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The Magic of a Rainbow and The Pot of Gold


Nature rewards us with the beauty of Rainbows. The symbolism of hope and of better things to come.

Pot of Gold at the End of a Rainbow

Pot of Gold at the End of a Rainbow

Pot of Gold at the End of a Rainbow

Pot of Gold at the End of a Rainbow

The Beauty of a Rainbow

Rainbows can occur in any mist, fog, sea spray, waterfalls, and anywhere light meets water in the sky, and the angles are conducive.

The very best time to see a Rainbow is after a rainstorm. It is impossible to see during the rainstorm because the clouds will be blocking the light. It is formed by reflection, refraction, and dispersion of a white light bouncing inside rain droplets.

Rainbows are relatively rare as conditions have to be just right in nature. Usually, the water-air is vapor, not droplets, so the dispersion cannot take place. There's no disputing the incredible colors of a rainbow. Seven colors make up a rainbow, and an easy way to remember them is to remember the name ROY C. BIV-red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet.

If you are fortunate and see a DOUBLE RAINBOW, it is because the light from the droplet is reflected not once but twice. You will note that the second rainbow is lighter in color but still easy to see. There are also TRIPLE RAINBOWS, but these are even rarer but possible.

According to the Optical Society in Washington, D.C., only five TRIPLE RAINBOWS have been seen in 250 years.

One could also see what is described as MOONBEAMS. These are formed from the moon when it is at its fullest, but the colors will not be as vibrant because of the lack of light.

Many believe that when Noah, the Ark builder, believed that God had sent the rainbows as a sign, He would never again send a flood to swallow the earth. And other believe rainbows are significant of spiritualism. But, there is no denying Rainbows are magical, beautiful, and almost by the power of persuasion, give us hope and a promise.

Triple Rainbow

Triple Rainbow



Rainbow Facts

Rainbow Facts

Beauty of Rainbows

Beauty of Rainbows

Interesting Facts of Rainbows

Here are some facts of Rainbows:

  • You can never get to the end of a rainbow.
  • You can only see the full circle from the sky.
  • Rainbows are less likely to occur in winter because of snow.
  • Earth is the only planet in the solar system with rainbows.
  • Hawaii has the most rainbows.
  • There are more rainbows in the tropics and by waterfalls.
  • The world's longest-lasting rainbow was in 2017, Taipel, Taiwan, lasting 8 hours 58 minutes.
Pot of Gold

Pot of Gold

The Leprechaun's Legend of the Pot of Gold

One day, according to Irish Legend, an old couple barely surviving and living in a dilapidated cottage set out to find firewood and food. The older man went into the woods for firewood while the old lady went into her carrots garden. As she pulled up a carrot, a leprechaun leaped out of the hole and said, "thank you." She heard him but couldn't find him, so he yelled: "look down." I will grant you one wish for you and your husband, and he leaped into the cottage. The husband returned, and his wife told him they had one wish to be granted.

The next morning the wife said she wanted money, clothes, and fine jewelry, while the husband said he wanted tools and a new house. The leprechaun was so offended he said, "I will not grant any wish because you are so selfish, but I will give you a hint. "I have a Pot of Gold at the end of a rainbow, and all you have to do is find it." The couple left their cottage in search of the Pot of Gold but were never seen again.


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fran rooks (author) from Toledo, Ohio on February 15, 2021:

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In the UK siblings born after a baby has been lost are called rainbow children. Rainbows are incredible sights, but hard to photograph.

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