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The Meaning and Method of Chanting of Mantra RAM

RAM mantra meaning and method of Chant


RAM mantra is the most practical, powerful , effective and easy mantra to use and to recite. This has been written in variety of scriptures like Ramayana, Vishnu Sahasranamama, Guru Granth Sahib and lots more.

Scientific Explanation of the RAM mantra:

The mantra RAM is composed of 2 sounds. RAAA and OMMMM. These 2 sounds are the sounds of 2 very important Chakras. There are 7 chakras in the body. The 3rd chakra(Naval chakra) sound is RAAA.

The 3rd chakra is the point where all the Karmas are initiated from and is the entry point of the Karmas. Karmas are all the thoughts words and deeds that one does in life. These Karmas are either resolved or unresolved. The unresolved Karmas stored in the body and keep coming up to be resolved in life. So since RAAA is the sound of the 3rd chakra and that is the entry point of all the Karmas, so the sound RAAA contains within it all the Karmas stored in the body. Chanting RAAA stirs the pot of Karmas in the body.

OMMM is the sound of the 6th center. The 6th center of the 3rd eye is also the site of the inner Guru the higher self the guide the intuition. This is the only space that resolves, destroys, demolishes, eradicates the Karmas. So when OMMM is recited this center is ignited and stimulated.

Mixing the 2 sounds RAAA and OMMM becomes RAAAMMM or just RAM. Chanting RAM mantra will take the stored Karmas and transport to the 3rd eye to be removed. That is the only reason that humans take birth. Resolve Karmas stored from this life and previous lives.

RAM mantra is the perfect vehicle to do it.

How to do the RAM Mantra:

One should chant it slowly and with concentration. Concentrate on the mantra and the sound of the mantra. No other thoughts should come. If the thoughts come then ignore the thoughts and bring the attention back to the mantra.

Chant it in a group. Chant one RAM in one breath for a few minutes. Then chant 2 RAMs in one breath for a few minutes. Then chant 4 RAMs in one breath. Everyone chants it together. A sample is posted in youtube at this link..


RAM mantra chanting is a very powerful mantra to do. Practical benefits where people’s illness, relationships etc all got healed with the chanting of this mantra. Everyone should adapt to chanting this mantra at home and in a group.

Author: Atul Thakur. Write questions to

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