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The Language Police

James A. Watkins is an entrepreneur, musician, and a writer with four non-fiction books and hundreds of magazine articles read by millions.


Public School Curriculum and Textbooks

Public school curriculum and textbooks are censored in response to pressure groups that consider some topics and words offensive. The idea is to protect the self-esteem of blacks, women, and other protected groups—everyone except white heterosexual males.

Every test and textbook used in public schools must first pass a Board of Bias and Sensitivity Review. Truth and historical accuracy are the villains of this board. They see insults in the most mundane stories and words. They claim, “Everything written before 1970 is either gender-biased or racially-biased.”

‘Bias and Sensitivity Concerns in Testing’ says that bias is anything that might upset any student or any question that could result in different performance for students from different subgroups or anything that could be offensive or negative towards any group.

Women are never to be represented as a mother or as a wife. Men must not be portrayed as brave or strong, but women can be—women cannot be shown as weepy and emotional—but men can be. Men may not be plumbers or lawyers, but women can be; women may not be nurses or receptionists, but men can be. Men may not be shown playing sports or working with tools; women can. Women cannot be shown cooking or caring for children, but men can. Women are to be shown as business people, Asians as athletes, black as academics.

The name for this is social engineering. It denies reality. It is censorship of the truth, and it is dishonest. I only mention it because God never smiles upon wholesale false witnessing. It is the Adversary of God, who is the Deceiver of Man.


Social Engineering

All groups except heterosexual white males must be presented in a positive light 100% of the time. These guidelines envision a new multicultural society not of individuals but identity groups and subgroups. All authors read by students must be balanced by sex and race and ethnicity. All ethnic groups must get a sense of pride and self-worth from public schools except heterosexual white males. All of this has nothing to do with learning, especially not with learning to think and conceptualize. And linguistic and ideological conformity destroys freedom of thought and expression.

In this alternative universe, there are no primitive cultures. The term ‘African tribes’ is taboo. No people live in huts. American Indians are not in tribes but ‘nations.’ Phony facts are presented as truth, such as, “the American Constitution is patterned after an Indian ‘League of Five Nations.’”

No group or country is ‘advanced’ or ‘less developed.’ The world is presented as if there has been no dominant race, group, or sex. All nations and cultures must be equally accomplished. Teaching guidelines insist that any pride in children of European descent must be brought low. Euro-American achievements should be shown as having originated somewhere else, even if they didn’t.

Older people must not be feeble or ill but active go-getters. The word ‘lady’ is banned. Men cannot be shown as confident, decisive, competitive leaders. The words 'He, she, his, and her' are out. 'Man' is out, as is 'men,' and the words 'forefathers' and 'brotherhood.'

The McGraw-Hill textbook for teachers, 'Reflecting Diversity: Multicultural Guidelines,' says the term 'Founding Fathers' is forbidden because it makes it too apparent that all of them were men. In the telling of any historical event in which only white males participated, it must be presented that others were excluded by racism or sexism. The bottom line is: Lie about history; falsify the past.

Show mom fixing the roof and dad cleaning the house. Show dad shopping while mom is a businesswoman. For girls, replace dresses with pants in all illustrations. Show white men as the exploiters of everybody else and as the sole bigots in the world. White males are uniquely responsible for all evil in the world.

Native Americans are not to be portrayed wearing face paint or long braided hair, living in tepees, being warlike, having totem poles, or hunting with bows and arrows.


There is no America

Textbook creator Harcourt says there is no place called America; there is only North America, Central America, and South America. And so teaching guidelines disdain the use of the words America and Americans in the classroom, preferring ‘citizen of the United States.’ The American Institute for Research bans the word ‘American' unless it refers to all people from North, South, and Central America. Ironic, since the word is in its name.

Avoid all value judgments, especially any that might make America look good. All groups of people are portrayed as in the same professions and activities and exhibiting the same emotions. Stick 'people of color' into stories where there are none. But do not show blacks as athletes, entertainers, or musicians. Do not show a white male helping anyone in any way or granting legal rights to others.

What we have here is the use of language police for thought control. You may wonder why white men allow this sort of thing to go on in government indoctrination centers for their children. It is because they want to be nice.

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Dumbing Down

In testing, if all groups cannot equally answer every question correctly, or score the same on a test, there is something wrong with the problem or examination. However, research shows that females score higher in questions about what people are, how they feel, and react. White males score higher on questions about money; tools; the military; mechanical objects, maps and charts; sports; and history. Therefore, tests should be adjusted accordingly to take away this advantage.

No test may ask about specialized vocabulary associated with science, law, politics, technology, finance, farming, or transportation, because white males do better on such questions. No words are to be used if white males might be more familiar with them.

But all this bias correcting has not changed test results. What it has done is create intellectual terrorism in which people who express ideas that are offensive to any group other than white males may be punished, regardless of their accuracy.

Judeo-Christian or Western contributions to art or literature are to be avoided at all costs. Restrict the use of great classical literature because its authors are white males. The National Evaluation Series makes it explicit: “Tests and textbooks are to create a portrait of an ideal toward which society is striving.”

Math tests are used to make political points, such as "A white man had five hundred blacks slaves, which he beat and raped every day. He murdered three. How many does he have left?"


Worldview Manipulation

Secular Humanism is a new age religion that shuns moral absolutes and teaches situational ethics. It demands that the Theory of Evolution be taught in public schools as the only possible explanation for humankind's biological origins. It belittles free enterprise and promotes a One-World Government. Thanks to its efforts, the Supreme Court decided, on one hand, that exposure to ideas that contradict Christianity is no problem, but “mere exposure” to Christianity is harmful. It is OK to promote New Age Paganism, the Occult, and Witchcraft.

George Orwell would most appreciate how the words 'fairness' and diversity' are deployed for censorship. The Council on Interracial Books, funded by taxpayers—as most of such organizations are—vets textbooks used in public schools. It ensures that the books used inspire collective action against oppression by straight white males against everybody else.

Feminists demanded a 50-50 ratio of men and women in all books on all subjects and that women be just as active in all fields of endeavor as men—in the textbooks. Classic folk tales and fairy tales are bastardized by inserting ethnic groups and females in heroic roles. Even ‘the Little Engine that could’ was changed into a female.

For the most part, textbooks represent the worldview of atheism and socialism. Pressure groups backed by government funds, and funded by atheist groups, and by community organizers who are themselves funded by the government, dominate textbooks. Publishers consider it a badge of honor to have offended Christians but are quite sensitive about offending the Left.

To be sure, literary quality is secondary to representational issues. Robust literature helps kids to read and comprehend. Adolescent fiction used in schools has become increasingly of low quality as well as sexually explicit. Stories written by women and minorities are selected over the Great Works of Literature to achieve sex and racial balance. Mediocrity reigns.

Textbooks use simplified language because whites have a better grasp of 'hard words,' so it is better to dumb everyone down. The idea is that America should not have a culture unless it is centered on the lowest common denominator.

Internal memos from textbook publishers show they consider Christians who complain ‘totalitarian censors.’ But when progressives complain, they are termed 'positive pressure groups.'


History Revised

History and social studies books rarely mention religion or its influence. Minimal history is taught because if you study real history, you will learn that white guys created modernity.

The primary authors used are atheist socialists such as Gary Nash and Eric Foner. Their textbooks show American History as one long injustice after another—the worst nation in history. They present a 'new social history’ to emphasize race and sex that scorns the great men of history. Nash founded the National Center for History in the schools.

Afrocentric pressure groups insist the ancient Egyptians be shown as black and the greatest civilization in world history. The result of all this is history books that are bland, dull, and annoying.



The idea of teaching literature is to expose children to the best, to broaden horizons, and reveal a world of meanings beyond their circumstances and experiences. All sides agree that children’s minds will be affected, perhaps for life, by their textbooks. Many such books today focus on minutiae and miss the big picture, obscuring the truth. Literary anthologies are routinely bowdlerized to remove any mention of God or Christ, to be politically correct.

Literary texts are changed secretly without indicating that any changes have been made by using brackets or ellipses. Skinny may be altered to thin; fat to heavy; the word 'soul' simply deleted, even in well-known works by Elie Wiesel, Hemingway, Chekov, Twain, Daniel Webster, Chaucer, Swift, Bunyan, or Ben Franklin.

Giving too much attention to the dreaded Dead White Males is called "dangerous" by educators because what matters most is how students "feel" about texts, not if they learn to read, write, and speak English. The literature is not the focus; the student's feelings are.

Literature is to convey a social or political message. It is not essential that children understand the literary tradition of our civilization. Do not teach the cultural heritage of America or English Speaking Peoples. Abandon excellence—do not recognize the giants among American writers. Anything that has been printed by a minority or female seems to qualify as literature. Folk tales from Africa, India, Japan, or China are more common in our schools than our own.


America Bad

American History, as taught to high school students, has been rewritten to change the conception of the United States' character from an upbeat, patriotic, good country to a terrible place. Before the 1970s, American History was about our progress to "the triumph of the American nation.' No more.

No textbook is neutral; all express a point of view. A history that disdains the winners and glorifies the losers teaches that the losers have been shafted—they must have been shafted since all people have always been equally capable. No American history book since the 1990s presents America as a place to be proud of or to be worth defending. American history is white men oppressing everybody else.

Ethnic groups got history revised to boost the ethnic pride of the oppressed. Patriotism is disdained as schools prepare children to want a global society, liberated from old-fashioned nationalism. Afrocentrists demanded Africa have a prime position in world history.

History is focused on the sins of America, not its accomplishments, with a relentless emphasis on identity politics. Traditional American History told the truth that the primary reason America became so great was its foundation on Christianity, Free Enterprise, the English language, and English law. Now Africans and Indians are represented as each 1/3 responsible for America’s success.


The Devil's Matrix

History textbooks are the curriculum because very few history teachers have actually studied history themselves or even minored in it in college. If anything remotely related, some have a degree in Social Studies.

Typically, students get one year of world history with a textbook no one would read for pleasure. The narrative is of social equality; all of the world’s civilizations were great and glorious. No culture is primitive; no such thing as progress exists since no culture is more complex and sophisticated.

Students are not told why standards of living vary, or why so many people left their homelands to move to America and the West. The USA and the USSR's histories are equal, and kids are not told how freedom, democracy, and individual rights developed. To See A World implies that every world culture is lovely except the United States. All world cultures have been rich in artistic achievement except America.

The story of America—but nowhere else in the world—becomes a story of overcoming discrimination, poverty, hardship, prejudice, and injustice. No word on why anyone would want to immigrate to such a place, where ‘people of color’ were hated by whites even though they did all the work.

Textbooks condemn America for the same sins they overlook in other countries. Only white men ever conquered other countries, made war, owned slaves, or were violent. Christian Europe ‘invaded;’ Islam ‘spread.’ No talk of the human sacrifice, genocide, and cannibalism of indigenous peoples.


What is Truth?

Women’s roles are exaggerated in every field. It is also implied that women all around the world have had great lives except in America. Red China and the USSR were superior for women! Full of fantastic progress. Mao did so much good that the list in our textbooks goes on and on. He was elected, just like American presidents, don't you know. Mao was an all-round wonderful guy.

Stories about Mohammed or Buddha are told as historical fact, but whatever is said about Christ is “what Christians believe.” Islam is tolerant and peaceful, and has improved the lives of women, our textbooks propagandize. In fact, Islamic nations are politically oppressed, socially repressed, and women are subjugated. Research, science, and technology are stagnant, and literacy runs about 50%. Arab slave-trading of blacks is described as an opportunity for social advancement for blacks!

History textbooks love all presidents who were Democrats; they do not like Republicans. They do not tell kids that American women were much happier in the 1950s than they are today, and they loved their country back then. They don’t tell them that blacks loved America before the Civil Rights Movement. Textbooks quote all kinds of people from the past voicing leftists platitudes without providing sources. Not a few kids can see it is a phony scam.

A 1980 American History textbook begins with these stirring words: "The United States shines among the nations as the land of opportunity. Americans enjoy the freedom to pursue individual goals, the magnet drawing immigrants to America ever since its founding." After 1990, no textbook expresses appreciation for American ideals, values, and institutions.

Now European ideas are downplayed, while praise is directed at Aztecs, Incas, and Mayans, without mentioning their slavery or human sacrifice; without saying that they had not yet invented the wheel, devised a written language, or made tools of iron.

Also not said is that only 5% of African slaves brought to the New World came to what would become the United States; 95% went to South America or the Caribbean. The kids are told of a large Islamic university at Timbuktu, which is pure fiction—there were no written languages there in the era given. They are taught about a vast empire in Africa of Mansa Musa, which is greatly exaggerated, but not told he had thousands of slaves.

Textbooks hilariously claim the Mayan Indians had had a significant influence on the United States even though they died out around A.D. 900—900 years before the USA was founded. And the Anasazi Indians, too, supposedly, have been influential in American life even they have been extinct for 700 years. The text implies they were far wiser than us. Wait: a prehistoric people with no written language who left no history were our equals? How would one know how smart and prosperous and happy there were? You can only make it up to suit your narrative. It is far more likely they were ignorant savages who killed each other and ate each other until there were none of them left.


Save Our Nation

The whole aim of Newspeak is to narrow the range of thought. Students are restricted to stories that flatter their self-esteem—unless they are the hated normal white males. It is as if they are too fragile to take learning about the world as it is.

Groups that whine about the truth are rewarded with textbooks full of lies. Only normal white males can be offended. School is the Empire of Boredom.

Literature and history should not make you feel good about yourself or comfort you. Intelligence and reason require a foundation of sound judgment.

Each local school and each teacher should be able to select textbooks or maybe eliminate textbooks, or better yet use pre-politically correct volumes. Bias and Sensitivity Boards should be removed. We need history taught by teachers who have studied History—not Social Studies—who can at least pass a college-level history test. Let us forget political correctness in order to save our nation.

The source used for this article is The Language Police: How Pressure Groups Restrict What Students Learn by Diane Ravitch.


James A Watkins (author) from Chicago on June 02, 2020:

Devika Primić ~ I sure appreciate you reading my writings. I am well pleased to read in your comments that you find this article informative and fascinating. Thank you for saying so. Your feedback means a lot to me.

Devika Primić from Dubrovnik, Croatia on June 02, 2020:

Hi James this is informative for someone as me who has learned a lot here. American history is fascinating and lots to point out as you have let me know.The craziness that is going on at the moment is a lot from the past issues

James A Watkins (author) from Chicago on June 01, 2020:

KC McGee ~ I appreciate you reading my article. I am well pleased to receive your message that you found it worthy and needful. Your encouraging words help me feel like I am on the right track. As you said so well, "PC is the rule. This is causing a dumbing down of American history."

James A Watkins (author) from Chicago on June 01, 2020:

Eric Dierker ~ All righty then. I guess I will leave the article as is for now. Thanks for coming back to respond to my query.

KC McGee from Where I belong on May 31, 2020:

We are living in anage where PC is the rule. This is causing a dumbing down of American history. Mistakes were made in America's past. If we don't remember our mistakes in our history from the past as a learning point. We will be doomed to make the same mistakes again.

A great article and long over due.

Eric Dierker from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A. on May 31, 2020:

No friend, not confusing at all, a little long, but worth it.

We just had a Sunday morning near row. My son called an activity "stupid". Calling someone stupid is not allowed here -- just home rules.

So mom got upset only hearing the word.

It got straightened out but shows the insanity of banning a word.

(we will stay insane thank you but society should not)

James A Watkins (author) from Chicago on May 31, 2020:

Eric Dierker ~ Thank you very much for taking the time to read my article. I am sorry if it was a chore. Too long? Or just confusing? Maybe I can fix it.

Anyway, I enjoyed your comments on it. Good stuff and funny. Godspeed Brother!

Eric Dierker from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A. on May 30, 2020:

It took a couple of times but I finally got through this. A little too close to the confusion of antidisestablishmentarianism for me. Are the new normals of speech the establishment now or are the old ones?

I get all the stuff you are talking about but here is a reality. My ten year old laughs at the "word rules", we make great jokes out of it. His mom is ESL and from a communist country.

We have a nephew in Canada, and we were laughing that he was not American but he was North American. But we went all crazy eyed calling Mexico North American. My wife is always trying to find the mother of the country.

You may not quote Samuel Clemens under penalty.

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