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The Legend of the Rainbow

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A Filipino legend of the rainbow.

A Filipino legend of the rainbow.

A long time ago, a Manobo couple lives along the shores of the Sarangani islands. Although they were pretty well off, they were not happy. They weren't blessed with a child, not even one. They tried all kinds of herbs that they were told could help to conceive but nothing worked. It was disheartening to both of them.

They sought their elderlies for an advice and the answer was, "Asked the Creator to help you, if no human can help."

The couple decided to meet Walian, a spiritualist. Walian prayed to the Fertility Goddess for the wish to be granted. After only few months, the wife revealed the good news to her husband—she's now expecting a child! The couple thanked their Creator for the wonderful blessing.

Blunto's Birth

The wife gave birth to a healthy baby girl they named Blunto. She grew up to be a beautiful maiden, a beauty nothing can compare to. Their Manobo tribe takes pride of her exceptional beauty.

Aside from that, Blunto is also very diligent. She has the patience to plant and care for plants. She planted colorful flowers all around their house. The roses and the ylang-ylang grew beautifully, even the camia. The bougainvilla is striking as well as the ixora and magnolia champaka while the gardenias, night blooming jasmine and orchids produce an undeniably sweet fragrant.

Blunto is blessed and exceptionally good with plants. Every plant she cares for bears flowers, bringing joy to everyone who sees it. Blunto always say her thanksgiving prayers to the Sun and Moon for being the light day and night to her plants.

The Apparition

While Blunto was watching as the flowers open their delicate young buds one night, she was taken aback by what she witnessed by the lake. She wasn't mistaken. She saw a handsome man riding a winged white horse fleeting up the clouds.

Unknown to her, she was seen sitting by the windowsill by the King and Queen up above—the Sun and the Moon, the receiver of her uttered thank you prayers. They know Blunto has a good heart and that she's suitable to meet their only son. It was the reason why Blunto saw what she thought was a dream.

The apparition suddenly disappeared as the unknown man approaches Blunto. The following morning, Blunto was still thinking of what she saw—the white horse in flight and the man riding it up the clouds. Was she dreaming?

The Mysterious Stranger

One morning, a voice startled her while she was watering the plants. She couldn't believe it when she saw who it was. It was him. The man she saw last night from what seems to be a dream. He was asking for a glass of water as the long journey tired him out. Blunto didn't bother asking him where he was from. For her, she was happy enough to have this time. They were talking.

The stranger introduced himself. He said he came from and lives in a place hard to reach by anyone. That was strange. It puzzled Blunto. But she didn't bother asking the mysterious man if he was the same guy she saw riding a white horse in flight. She was also embarrassed to follow him around and find out where the winged horse is. Blunto was content seeing the beautiful face and tantalizing eyes of this man that she will love wholeheartedly.

Falling In Love

Blunto always looks forward for the sunset. This means another possibility of the strange handsome man getting lost in her garden, and for her to see him.

And she wasn't mistaken, because every afternoon she always get visited by the same man. Blunto got to know him well—his goodness and probity. Unknown to her, he had fallen in love as well with her beauty. Not only that but her uprightness and simplicity is admirable as well. Blunto is someone he can trust. He believes that love shouldn't be based on outer beauty. That his heart should be filled with joy whenever he's with the one he loves. A dream should be shared together.

But Blunto was still at a young age at that time. But his love for her was pure, so he waited.

It took time before they became a couple.

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When Blunto accepted his love, the man finally told her who he really was.

"My love, I want you to know who I really am."

The man finally told Blunto that he is the son of the Sun and the Moon—the King and Queen. That he came to land riding a winged white horse. That he was sent with a message that her prayers were being heard, reason why all her plants blossoms and flowers profusely. That his mother and father were glad that there's someone on Earth with a good heart.

He mentioned as well that Blunto's parents were already aware of how he feels about Blunto. That he loves her with all his heart and that he's planning of marrying her to their kingdom.

The Winged White Horse

He whistled and from under the shades of the trees out came the white winged horse. This made Blunto believed of what she had seen that night. True that the white horse has wings just like how she saw it years ago from what she thought was a dream.

"It wasn't a dream, my love." He added, "That was me when I showed myself to you riding the winged horse fleeting above the clouds."

Letting Go of Blunto

Blunto had long been in loved with her mysterious boyfriend so she asked him to talk to her parents for their blessing.

Blunto's parents didn't agree. Their daughter is still young and they didn't want their only child to be apart from them.

The two tried to elope but they failed. They got caught. Blunto's parents became stricter that they forbade Blunto of going out. They locked her up at home as a punishment and they drove him away. Broken hearted and sad, Blunto became ill. Her lover became too worried that he pleaded to see Blunto despite her parents being against it. Thankfully, his persistence worked. Blunto's parents felt sorry and gave in. Seeing how much he loves their daughter, they let him see Blunto. Afraid that their beloved daughter might get sick again, they let the man take Blunto home to his home—to the kingdom of the Sun and the Moon.

Blunto's parents decided that before she can go with him, they firmly instructed that the two must get married first on land.

The Celebration

It was a simple but heartfelt wedding. For Blunto's parents, it was a mixed emotion—they were happy and sad at the same time. They were happy because finally, their daughter found someone to be with her through life's challenges. But sad as the only source of their happiness will now be apart from them.

Right after the celebration ended, the newly wed bade goodbye. Riding the white horse that will fly them up above, they brought with them lots of colorful flowering plants.

"Mother, Father," Blunto said teary-eyed. "If ever you're sad, just look up above, and for sure you'll see the flowers I planted. Once you see the colorful arc of flowers I'm there for sure looking at you."

Her parents hugged her tightly and shook the hands of their now son in law. In a blink of an eye, the newly wed riding the winged white horse in flight are waving back to the Manobos' who were celebrating.

In just few days after Blunto left, her parents were already sad. But as Blunto promised, they can see from afar the colorful arc of flowers that looks like a rainbow from the ground. Despite the sadness, their faces were filled with joy. And the rainbow—it's becoming more radiant and beautiful as time goes by.

And this is the legend of the rainbow from the Sarangani island in Mindanao, Philippines.


Translated from Wikikids' Filipino legend of the rainbow.

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