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The Making of Real Life Vampires: Immortality Achieved Through Nanobot Technology


Vampires Are Genetically Primed Super Soldiers

Turning average humans into vampires? It sounds a little outlandish but it's a real life possibility and one that's in the near future, maybe only 30 or 40 years off. The scientific technology has already been developed and is currently being experimented with in the brains of mice. Do you want superhuman strength and hearing? An age defying body that's eternally young? Optimal performance and wound healing capabilities? Do these descriptions sound familiar? Probably because I'm describing the base elements of the mythical vampire. A predator, a super human, biologically enhanced physically and mentally. Is science capable of creating this? Absolutely.



Nanobot Technology & The Making Of Vampires

So how exactly will science create this vampire and will the genetically advance race of humans need blood to sustain them? Be doomed to walk the night? Or grow fangs? Evolution is an elusive thing and who knows what these genetically modified super humans could possibly develop say a thousand years from now. Anything’s possible even fangs and I’ll explain why.

The technology used to bring these mythical vampires to life are nanobots. Nanobots are small, microscopic, engineered, intelligent robots. These nanobots are smaller than a human red blood cell. Once inserted into the blood the nanobots will travel throughout our blood stream like nano soldiers on a mission to search and destroy any and all potential fatal diseases within our cells, repairing wounds by regenerating new skin, and preventing physiological aging. The nanotechnology will also be used to back up our memories and personalities. We will be genetically able to recall all our knowledge and memories and upload them like a computer. Our hearing and eyesight will be magnified 10 fold. We could do an Olympic sprint for 15 minutes without tiring or taking a breath, go scuba diving for 4 hours without oxygen, converse mentally and so forth. Why? Because the nanobots would reprogram our physical body. They would remove fat, increase muscle and so on. We would be at our optimal functioning capability, physically. We in essence will be the creature Bram Stoker wrote about in Dracula, a vampire

It's radical life extension," Ray
Kurzweil,futurist, said. "The full realization of nanobots will basically
eliminate biological disease and aging. I think we'll see widespread use in 20
years of [nanotech] devices that perform certain functions for us. In 30 or 40
years, we will overcome disease and aging. The nanobots will scout out organs
and cells that need repairs and simply fix them. It will lead to profound
extensions of our health and longevity."

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Sustaining Nanotechnology

This is where science and the reality seem to meet at the cross roads. How exactly will these nanobots be sustained? What happens if a nanobot becomes disengaged or broken? What will sustain these robots? Power them? The simple answer is blood.

Nanobots could get power directly from the bloodstream. A nanobot with mounted electrodes could form a battery using the electrolytes found in blood. Another option is to create chemical reactions with blood to burn it for energy. The nanobot would hold a small supply of chemicals that would become a fuel source when combined with blood. There are many options for powering these nanobots but the most simple option would be to use the blood in our own systems. But what happens when that blood begins to burn off too quickly and depletes itself quicker than the body can replace it?

When a person loses too much blood we become weak, disoriented, and pale and in some cases we die. What happens when we need to replace this blood and our bodies don’t produce enough blood at a fast enough rate to sustain life? Then what would these nanobots do? In this scenario a blood transfusion would be the obvious solution. But what if we aren’t close enough to a hospital? What if the only blood available is in the vein of someone else? Then what? Easy, we take theirs to replenish ours. We wouldn’t actually drink the blood but have to come up with some way in which the blood could be drawn from another person and enter directly into our blood stream via a vein or some other entry in the body. Could nanobots actually create fangs with which to pierce the skin with and suction / syphon the blood into our systems? Possibility? If mainstream science can create the nanobot that will extend our lives indefinitely, least you get beheaded or burn to death, then I’m sure they would be able to program those bots to create a physiological change in our bodies so profound that we would be able to syphon blood from a potential source. Anything’s possible in science. Our fantasy is now becoming our reality. The faster we accept this, the better.

So, are you ready to become the stuff of legends? I’ll take my chances with the nanobots. Immortality is a positive in my book.


How you on April 18, 2016:

Be vampire

mattpitt on January 10, 2015:

I am a Vampire who walk in the daylight and i have a soul but this world don't know i exist i need other Vampires how are still around i killed my own kind meny years ago but there must be more vampire s who are still around

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