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The Fresno Nightcrawlers - Real Cryptid or Hoax?


Stick Men!

I am sure many of you remember a TV program called “Fact Or Fact Paranormal Files” It was a show that looked at unexplained footage, and then the team would try and solve them. The show was okay, with some good cases, but one episode stood out from all the rest for me, and that was the episode that featured “The Fresno Nightcrawlers” The creatures were captured via CCTV, and the footage is very strange. In the episode, the team tried to replicate the footage, but could not.

This creature is unlike anything I have seen before. If you draw a stick man, without the arms and head, that is what the creature looks like. There is not much when it comes to witnesses, and it seems they have only been seen twice on two separate pieces of CCTV footage. The first footage was the one showed on the episode of fact or fake, and I will post both of them on this hub, so you can have a look and see for yourselves. The forests of Fresno, California is were these strange creatures supposedly live, and according to the internet, native Americans in the area, say these creatures have been here for a very long time. But what are they? The problem is, we only have two pieces of footage, and as far as a I know, no witnesses. So, are these creatures real? Or is it just a very clever hoax?

First Footage 2007

The first piece of footage was captured by a security camera in Fresno, California, in 2007. The footage quality is not great, but it shows very strange creatures moving across the front garden of a home. The movement of the creatures is very strange. The creatures seem to be wearing some sort of clothing too. Like I said earlier, the fact or fake team tried to reproduce the footage, but could not. The creatures, going by the footage, were said to be around three feet tall. If it is a hoax, is it a very clever hoax.

Second Footage 2011

In 2011, in the same area, a couple were having trouble with break-ins, so they set up a camera aimed at their driveway, in the hopes of catching the criminals. What they ended up capturing, were the same creatures from the footage in 2009. This footage is clearer than the 2009 footage, and you can really see how bizarre these creatures look. Just like the 2009 footage, they seem to be wearing some sort of white clothing, like a sheet. While they both move very oddly, it is the one in the distance that looks really strange, not just because it is smaller, but because of the way the creature walks. It is very strange footage I am sure you will agree. You can find this second piece of footage on youtube, if you type Fresno Nightcrawlers. Definitely worth a look.

The Wooden Carvings

Not long after the footage went mainstream, photos appeared on the internet showing wooden carvings that looked very much like the creatures in the footage. If these were old carvings, then that would have added to the Nightcrawler mystery. Problem is, no one knows who took the photos, where the carvings are, or who carved them. This leads me to believe that the carvings were made after the footage went mainstream, and it is just people trying to add to the mystery. I mean, if these strange carvings were real, and in a location, people would know about them. So, I think the wooden carvings can be dismissed.

If the footage of the Nightcrawlers is fake, then the people, or person responsible for the hoax, are they also responsible for the wooden carvings? It would make sense because maybe they want to invent their own creature, there own lore. The problem is, when you read about the Nightcrawlers, these carvings are always mentioned as proof, but they are not proof because no one knows where they are.

Two Photos Of the Wood Carvings


The Native Indian Connection

If you read about Nightcrawlers online, you will read about how native Indians have known about these creatures for hundreds of years. They supposedly believe that the creatures are aliens from another planet. They believe the beings are here to assist the “awakening” of the earth. Again, I have not come across any evidence of any native Indians saying this about these creatures. The problem is, when footage like this is released, not long after, certain people will be making up stuff to add to the lore. I think this has happened with the wooden carvings, and now we are hearing that the native Indians know about these creatures, and have done for hundreds of years, but you never hear this first hand.

So, is this all connected? If it is a hoax, then are the hoaxers involved in every aspect of what we are reading online? If this is true, then they have achieved what they wanted to achieve. Or is the footage real, and people have just added to the lore?

Phil Poling Is Having None Of It!

Phil Poling does a great job at recreating the footage. He believes the footage quality is so bad because that is the way the hoaxers wanted it. Poling recreated the footage in his own garden, and I think he did a pretty good job. The movement of his “creature” is a lot like the creature in the original footage. So, does this mean that the whole thing is a hoax?

Phil Poling Recreates The Nightcrawler


I remember being really impressed when I first saw the footage, and reading about the wooden carvings, and the native Indians knowing about this creature. But the more I looked into it, the more skeptical I became. I had doubts when I tried to find where these wooden carvings were. Amazingly, no one knew. Straight away, I found this very strange because the carvings are quite unique, so if they were out there somewhere, we would know about them. But no one has come forward, not even the one who took the photos. It is the same with the Indian connection. I could not find anything online about it. Just the same old people talking about the Nightcrawlers and mentioning the Indian connection, along with the wooden carvings. But as far as I can tell, there is not a connection. And this tells us a lot about the whole case. Ignore what you hear about the wooden carvings and the native Indians. All we have is the footage, nothing else. Also, the internet is a great way to spread false information, but sometimes, it does not have to be false. Take the slender man for example. A lot of people actually believed that this tall suited being was real, even though the creator never hid the fact that the slender man was created for a competition in 2009. This did not stop people posting stories about the slender man, and these stories spread all over the internet. So, in the end, a lot of people believed that the slender man was a real being,

So, this is what I believe. I believe whoever was involved in this hoax, is the same person/persons who made the wooden carvings and took the photos. They also made a connection with the native Indians. They actually made their own creature, and it's history, which is quite impressive, and annoying at the same time. So, what do you guys think? It would be great if anyone reading this Hub can confirm the location of the wooden carvings, and their history, but I have a feeling that is not going to happen.

Nightcrawlers Fact Or Fake


Jade on July 24, 2020:

Thanks! I've read this trying to do research. I'm a young author working on my first book, and this really helps. I still believe because I saw them. My dad almost ran one over, not knowing what it was. Woops!

Dark Mysteries (author) from Brighton on April 08, 2017:

Thanks Nadia :) If they are real, you have to ask yourself, how do they get dressed : /

Dark Mysteries (author) from Brighton on April 08, 2017:

Thanks John!

To be honest, if the wooden sculptures were real, they would have been found a long time ago. I do believe the whole thing is a clever hoax. I also cannot find a connection with the native Indians and the Nightcrawlers, so i think that is made up too :(

Nadia Davidson from Nairn on April 08, 2017:

Really interesting, and if they are real would be even better. Good argument that they are fake. They remind me of the hattyfatteners from Moomins!

John Hansen from Gondwana Land on April 08, 2017:

Hi Dark Mysteries. This was a very interesting read even though I would suspect these night crawlers to be fake. If the wooden sculptures could be confirmed as authentic and someone knew where they were it may give it a little more credibility. Still, I like to have an open mind when it comes to mysterious occurrences like this. Thanks for sharing.

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