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The Most Dangerous Spiders in the World : Interesting Facts about Spiders


Spider Fact

Many people mistakenly think that spiders belong to the category of insects. Wrong. They belong to the class of arachnids and are distinguished from insects not only for the number of legs (spiders will have 8, while insects have 6)but also for the division of their body ( the spiders have the body divided into 2 parts while insects have three ).

The Spiders

The presence of these beautiful (at least some may call) and stunning animals on our planet is lost in the mists of time. Think about that when life was isolated in the waters and in the surrounding areas, the first living organisms to inspect the mainland were precisely the Arachnids. And since then these small animals have come a long way!

In the world there are about 42,000 species of spiders known and are all carnivorous, except for one species (discovered in 2007) described as a vegetarian. Of these, only about 200 are considered dangerous to humans. The species most dangerous belong to groups Latrodectus, Atrax, and Phoneutria Cheiracanthium. Regardless of the danger to humans, all species of spiders have venom glands whose secretions serve as a weapon of defense and as a means to obtain food.

In the world, there are many poisonous, dangerous and deadly spiders. Let us see which of these poisonous spiders the most dangerous.


1. The hobo spider or banana spider (Brazilian Wandering Spider)

This arachnid has spread to Central America and South America, especially in Brazil and is a very aggressive species of spider (in fact it's called Phoneutria which means killer in Greek) and they are not afraid of the humans at all.

It was ranked as the most lethal and poisonous spider on the planet. It is also known as the banana spider because of the fact that it likes to hide in the banana plantations, this habit that workers in banana plantations have learned to recognize and avoid.

Its legs can reach 13-15 cm and his body from 17 to 48 mm. Do not be fooled, however, by its smaller size compared to certain specimens of tarantulas, because its deadly venom is considered as one of the most terrible of whole animal kingdom, certified in the Guinness Book of World Records in 2010.

Its neurotoxin PhTx3, with a value of 0.13 mg / kg (a power approximately 7 times higher than the black widow) can cause difficulty in breathing, cardio-respiratory paralysis and asphyxiation. It only takes 0.006 milligrams to kill a mouse of 20 grams in weight, and a little more to have fatal effects on a human being.

Its bite, as well as being very painful, seems to cause as primary symptom in men a long and painful erection (a sort of Viagra effect) which then leads to impotence.


2. Six-eyed sand spider

This spider is an arachnid that lives in the Kalahari Desert in Southern Africa. They usually have an average size of 1.5 cm and its paws up to 5 cm. Can reach 15 years of age.

Its bite (unfortunately) is not painful and we cannot know if we are bitten or not until the symptoms begin to show. It may take hours when the symptoms become noticeable.

The venom of the spider assassin contains a toxin still little studied which is called SMaseD and it is an enzyme that dissolves the tissues, especially damaging the blood vessels in which circulates and causing widespread and serious internal bleeding. The cells forming blood clots that block blood vessels themselves. There is currently an antidote. But even if it existed, could never repair the damage, as the venom of this spider (unlike many other spiders) is not neurotoxic . One bite of this sand spider will leave you either dead or severely crippled forever.

It is ranked as the second most poisonous spider on the planet.


3. Sydney funnel-web spider

This shiny black spider lives in a very limited area in Sydney, on the southeastern coast of Australia .

His body is very compact and powerful, and can vary between 2 and 3.5 cm in length while its legs are less than 7 cm. But the thing that makes most impression are its huge fangs (6 mm long) capable of poisonous bites. Males of this species are 6 times more poisonous than females.

The Australian researchers have discovered that the venom of this spider contains a substance called robustoxin , or ACTX , a protein that acts by interfering primarily neurotoxic on the nervous system. Its venom is spread rapidly. Records show that bitten young people died in about 15 min (before the antidote was synthesized).

The antidote was introduced in 1981 and, from that date to today fortunately there is no fatal case.


4. The Black Widow

This spider is definitely the most famous of all arachnids and is considered among the most poisonous species on the earth.

They live mainly in the southeastern United States and it is impossible not to recognize them, thanks to its distinctive appearance and characteristic of black with a red hourglass pattern on the abdomen. Males have only a small red dot in the abdomen which is difficult to distinguish and note. The dimensions of females are approximately 40 mm wide and 7mm long. While males (harmless to humans) are less than 10mm.

The bite itself is not painful but contains a neurotoxin called a-latrotoxin, a powerful poison that spreads quickly, and without a rapid administration of an antidote, could prove deadly, especially to the very young, elderly, or individuals with debilitating diseases such as immune deficiencies.

It’s terrifying fame is due to a fact that is found in the reproductive period of the species, the female kills and devours the male, because he is smaller than the companion (4 times smaller).


5. The red back spider

The red back spider is a small but very dangerous spider, belonging to the family of the black widow, which lives in Australia.

You have to be very careful, especially at night, when the male spider hunts and visit the homes. Its bite can be deadly if not treated quickly but fortunately after the introduction of the antidote, no fatal case occurred.

Some Australian scientists pointed out that during the breeding season; the male is self-sacrificing, offering itself as a meal spontaneously to the female, who finish the act of devouring everything. In fact, that the female, once satisfied, agree to a second relationship with another male.

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