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The “Gay Bomb,” Probably the World’s Weirdest Weapon

Mamerto Adan is a feature writer who is back in college once again. Science is one of his favorite topics.


Before we move on, let’s be clear to all people that might bump into this article. I’m not here to spew homophobic rants. So, before you throw tantrums in the comment section and accuse me of spreading hate, I suggest you finish the whole article first. I have too much experiences with anime fans. With that said, I first swear that stuffs like this are no more than internet pranks when I first saw it. I did further research and to my surprise, it is not.

A weapon that will turn your enemy gay sounds like the stuffs of low-end comedy films. But believe me, a weapons developer once pitched such lunacy to the United States Military. Why kill your enemy when you could just turn them into homosexuals? And once it happens, they will be too attracted to each other to even fight, hence distracting them from their combat duties. That’s the whole idea behind the “gay bomb.” You will drop something from the air that will spread female pheromones in the enemy camp, and the soldiers will be sexually attracted to each other. And to some people, getting hit by one is a fate worse than death.


Wright Laboratory in Ohio, the one that started it all.

Wright Laboratory in Ohio, the one that started it all.

In case you are wondering, the formal name for such is really the “gay bomb.” People are already familiar with the notion that to win a fight, one must resort to anything. The US Military seemed to be taking such notion to an extreme, as ludicrous concepts like this will surface. And one could help but wonder how someone came up with the idea.

The whole darn thing began in 1994, when the Wright Laboratory in Ohio (the predecessor of the United States Air Force Research) Laboratory proposed several possibly nonlethal chemical weapons. But we need to thank the Sunshine Project, an anti-biological weapon NGO for obtaining some inside documents. The whole project was titled “Harassing, Annoying, and Bad Guy Identifying Chemicals,” which is as crazily named as an Austin Power mission objective. This contained a bunch of crazy ideas, like bad-breath bombs, flatulence bombs, and bombs designed to attract stinging insects (the most merciless). Later, we will give those lunacies a brief walk-through. But a bomb that will awaken the homosexual within one is arguably the most novel. Some people thought that the idea of turning your enemy gay suddenly came to life thanks to the political climate at that time. When Bill Clinton attempted to lift the ban on homosexuals in the military, the conservatives became worried. Homosexuality could disrupt military discipline, they believed, and the paranoia on gays lead to the development of this crazy weapon.

How it Works

A chemical weapon exploding.

A chemical weapon exploding.

Deploying the weapon is easy enough. From the sound of it, the thing is basically an explosive ordinance that will release a cloud of gas over the enemy camp. The cloud contains chemicals that will cause the soldiers to be sexually attracted to each other. I’ve mentioned it before, and in case you missed it, the sudden arousal will cause the units to break down, hence destroying their discipline and will to fight. In simpler terms, the soldiers will be too gay to fight (no offence there).

So, in theory, what’s the magical formula that makes up the chemicals?

According to leaked document, a strong aphrodisiac is the key. So powerful that it will cause homosexual behavior once it enters the system. The documents describe the weaponized aphrodisiac as “distasteful, but completely non-lethal. The gas is also spiked with scents, not unlike the many spray on products we see on TV. You know, the products that supposedly contain pheromones to turn someone on.

Lack of Science

They hoped it will work like this.

They hoped it will work like this.

The Pentagon did admit that it considered the project (“The department of defense is committed to identifying, researching and developing non-lethal weapons that will support our men and women in uniform.”)

But then there is the nagging question on how effective the weapon.

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Unfortunately, no scientific studies were published on the effects of pheromones in humans, the possible formula of the gay bomb. And now that we speak of pheromones which act as aphrodisiac, we all know how body sprays claim their product contains one. One spray and the opposite gender will chase you. Now, in the 1970s, there were products called “copulins” that were said to release human pheromones. According to them, it works based on experiments on monkeys. But no pheromone substance has ever been demonstrated to affect human behavior.

So much for the so-called body sprays, and the military might be investing millions on stuffs that won’t work. They might end up with a squad of angry soldiers instead.

Other Crazy Ideas

Imagine a swarm of this attacking you.

Imagine a swarm of this attacking you.

We mentioned earlier that the gay bomb was not the only insane weapons the US Military considered. They also received a collection of equally absurd, and somewhat comical non-lethal weapons.

Like what was mentioned above, there were plans to develop a bomb that will spread an even more exotic gas to the enemy’s ranks. This won’t turn them gay, but it will attract swarms of stinging insects. Though labeled as less than lethal, calling in a raid of enraged wasps or bees is nothing less violent. I think soldiers will choose to get shot instead.

There were bombs said to make one overly sensitive to the sun. Once it blew up and you got exposed to the putrid mist, it will make you wish to stay in the shades all the times.

If that won’t raise enough eyebrows, there are bombs that will give the victims a lasting bad bread. It is not clear though how it will give the user an advantage, nor how making the enemy’s breath stink will break their moral.

And how about the mother of all stink bombs? At least that was what they are hoping. A bomb that will simulate the stinking smell of fart might distract the soldiers for a while, long enough for the US to attack.

In case you are wondering, none of the ludicrous weapons above were developed. The masterminds do receive an award from the Ig Nobel Prize for their unusual scientific achievement.

But if you ask me, I like to see the gay bomb come to life. It will be fun to see the ISIS fighters or any self-proclaimed terrorist turn homosexuals. In the parallel universe, the formerly macho Osama Bin Laden and the ISIS fanatics will run around in skirts.


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