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The Implication of Using Modular Method of Instruction on the Academic Performance of the Learners

Change is going to happen in a split second. No one knows the adverse impact until such time when the person is already in a situation. It all began in Wuhan, China last 2019, which has had an effect on the way of life and the education system.

The entire country is witnessing the tragic outcome of the coronavirus outbreak (COVID-19). It affects everyone's ways and means of living. It also introduces improvements to the education system that contribute to the introduction of a modular method of instruction in most schools throughout the world. This is seen in surveys conducted by the Department of Education (DepEd) during the enrolment period. Parents agree that the modular method of instruction is the best way to educate their children during this period of COVID-19.

DepEd is responsible for preparing modules and learning activity sheets for the learners in the modular system of instruction. Soft copies of these materials are sent to school for processing purposes. Through the School Maintenance and Other Operational Expenses (MOOE), the school produces the machinery, supplies and materials required for the printing of modules and learning activities. The teachers then sort these learning packets and seal them in a plastic envelope. The school includes the schedules for the delivery of the modules. Parents are encouraged to pick up learning packets at classes. If it happens that no one gets the learning packets, it's time for the school to seek the support and assistance of the barangay officials who are charged with delivering the learning packets to the home of the learners. When the learners have obtained the learning packets, this signals the start of work on the modules or the learning activity sheets.

During the first week of classes in the new standard, the school receives various questions from the parents about the contents of the modules, the activities to be answered by the learners, and the most contentious is the content of the learning packs, where there are numerous errors in the planning of the modules or the learning activity sheets that cause uncertainty and distortion. As anticipated, the first week of implementation is considered to be the transition phase. It is during this period that teachers, parents and learners are facing a real scenario in the implementation of a modular instruction system. It has been noted that parents are calling for an extended period of time to carry out learning activities in all learning fields.

After a week of introducing the modular instruction process, the task of teachers is to check the answers of learners in the different learning areas. As can be seen, there are learners who get perfect scores in all tasks. These learners are marked in order to have their tutors at home. In the other hand, there are learners who are making errors in their tasks. They come from a culture in which they rely most on the support and assistance of their family members. It is saddened to notice that there are learners who have failed to respond to the various activities in the learning packages. They are the learners who come from a poor family, where their parents and older siblings give importance to the food they eat every day. It is a fact that the condition of the learners has an effect on their learning efficiency.

It is a fact that most learners perform low levels of English, Mathematics , and Science in the study of the class outcomes of the activities to learners. This serves as proof that students perform low in these fields, including face-to-face learning. This clearly means that most learners today have a poor degree of comprehension in these learning areas. Likewise, their parents do not have the skill and ability to provide the contents of the learning kit to their children. It is just the first week of classes and the adjustment of the results of the learners. Parents are competitive when it comes to their children's successes, which is why they give full support to their children's studies. It is truly life-changing that parents are working hard to provide support and assistance to their children in order to fulfill the learning standards set out in the Weekly Home Learning Plan.

Parents share their feelings that their children are not adequately guided and assisted in this form of instruction. They confess that they lack the experience, the expertise, and the ability to teach all to their children to learn the lessons. With these acclamations on the part of the parents, the education sector is called upon to consider the impact of the modular method of instruction on the learning practices of the learners and, at the same time, on the means of providing supervision in their studies. It is important to look at the end-results of this type of teaching, and that is the academic success of the learners.


Spartan Miko on October 24, 2020:

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