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The Female Body as the Greatest Weapon Ever!

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A delectable & 'hot'  Female sample: the greatest weapon ever indeed!

A delectable & 'hot' Female sample: the greatest weapon ever indeed!

The greatest weapon ever is the female body. Till date, it is the only weapon guaranteed to bring sure results. It has the ability to grant you access into the almost all the ‘strictly out of bounds’ places of the world.

In the past, men like King David have killed other men like Uriah just to possess this weapon. Today, people are still ready to kill for this same female body just to possess it!

Don’t fight it because it is the truth. The female body is fascinating, it is desirable, it is admirable, it is tempting as well as inviting, it is a bundle of curiosity as well as promising and enticing and that is why it is the utmost weapon that can be used to destroy fortresses, break all barriers and melt away any form of resistance without much ado.

In spy workings, female agents may end up making better agents because they have all the essential tools they need to create an impact: - being presumed weaker than the men and then blessed with that type of body! Then if she’s got brains, everything is complete. If you can recall that Sidney Bristow in that action series Alias, then you will nod in agreement.

What’s in the female body?

After taking a closer look on what moves or motivates many people, that is to say many men, I came to a not so surprising conclusion that it is primarily sex (and money) and nothing promises or represents sex in this world more than the female body! This is simply why I pity all those women who go all out and hard on their husband or spouse whenever he ‘strays’ by stealing a look or two at other females.

Listen carefully to me. He… OK…we…must look! We can’t help it! Simple and short!

The fascination plus magnetism is too much! It is not entirely his fault...our fault. It is buried deep in our configuration. If you ask me, I’d say this is simply because of a built-in program cum hard-wired obsession with the female body configured in men either by Nature or the devil himself most likely!

And the hotter the girl is with some voluptuous flesh showing here and there, the quicker things metamorphoses down there with all those satisfactory wakening plus stirring feelings which quickly spreads across the body of these men!

Now this is where it gets interesting. Men are not the only victims. Recently, I read a report somewhere that many women are actually bisexuals. This was explained as a result of the female body also being equally attractive and admirable to other females too. To be frank, I wasn't entirely in any form of disagreement with that explanation because I know it is very possible!

Many businesses all over the world are using this much guaranteed and highly potent weapon for highly targeted and viral marketing so as to smile to the bank all the time. Fashion and showbiz industries, the mass media, the music and movie industry and even sports just to mention a few are the most significant culprits. I know a friend who follows female soccer even though it is less attractive than the male soccer. Don’t get any funny ideas please but by now I believe you and I probably knows why he is so into female soccer now, at least to some an extent, don’t we?

This also reminds me. When I started reading James Hadley Chase, I used to ‘hide’ the novels inside a politically oriented magazine or newspaper simply because I didn’t want people (especially my parents) to see me as a naughty imp perusing such a raunchy material at that age because of the pictures of those hot pistol-wearing girls that used to adorn the front covers of those thrillers! I hated the added weight and discomfort but then I had no choice. My little innocent (?) mind then never told me that those pictures were plastered there for the sole purpose of advertising and marketing! Not that I am regretting now that I know anyway…

"Oh man, blessed art thou amongst women!"

"Oh man, blessed art thou amongst women!"

Check out the glossy soft sell magazines you see scattered everywhere. You will most likely see the pictures of some hot female models dressed in this god-help-me attire that leaves just a little for imagination and…shit! Your whole thought is focused on that pretty half-clad damsel whose smiling and/or inviting pictures is already busting your head and preventing you to think clearly.

Inside the magazine could be lots and lots of some very dull and uninteresting topic but you wouldn’t know, but even if you know, somehow you wouldn’t mind that much because you will still find a way to convince your inner self that it wasn’t entirely a bad bargain, huh? And it is because of …you know…the front covers or the center spread!

But if it happens that the magazine has got some good content, then that means continuous sale is more than assured because we will always come back just because somehow it seems like we can’t stop because we just can’t get enough! That is the power of the female body. It has a very subtle yet natural way of short circuiting clear thinking in men without anybody complaining. Look at the crazy but ridiculous situation. While the girl is saying some other thing and pointing to this direction, the man is filled with some other warm thoughts while trying so hard to control the squirming motion inside the trousers.

And whenever the opportunity comes to view the various packages and sizes in which this weapon comes in, you will understand at once why it is said that variety is the spice of life! That is the main reason why guys could stay up for long hours visiting and surfing those sites where all varieties of the female body demanded can be supplied just for our complete viewing pleasure! Poor men!

Granted, it is not all female body that is guaranteed to trigger or bring about these stimuli in many men…at least not all the time simply because every girl is not equally blessed with that type of body and I also know that age could also be a strong factor to consider too but then to some extent, by and large, men…truly many men are still going to be the victim. Just a few sighting of the cleavages, breasts and laps and things start to go gaga! You can leave the rest to imaginations…

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Similarly, not every man is sure to react/respond in that way (all the time) but then I am only interested in the majority of the real men – the full blooded John Does you see everyday!

I believe that many religions are hell-bent and very serious with how much revealing they can allow their female members to appear because of these same reasons too. They know that one of the easiest ways to lead many men and even staunch believers astray is by having women around who are scantily dressed which could easily lead to abundant harvest of lustful desires which pushes spirituality far much down. I told you it is the greatest weapon ever!

Sadly though, the potential of the female body is mostly harnessed in the wrong way most of the time. I have heard about serious prostitution going on in the banking sector which is as a result of these pretty looking employees-damsels being sent out by their banks to ‘use what they have’ which is their (hot) body to ‘get what they want’ which is big shot customers for the banks!

It can also be used to effectively manipulate as well as bring great men down. Check it, all the great men in history who have at one time completely or almost fell from grace to grass had some sexually related offense attached to the root cause of their problems. The female body can be used to blackmail. It can be used to easily set up someone.

Men are in trouble world over and it is because of the greatest weapon!

If you think I don’t know what I am saying, just try to ask one big man who is about to fall right now. He will explain it better for you. I am sure he is in the best position right now to give you more details about how dangerous this weapon is and the irreparable damages it could bring to any victim if not properly handled. The man’s name is Dominique Strauss-Kahn!


Emmyboy (author) from Nigeria on February 07, 2012:

Thanks for reading, Mohammed

Mohammed on February 04, 2012:

great article ,you discover something so dangerous ,by this weapon that decline many civilization in past and will in future ,read the history and you will get my point

Emmyboy (author) from Nigeria on October 04, 2011:

MsDora you are always welcome. Thanks for reading.

Dora Weithers from The Caribbean on October 03, 2011:

Very good article. I'm linking this to my hub to help parents understand how to discuss this topic with the young ones. Thanks!

Emmyboy (author) from Nigeria on June 01, 2011:

exactly DD! That's my point. One other thing, What's the meaning of Namaste? Your signature or something? I see writing it everywhere...

Deborah Demander from First Wyoming, then THE WORLD on June 01, 2011:

This is an interesting hub, and you make a good point, the female body is a vision to behold. And because of indiscretion and lack of self control, many men (and women)have been brought down because of sex.


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