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The Eventual Economic and Social Consequences Of The Gender Education Gap

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Before I address the root causes of the gender education gap, I wanted to discuss the severity of the economic and social consequences which Western society will be facing if we continue to do nothing about it. There appears to be a complete lack of awareness about the consequences we will face as a society if the gender education gap is not resolved. In addition there are some myths on the gender education gap helping perpetuate the problem, which I have addressed in my last article. In this article I will cover how this major social problem will impact future society.

What some people need to understand, is that we don't live in the 1950s anymore where we can expect only one gender to participate in full time employment. The size of our modern economies now depends on both genders being heavily involved in the workforce. In fact with global consumption and the cost of living increasing every year, this need to have both genders fully employed is going to keep increasing substantially. To operate on anything less than both genders being heavily involved in the workforce has now become completely unsustainable. We simply cannot go back to the way things were 60 years ago. With these facts in mind, one cannot emphasise enough the importance of ensuring both genders are highly educated (Not just one), because the economy of tomorrow will be knowledge based. We will need both genders highly educated, because we will need both genders fully involved in an economy that is going to require an enormous supply of highly educated workers to sustain it.

Above all we need to address the gender education gap, because we will be facing enormous global challenges over the next century and we will need all hands on deck. It is crucial that we properly educate as many people as possible, so that we have enough minds to address the enormous problems of climate change, the energy crisis and the looming food crisis. We simply cannot afford to have an uneducated and unemployed male underclass contributing nothing to society during this period of human history. We must make use of every human resource we have available, if this species is to survive through the next hundred or so years.

The Changing Face Of Work And The Global Economy

Thanks to technology and automation, the number of low skilled jobs requiring little or no education is decreasing. Therefore it is becoming increasingly essential for people in modern society to pursue education in order to participate in the workforce and earn a living. Further adding to this reality, is the fact that China is fast becoming the world’s economic leader and that India is also on the rise. These countries have for a long time placed a high value on education. One needs to only look at the number of international students from these countries that study at our universities every year and their near perfect academic results. The leading culture of tomorrow will be a Chinese Confucian culture that idolises education, not a Western culture. I am not attempting to be racist, but rather compliment our Eastern counterparts for their obvious strengths and tell it like it is. If the West has any chance of competing and trading with the new global superpowers, then we will need to drastically improve our attitude toward education and our investment in it. If we do not, then our Western societies risk becoming obsolete in the future economy. Indeed we will become a laughing stock (If we are not already) to countries such as China, if we can’t even properly educate our men and half our population.

The Nature Of The Problem

With those facts in mind, I find it rather puzzling that our politicians, government institutions, corporations and the media, seem to be taking little or no action to address the gaping gender chasm in our education system. Currently on average, women make up roughly 57-60% of all students at universities across the Western world. Now don’t get me mistaken, there is nothing wrong with women participating in education. However when things become that unbalanced that men make up only 40-43% of university students, something is not working right. If it were the other way around, I would be saying exactly the same thing. As I said in the last article, science tells us the gender education gap simply cannot be explained by biological gender differences.

What is of greatest concern though is not the current percentages of relative university participation of men and women, which is already going to produce later problems in the future. Instead it is that these percentages are not forecast to stay constant, but to continue to become even more lopsided over the next twenty years. In fact what is actually being observed with boys academic performance, is often far worse than what is projected. Furthermore, the gender gap in education is systemic and goes far beyond just university enrolments. Not only are men not participating at university, many are failing to pass their courses if they get there. Men have also fallen behind women at the postgraduate level, earning fewer masters degrees, Ph.Ds and other postgraduate qualifications. At primary school and secondary school, the situation is much worse. The gender gap in high school dropouts, academic grades and even basic literacy and numeracy in schools is stark. In short, men and boys are in big trouble in education and by extension so is future society. In light of these facts and the changes happening to the nature of work and the global economy discussed earlier, it is not that far-fetched to propose we are heading towards a major social and economic crisis. I call it the man crisis.

This crisis is going to have wide ranging and profound consequences for Western civilisation. Unlike a typical economic crisis, this one is going to be long lasting, as in decades. This is because the undereducation of males, is now a intergenerational phenomenon. We are bringing up entire generations of young men that in the future, are not going to be educated enough to participate in what will be a highly educated workplace and a knowledge based economy. Consequently the effects of not properly educating men and boys, are going to last decades and not years. Also we are talking about large chunks of the male half of the population here. So these are large numbers of people we are talking about. Believe me, there will not be a single man or woman that won’t be affected in some way by having half the population undereducated and underemployed. This brings me to my main point, which is that as education underpins our modern economies and societies and will become increasingly crucial in the future, we will face grave consequences if we do not take action.

The Grave Economic And Social Consequences If We Do Nothing

If we leave the male half of the population undereducated over what is becoming multiple generations, then we can expect a number of problems to emerge. Firstly projections tell us that many men are going struggle to find employment and when they do they will probably be on a low income and under the constant threat of redundancy. So we can expect a sharp increase in unemployment, underemployment, homelessness and people living on or below the poverty line. This trend will persist for generations. As a result of the sharp decline in useful labour, thanks to higher requirements for education and half the population being undereducated and underemployed, we can predict a substantial drop in economic productivity. Gross domestic product will stagnate and then decline.

Many companies will simply move to Asia or downsize to cope with the poor economic conditions in the West and the associated "mancession". That is of course not even mentioning the fact that at an international level, our Western countries are going to struggle to compete or trade with our better educated Chinese and Indian counterparts. Then there is the pressing issue of Western government debts and how we will be able to pay these debts with large chunks of the male half of the population being made unemployable, underemployed or homeless, thanks to a lack of educational qualifications. Indeed all of these consequences coupled with the rising unemployment rate may lead to a depression. I say a depression, because the impact of having so many people undereducated and unemployed over such a long period of time, is unlikely to produce anything less.

Aside from the economic consequences, there are going to be a number of other nasty surprises in store for our societies. Research has demonstrated that the level of education in a society is linked to crime, income, life expectancy, physical health, mental illness, social cohesion and fertility rates. With so many men undereducated and underemployed, we can expect a dramatic increase in crime, gang activity, single motherhood, people surviving off government welfare, drug use, suicide, depression, disease and a sharp decrease in the overall fertility rate. Probably the most damaging consequence of all, will be the rapid erosion of social cohesion, as these unemployed, homeless or low paid men, form a new underclass in our society. There is going to be a sharp rise in industrial relations disputes, protests, crime waves and even riots. Things may get even worse than that.

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The Fallacy That We Can Do Without Men

People like Hanna Rosin like to peddle the belief that men are of no use to society anymore and that men are redundant. They seem to think that men should simply accept it and live with being undervalued, excluded and debased by society. Putting the obvious reproductive and evolutionary necessities of men aside, what they often fail to remember is that it is the men that are keeping all of the essential infrastructure going and trends suggest that is unlikely to change in the future. Tell me what happens when we start neglecting and worse attacking the very people that are managing the infrastructure that keeps things going? Our societies may get that divisive and class based because of gender inequality in education and elsewhere, that men will simply boycott the societal system altogether.

They will go on strike and worse they might riot in huge numbers. Power stations won’t run, roads, the electrical grid, the water supply and telecommunications won’t be maintained, public transport will grind to a halt and police will go on strike. This is going to be happening sporadically everywhere. Some might suggest we call in the army. There is only one problem with that, the majority of military personnel are men. Also I doubt the government will have the money to do much, because there will that much money diverted to the welfare system to deal with the swelling numbers of the poor and paying off national debts, that there will be little left for anything else. It is quite plausible that the welfare system might buckle and collapse under the shear numbers of unemployed men and single mothers. Looking at size of the US government debt, that is an actual possibility in the near future.

The riots in Greece, Spain and London, gave us a picture of what to expect. This is not an exaggeration, but rather a logical extrapolation of what will happen if men continue to be neglected and excluded by our society. Like I said, the boy crisis in education is now intergenerational. We are not talking about a problem that will emerge from thin air. There is going to be plenty of fuel to start this inferno and keep it going once it has started. So I am not exaggerating and I am bemused by many women such as Hanna Rosin, that seem to think that our infrastructure runs by itself. Last time I checked, I didn’t see a line of women racing to keep the electrical grid, gas, water, telecommunications and sewage systems running etc. So to these ladies I suggest you watch what you say the next time you need an electrician or a plumber! Don’t forget either that it was men that created the technology that allowed you to participate in the workplace to begin with. Ironically if society collapsed, these same women would be looking to men to lead the way. Believe me there is nothing healthy or normal about the decline of men in society. The male decline in education, has been socially engineered by a group of selfish, short-term and narrow minded gender ideologues.

The Consequences For Marriage, Family And The Relations Between Men And Women

Not only will the gender education gap impact society at large, but also relationships. It is no secret that many women like to marry up. That is they seek a husband that earns a higher income than them. Despite the decades of feminism, the old social stereotype of finding a breadwinner and Mr Right is still prevalent among women in modern society. There have been a number of articles written on the subject, but basically they all point to this pattern of marrying up. Indeed some studies have shown that substantially more marriages fail when women don’t marry up. Female hypergamy is a reality.

Now if men are becoming undereducated relative to women, will be employed in more low skilled jobs and will earning less money than women, what do people think will happen? Please keep in mind that our 40-60% divorce rate is largely the result of household issues over money. Is it any surprise that many women are asking where all the good men have gone? Is it that shocking that the number of people remaining single well into their forties has skyrocketed? Is it unexpected that many single women are giving birth to children in fatherless households? Well I think not. It is simply cause and effect and we can expect much more of it. There are many other reasons of course for these problems, but the boy crisis in education does play a key role in the equation.

I expect that if the gender education gap continues, the divorce rate is going to increase beyond it’s already sky high percentage and the overall marriage rate will plummet. This is partly because there will simply be far less men around that will be able to meet women's hypergamous expectations and far more household monetary problems with married couples, thanks to more men in low paid and insecure jobs. Many people will simply view starting a family as too expensive and remain single. Many women will give up trying to find a partner, as they discover that their expectations no longer match reality. A substantial amount of women will no longer have children at all and many of those that do, will become single mothers with no father in sight. Research indicates that this is already happening. The number of fatherless single mother households is on a steep upward trend and all of the associated problems with directionless and troublesome youth will mushroom with it. This will result in a self-reinforcing positive feedback loop and accelerate social and economic collapse.

The Fempocalypse

The Vicious Feedback Loop

This then brings me to the dark side of the gender education gap, the vicious feedback loop. Karen Straughan calls it the Fempocaylpse and she is not wrong. You see fatherlessness, single mothers and confinement of males to a new underclass, is going to suffocate our government bureaucracies and economies. There is going to be a lot more single mothers getting government support to raise their children and lot more unemployed or low income men unable to continue to support the system and instead depending on it themselves to survive. This is going to impact spending on education, even in private education. The consequence of this will be that our education systems, along with many other aspects of our government services and economies, are going to start to struggle to make ends meet. At this point the gender education gap will no longer solely impact boys. Both genders will start growing up undereducated. Furthermore, the lack of fathers in boy’s lives will help perpetuate the problem boys have at school even more and also lead to even more single mothers. Studies have shown the importance of fathers in guiding boys into adulthood. That is to say nothing of their importance for daughters when relating to men.

So eventually in the decades to come and if we do nothing, the male decline in education will start to erode the education system itself, as well as the entire socio-economic system. At that point both men and women alike will become undereducated and increasingly confined to a life of poverty. Again this is not an exaggeration, just a consequence of decades of inaction to address a substantial social problem affecting men and boys. Ultimately it could start a revolution or a civil war, but I doubt it. I suspect by that time, the men’s human rights movement will be in full swing and the wool will be pulled from everyone’s eyes. I certainly would not suggest we follow the attitude of Hanna Rosin and simply just accept it. With attitudes like that, China is laughing all the way to the bank. What a joke!

The consequences of the boy crisis in education I have described in this article, is just the tip of the iceberg. The long term economic and social impact of the boy crisis in education, will be profound and far reaching. Complacency on this issue is not an option if the West is to have a viable future.

Whats Up Next

In the next few articles I will present the causes behind the gender education gap, based on my experience as a male that recently went through the system. I will also attempt to provide some solutions. It is a difficult problem and the sooner we get onto it the better. The first article is linked here.

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