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The Most Horrifying Bunker Story You Never Knew Happened

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Being stuck inside an old bunker is one thing but being burned to death with nowhere else to go is another thing!

A few months ago, I had my final study tour with my friends in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. We travelled to many different locations and had a blast learning about the culture there.

One story that stuck to most of us the most was Kalidem Bunker. Not because of its unique location which is just a few km away from one of the most active volcanic mountains in the world but also with its very horrifying and tragic story.

Kaliadem Bunker

Kaliadem Bunker

Kaliadem Bunker

Kaliadem bunker, located near the volcanic Mount Merapi, is only accessible when you go on an adrenaline-filled lava tour in which you travel from different locations using a high-speed jeep. The locations in the Lava Tour range from a museum about the remains resulting from the eruption.

Houses destroyed, objects remained, you can immediately feel and touch the volcanic material as it’s all around you. The sand in which you’re stepping on is one of those materials!

Now back to Kaliadem Bunker. This was a Dutch Bunker made back in the colonial age to protect officials/guards from the many Mount Merapi’s devastating eruptions. It’s been used for ages now.

It was an ideal method back then but It’s safe to say that it didn’t do its job back in the 2006 eruption.

When you first arrive there, you’ll see a large gap with a wide staircase leading down towards the bunker. You’ll be greeted with a large, 6 inches thick, gigantic door!

Inside of the bunker, you’ll immediately be greeted with the darkness surrounding you. If you venture in a little further, you’ll realize this room is no bigger than probably half of your school field.

In the middle of the room, you can see a large pile of frozen volcanic material. You can only wonder what’s behind all that pile.

If you look around the room, sooner or later you’ll find 2 rooms: The utility room and the bathroom.

The utility room is filled with old burned utilities that’s almost unrecognizable. It’s a relic frozen in time.

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The bathroom is where the tragic story happened...

Before & After





The Tragedy In 2006

In 2006, Mount Merapi erupted once again. Just a few km down there, 2 guards, Warjano and Sudarwanto helped evacuate the remaining residents living back then. They don’t have much time because the magma is flowing directly towards them.

Knowing that they can’t outrun the flowing magma, they rush towards the Kaliadem Bunker and shut its door for good. Feeling relieved, they have no idea about the magma that slowly fills up the surrounding area, piling up the large staircase until there’s no sight of the staircase or the bunker whatsoever!

Now as for the fate of both of them, imagine you’re inside a dark concrete room with 700 °C to 1300 °C piles of lava surrounding your room. It’s the real-life equivalent of being microwaved!

They might not be in direct contact with the lava itself but the immense heat will absolutely leave them in a hot and extremely painful situation! Knowing that the lava’s temperature will just increase with the slow magma flowing downstream.

A rush of panic is flowing in their mind, They immediately move towards the water container inside the bathroom to cool off the steam, but that only made the matters worse as the once cold water is now boiling, leaving them unfortunately roasted!

A full few months after that. The surrounding residents return to dig up the site. It took 2 days and 52 hours just to find the door! Once they found the door, they saw a harrowing sight of 2 unrecognizable bodies inside the container.

It’s unimaginable what sort of pain they went through!

Moments After It's Cleared

Moments After It's Cleared

How's It Now

The once colonial bunker is now turned into an attraction sight. The sight of the surrounding place and the bunker itself felt surreal. The whole place just feels like it’s stuck in time.

Hundreds of tourists flock towards the bunker, taking pictures on the stairs and immersing themselves in the dark claustrophobic room.

And just like any historical place, there’s always a surrounding mystic folktale to it. Many people who live near the area or even tourists have reported many strange sounds coming from the bunker. It’s said that you can hear distant wailing/screaming from inside the bunker.

Bunker Kaliadem is a mystic place with a horrifying story accompanying it. It’s a silent voice warning the people of how dangerous an eruption can be.

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