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The Legend of the Philippines

The legend of the Philippines.

The legend of the Philippines.

The Philippines is made of many islands and islets, over 7,000 in number but there's this 3 principal islands - Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao that formed the Philippines on the map.

A long, long time ago, Philippines doesn't exist yet. It wasn't called or considered a country before as it was all islands, small islands actually.

When it wasn't part of the map yet at those early times, there was once a giant that lives in a cave which can be found in the center of the Pacific Ocean. There, surrounded by water, the giant lives with his three daughters named Minda, Lus, and Bisaya.

One day the giant spoke to his three daughters before he went hunting for the day on a neighboring island.

"Don't you ever go outside the cave," he told his daughters. "It isn't safe outside so just stay here and wait for my return. "

" Yes father," said all three in unison.

The three daughters went on cleaning the cave after their father left. They cleaned the cave and tidied up things really well as they wanted their father to be happy when he comes back. Well, at least the two of them is on it. Minda, one of the three is not helping. She doesn't obey their father and is hard-headed. Minda came out of the cave and went for a walk by the shore, without even letting her two sisters know about it.

Minda was so happy. She played and chased the waves, she keeps on walking as she plays and she didn't notice she had gone too far. A really huge wave gobbled Minda. She called for help as she was carried into the sea by the huge wave.

"Help! Help me!" Minda cried for help and her voice thankfully reached their cave. Her two sisters heard her call for help and they both stopped whatever they were doing.

"Minda is calling out for help!" Lus said, shocked as she was for the thought that her sister is in trouble.

"Yeah. I heard that too. Come on!" Bisaya said to Lus. "I wonder what she got herself into?"

Both sisters hurriedly ran out of the cave and into the shore. They looked here and there. At last they spotted Minda, and she was drowning!

"There, she's right there!" cried Lus as she pointed Minda to Bisaya.

"Minda doesn't know how to swim!" said Bisaya tearfully. And they both continued running toward the direction where Lus spotted Minda.

"I just don't care right now on what could happen to us," said Bisaya as she went into the water. "We need to help her."

Lus and Bisaya hurriedly went into the water. They didn't know the sea could get deeper and deeper. They haven't been into the water before. They reached for their sister's hand but they too, got carried away by the huge wave. Oh boy! All the other two can do is wave their hands up in the air, with their feet kicking in the water as they cry and yell for help. Now they are all in the same situation.

Sadly, all three daughters of the giant met a terrible fate that day. They didn't manage to get back in the shore.

When the father giant came back from hunting, he thought it was odd that his three daughters weren't there to greet him. Usually they would greet him and they'd be jumping up and down all over the place and laughing every time he comes back. Now all his three daughters were gone. Not even one was left in the cave.

"I wonder where my daughters went?" the giant thought to himself. "Where are you three? Lus! Bisaya! Minda!"

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No answer. So he went and looked all over the cave. They're not in there. He went and looked for them on the neighboring islands, but they're not in there either.

"Maybe some giant came by and took my daughters forcefully?" he thought.

Another big wave hit the shore, it got the giant's attention. For some reason, hearing the waves gave the father the idea that maybe his daughters are out there and they got drowned. So he went outside and walked by the shore, looking for his daughters. He walked and walked and as he got farther, he spotted familiar pieces of clothes hanging on a stone. He could imagine his daughters drowning, crying for help. Then suddenly he remembered that they haven't been allowed to go out the cave, they weren't even given the chance to learn how to swim. He jumped into the water as he thought he saw three pairs of hands asking for help. He's only imagining things that they're in there, he thought to himself.

"My daughters! Now they're gone!" cried the giant. He don't know what to do. He sat by the shore, got back up, sat back again and cried. He can't bear the thought that his daughters got drowned and now probably dead.

The giant was so tired and devastated about his missing daughters that he had cried himself to sleep against a big stone. He slept for a very long time and when he finally woke up, he saw something that wasn't there earlier. He suddenly got up to have a better look.

"What are these? Where did this three islands came from? Could these probably be the three?"

"These three islands! They are Lus, Bisaya, and Minda!" he exclaimed loudly into sorrow as he realized his hunch was right.

And since then, the three islands was called Luson, Bisaya, and Mindanao by the Filipinos which is now the three principal islands of the country: Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao.


The largest and forms the northernmost part of the country

Rich in natural resources

Second to Luzon which is the largest island

Luzon houses the capital of the Philippines, Manila

Visayas forms the countries central portion

Forms the southernmost part of the country


It links Luzon and Mindanao



Fun time! Quiz Time!

For each question, choose the best answer. The answer key is below.

  1. The giant has three daughters but who is it that disobeyed the father about not going out?
    • Lus.
    • I know the answer. It's Bisaya.
    • It's Minda.
  2. Why did the father giant has to leave? Where is he going?
    • He's going out for a date.
    • He went fishing.
    • He has to go to a neighboring island to hunt.
  3. Why did all three daughters got drowned?
    • Anybody who doesn't know how to swim can get drown. And they don't know how to swim.
    • They got attack by a shark.
    • An octopus lured them and drowned them.
  4. Did the giant found his three daughters?
    • He didn't found them. They're all drowned.
    • He did. He saw three pairs of hands waving for help.
    • He didn't found his three daughters but he found three islands.
  5. The three islands are now the principal islands of the country. Which one houses the Philippines capital?
    • It's Visayas.
    • For sure it's Mindanao.
    • The biggest one of course, Luzon.

Answer Key

  1. It's Minda.
  2. He has to go to a neighboring island to hunt.
  3. Anybody who doesn't know how to swim can get drown. And they don't know how to swim.
  4. He didn't found his three daughters but he found three islands.
  5. The biggest one of course, Luzon.


precy anza (author) from USA on June 28, 2013:

@ Avian:

Hi Avian, Glad you like it. Always a pleasure to have you reading my legends :) That would be a unique way to remember it! Thanks for stopping by!

@ Drbj:

It is indeed a sad one. If only father giant had taught his daughters to swim :) Pleasure to have you two stopping by and reading about the legend of the Philippines.

Have a great weekend both of you ^-^'

drbj and sherry from south Florida on June 25, 2013:

What a sad tale, precy, but what a great story! Thanks you for sharing it. Makes it easier for me to remember the names of the three Philippine islands.

Deb Hirt from Stillwater, OK on June 25, 2013:

Thanks, precy anza for another great legend. The Phillippines are the Land of the Three(Daughters). That will be easy for me to remember.

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