. I do admire Churchill for his strong resolve. His resolve was the one thing that kept Britain alive. But it was not justice that they were fighting for. It was merely survival. Roosevelt’s saying “My enemy’s enemy is my friend” perfectly sums up what was going on. Outnumbered and surrounded on all sides, Germany eventually fell. One form of Tyranny replaced another.



However, we cannot brush aside the atrocities of the Holocaust. One look at a picture of a concentration camp is enough to make your blood boil in anger and disgust. However, Hitler’s hatred for Jews was not unique. It was a widespread belief that Germany lost WW1 because the Jews did not support her in the war. As a common soldier on the front lines, Hitler along with many others felt that they were stabbed in the back by the Jews. It was for this reason that he developed a hatred for Jews and became an Anti-Semite. This led to the massacre of millions of Jews. This is definitely wrong but Hitler does not have to take the whole blame as hatred for Jews was widespread in Nazi Germany.

One man could not be blamed entirely for such a huge act. Yet it was Hitler who pulled the trigger to those deaths and this can neither be forgiven nor forgotten. However, “No man can be perfect”. Mistakes are part of human nature. This was not the first Holocaust and as long as circumstances drive men to make mistakes no one will be perfect. Whatever the flaws that Hitler had, he did have a good side in him, a deep passion and love for his country. A dream to restore his beloved Germany back to her former glory.

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