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The Most Amazing Survival Story Ever

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Antarctic Cruise

This is a survival story to top all survival stories. It's about the explorer Ernest Shackleton. He and his crew took an Antarctic expedition on his ship, the Endurance.

The plan was to sail to Antarctica and cross the continent with sled dogs, that crossing would be a first. The year was 1914, at the beginning of WW1.
Shackleton was ready to go to war and fight, but the government told him to go on the trip. The planning for the trip and the financing complete, he was ready to go. On Aug 8, 1914, they set off on the most amazing adventure ever.

The trip was amazing. there here are ships that go on Antarctic cruises every year. They take people who want to see where the Endurance expedition took place.
These men went through amazing hardships. The will to survive all odds and the enormous challenges that faced them got them through it. This story should be an inspiration to everyone to not give up when we face trials and challenges.

HMS Endurance

HMS Endurance

My first read of the story

I first read the book, Endurance, Shackleton's incredible voyage, close to 10 years ago. It was one of those books you read, and you can't put it down. Even though I knew the outcome, I was still in suspense. All the trials and unbelievable hardships they went through keeps you gripped in suspense. Several years later I picked up the audio book at the library and went through it again. Even the second time it was riveting.


The first leg of the expedition

They sailed to a Whaling station on South Georgia Island. They were waiting for the Ice to break up enough for them to start the expedition. On Dec. 5, Shackleton and his 27 crew members set sail for Antarctica. There were 9 crew members that kept journals to document the trip. They ran into pack ice after 3 days. After 6 weeks the ice became much heavier, and they got stuck in the ice.

After being stuck in the ice for a month, they saw open water 400 yards away from the ship. They worked for 2 days to cut and chop their way to the water. They could not make it. The ice had them stuck 85 miles from land. They got ready to spend the winter on the ice. To keep morale up, they had to work every day. They also played soccer on the ice, put on plays, and worked with the dogs


In May, the sunset for 3 months. The ice was moving in on the ship and crushing it. The Endurance tipped to the side as the ice crushed it. They tried to chop it away so the boat would right itself, but the ice was too thick. After 10 months stuck in the ice, they had to abandon the ship.

The Endurance tipped over so far and crushed to the point it was filling up with water. They loaded all the supplies they could into 3 lifeboats. The temperature was -27. They move away and set up their tents. The Endurance broke up and sank 3 days later. They scavenged as much wood as they could from the ship and built a camp.

The crew was on a moving ice flow on which they had moved about 150 miles since they became stuck. The ice was breaking up as the weather warmed, so they had to get in the boats. They headed for Deception Island. The food supplies were getting so low, and the weather so bad, they changed and headed for Elephant Island. They made it to Elephant Island. 497 days from the time they left the whaling station on South Georgia island.


Elephant Island

There was a large population of seals on Elephant island so they had plenty to eat. Other than that, it was the most inhospitable and desolate place you could find. Shackleton took one lifeboat and 4 men and try to get to South Georgia Island, across 800 miles of the most violent ocean in the world.

They took food for 4 weeks. Navigation was difficult, they could only get a sextant reading 2 times because the seas were so rough. 5 men in a 22 foot rowboat going across 800 miles of violent ocean trying to find a tiny island. After 14 days, they could see land. The next obstacle was a hurricane; they took 3 more days to get to the island. Because of the storm, they had to land on the opposite side of the island. There was no way to sail around the island.

Shackleton took 2 men and left 2 where they landed. They had to cross 22 miles of mountains and glaciers to get to the whaling station. They made the trip in 36 hours of non-stop hiking and climbing. They went to pick up the other 2 men right away.

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Back to Elephant island

After 3 days of resting up, Shackleton used a borrowed ship to go pick up his men. Ice stopped them and they had to turn back. 2 more times they tried and had to turn back by ice. 3 months later he got back to Elephant island. Shackleton would not even get off the ship, they picked up the rest of the crew and headed back to the whaling station. They got back to England just over 2 years after they left. Not a single one of the 28 men on the expedition died.

After the return

After they got home, several of the men went to fight in the war. 1 of the men died in fighting, 2 more injured 6 weeks later.

Shackleton took one more trip back to South Georgia Island, he had a heart attack and died on the island at age 47. His grave is there on the island. Nova made a 2 hour documentary on the Endurance expedition. The links to the 11 video clips are below. I could not embed the links. If you have the time, it is worth watching. If you can, get the audio book, or read the book. It is a great story.

A great video description of the Endurance story

video 2

video 3

video 4

video 5

video 6

video 7

video 8

video 9

video 10

video 11


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