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The Horrors of Childcare Centers


Why are so many teachers leaving their jobs for other careers?

why are so many teachers leaving their jobs?

We all know that being a teacher can be hard work, also stressful yet enjoyable. However, more and more teachers are leaving the field for other professions. Teaching is something that you have to love, because lets face facts it a job we do for the rewards not the money.

Why are so many teachers leaving? Well, there are a number of reasons lack of support, getting easily burnout, the pressure of having perfect standardized test? The list goes on. In an article by Education world 15.7% of educators leave every year and 40% never even start and men actually leave the profession more and faster than women. Not only are our educators exiting the profession difficult for students, schools actually lose between $1 billion and $2.2 billion in attrition costs yearly from teachers switching schools or leaving the profession altogether.

Why Our Teachers Are Leaving | Education World


How Does this Effect Early Education ?

How do daycare workers fit in this?

As an early educator myself, I can tell you that it is a lot of work and you have to love the job. It takes a special person to work with children in general. However, the burnout can be pretty high for someone who runs around chasing kids all day, I can relate. Childcare is an expensive and a booming business with plenty of new teachers. However, we overworked, underpaid, and definitely underappreciated

We leave simple because a variety of reasons a lack of leadership, stress and wanting to do the job anymore. Daycare worker don’t get paid as much as k-12 teachers. Most of us don’t have summers off either. With changing diapers, screaming babies bottle feedings, and wiping noses it can really challenging. Don’t get me wrong we love are jobs but, it’s hard job and not for everyone. You also have to be placed in a room with someone who’s personality matches .Child Care Teachers: Underpaid and Underappreciated (newamerica.org)

Why is admin so detached from workers

Another big problem with these jobs, is the lack of support and disrespect from the Admin team. This is not only for teachers but, of course all jobs in general especially corporate. Private or, public in my experience most daycares are all the same. I will not name the company I worked for here but, let’s just say it was a horrible experience.

I was told more than once that my voice was not loud enough. Which I find condescending considering that I was told my voice was “calm and soothing” and would be “perfect” for the baby room. I also was forced to wait long periods of time just to go to the bathroom. I could clearly see the manager at front desk on her phone, and when I asked for a break, I was told to ask another room. Another time I ask for help the same person lied to my face and went on a lunch break.

This was really concerning to me because it starts at the top Directors, EC’s and supervisors are suppose to be there to support and help you. They are suppose to be are roll models. Mine told me that I was the problem in the class not, the other girl that had several complaints even by parents. Talk about the favoritism. certain people with also get treated different if you were friends with higher ups. Again I only speak from personal experience.

Why are daycares so toxic

Why is daycare so toxic?

As I mentioned before it best that you and your co-teachers have matching personalities. We all can try and get along with each other but, at the end of the day one can only tolerate so much. Some teachers lack the proper skills and training to be in the classroom. This can be very frustrating and let’s talk about abuse of power.

In some centers they have different rolls, lead teacher, primary and support. However, all are the same but, some forget that let it all go to their head. I had a lead teacher once that would always want everything done her way. No negotiating or questions ask, funny part is had more experience with class and company. Again personal experience. I also was harassed and berate for every little thing, toys on the floor in a “toddler room” to forgetting to a single item away.

It got so bad one day I actually ended up having a panic attack. I had a panic attack for 6 long days in a row. I finally stood for myself and confronted her. Then she starts crying as if I've done something to her (talk about narcissistic).

This girl was arrogant and unbearable to say the least and of course nothing was done. There were a couple of times that my EC stood up for me but, never was the “lead’ put in her place. Why? you ask because she was friends with the now director of the school. They having something called the “click”, the in crowed really,(more like mean girls). And if you were not part of it well; nothing would be ever be done. Admin just really don’t care.

These people had the power so say that they didn’t want to work with a particular person. Which is why I’m not back at work now. My “lead” would boss me around and tell me to take a break but, if it wasn’t down to the second I would get “spoken to”. Although she was able to have schedule that she could take her break or, lunch at anytime with her friends. Courtesy of the director who wrote the schedule.

The funny part is these people have the nerve to be on Forbes “Best 100 places to work” list please, what a sad joke lol.

In conclusion

Working at a daycare center can be fun and rewarding or, it can completely suck the soul out of you. As I stated it starts at the top. If you have admin team allowing certain things to happen, depending on the individual it can be toxic. If your not apart of the “mean girls club” you will never be included or, accepted. I think the pandemic was a blessing for sometimes because I simply was not good enough.’

Moral of this story is know your worth and what you want out life. Choose what you will or, will not tolerate in a career path. Not only should you be able to make a distant living you should also enjoy job. If not get out, life is too short to be miserable.

If these last 11 months have taught us anything, it’s that we deserve to be appreciated and respected and love what we do. Live without regrets, and don’t settle for anything less than what you deserve. Whatever your choice may be make sure it’s worth it.


Sequoia Coleman (author) from Los Angeles on February 04, 2021:

Thank you @Dora Weithers for your kind words, it's been a struggle these past few years, taking up coding now, the world is now it looks more promising.

Sequoia Coleman (author) from Los Angeles on February 04, 2021:

Thank you Dora

Dora Weithers from The Caribbean on February 03, 2021:

Lord, please send us people who know how to treat people. Childcare professionals deserve admiration, appreciation and respect from their bosses and everyone else. Sorry for your

bad experience. Best to you going forward!

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