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Reynald A Aquitar is an English Language student from Central Philippine Adventist College and a Christian world influencer.

My captured photo in peaceful place! called "the river of life" in reflection


The Healing Words of Spiritual, Emotional, Physical and Financial Corruption

Jesus graciously welcomed them and talked to them about the kingdom of God. Those who needed healing, He healed” Luke 9:10-11. The ultimate power of God's care for us is still open in a very short remaining time we have today. But we take a minute to think what if He stop His power to cover us, is it possible way to be affected for the viral viruses today or in our unrighteous vital secretes were God knows it. Yet many people didn't know of how important to understand about life of where they come from, why they are here in this world, and where they're going after this lifetime. And also people they didn't understand of life after death and the new world to come which is the great hope of God's people today. The hardship, pain, worries, and death which people are scared to come or to be happen again to their life is totally what we are waiting for in Jesus, because He overcome it and paid it as He raised from the dead and waiting our life to surrender in Him before He come in order for us to be save in this sinful world.

"As a mother comforts her child, so I will comfort you; the Lord said in Isaiah 66:13". Some of us today are in situation that we cannot thought to be happen, in the problem that someday some how our habit it couldn't be change in our personal strength to overcome. But our God performing a miracles of healing because He knows us deep inside. He cares more than what we think to care our self, because God is in control of everything.

One-time, one of our classmate share his alarming messages in our class group chat, he said what I do our SDA friend want to commit suicide; something was wrong with it our busyness in study, struggling for some activities in other subject and I thought the message of my classmate comes in to out of everyone's attention. But even our convocation not go through in the situation being heard, the presence of being helpless may happen but in our hearts and worries are directly submitted to God in prayer and meditation for the friend we have. And I know it is a God's timing to our SDA friend to be saved her unworthy plan to her life, God is there working in it to show again and share the next journey of her life for us.

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"Yes, I will bless the Lord and not forget the glorious things he does for me. He forgives all my sins. He heals me Psalm 103:2-3”. In every thoughts words and actions we are accountable of it to God, for we are entrusted the things and strength we have in order for us to have a good and perfect harmony relationship in Him. In financial support, we as human being give it more values of how money is important for our living, but the truth is that money is an exchange for what we need in our personality. Many people goes it that the pleasures in money or this world is all of their happiness before they left the world, because they don't care their life about life after death today. God has a special message to the people He gives and show miracles to those in need when they seek first God in their heart.

“Lord, you know how I long for my health once more. You hear my every sigh Psalm 38:9". David the shepherd boy in Israel tribes, kept his faith in God when the troubled times come to them, he stand as a representatives to show God's power to those hated and unloved God. The story of this young man can really reflect us, as he win the battle against the giant Palestine because the unbelievable event of the history we discover. So in our life today we are not excempted for this world of trouble, pain, stress, financial sick and death are awaited us where is God in our history and in future? Yet, it is the questions can be possible for us to be often. But all of these corruptable activities in our lifetime journey only God still be the answer, why He allow us to influence and being apart of it, and the only way of prevailing His care for us is to live with accordance into His will to avoid this Corruption in life and to experience God's care and love in our life.


Reynald Alpitche Aquitar (author) from Sipalay City, Negros Occidental Philippines on July 30, 2021:

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