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The FBI Raid on Trump in Mar-a-Lago

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Ex-president Trump has been subject to an FBI raid to recover boxes of government documents that Trump believed were his to keep. This is what he had said. He also said that he had declassified them all, implying that he knew that some in the boxes were classified as secret or Top-secret. However, Trump, even as POTUS cannot unilaterally declassify documents by himself using a magic wand. There is process involving others also. So, from the start, Trump lied about any declassification of government documents. He instinctively knew there were some documents in the boxes with sensitive, secret, material that was not his to keep and belonged to the U.S. government. It is most likely that Trump conferred with his attorney about taking and keeping the many boxes of the documents after leaving the Whitehouse. His attorney most likely advised him of the ramifications of this action no matter what he believed. Yes, some were indeed his but not all within the 15 boxes. It is likely that Trump does not know the specific contents within the boxes, but it is clear his intent was to take property that was not his and he knew it even under a false belief they were his. It is also clear that Trump stalled and delayed any cooperation in returning the documents when the FBI requested him to do so. Eventually, some were, after Trump's attorney told him he better cooperate. The boxes returned still left many other boxes. Why? Why did not Trump just return them all? Maybe he knew some of the contents in them. Had he returned them all, none of this would have happen. Again, it is clear what Trump's intent is. Trump's MO is to never cooperate and declare any investigation as "witch hunt". Even as POTUS this was the case and then deliver fake news on the matter.

As time went on, the FBI continued to suspect that the documents not returned were sensitive in nature. They were monitoring who actually entered the room where the remaining documents were. It came down to three people and one of them became the "inside" man who told the FBI that secret and Top-secret documents were within the stored boxes in an unlocked room. Later, the FBI told the Trump people to place a padlock on the door, which they did. The FBI tried to subpoena the remaining documents and Trump stonewalled and refused to hand them over.

As time went on, it was clear to the FBI that these documents were in the national interest, which are greater than Trump's interest. They got a search warrant based on the insider's affidavit because Trump refused to hand them over. Again, why not?

The Seizure

The Trump staff had been given an hour to prepare for the FBI raid. They knew the raid was going to happen. There was nothing like a surprise. It was only unannounced to the media until Trump made it public for pure political reasons and his 2024 aspirations. Trump, himself, was in New York, facing another separate investigation into his NYC business practices from the DA. Trump's attorney was present during the FBI raid and signed off during raid.

The FBI found four sets of Top-secret material, three sets of secret material, three sets of confidential material. While Trump probably did not know all the contents specifically, it was his intent to keep them and his stalling that could land him in jail. He likely knew some TS and Secret documents were in the sets, so his claim that he did not know anything about the contents is just more lies.

Under the Espionage Act, cited in the warrant, it is a crime to destroy or conceal a document to obstruct a government investigation, and another statute that bars the unlawful taking or destruction of government records or documents.

So, clearly this has already happened. All of this is not related to the January 6th investigation, although, there might be paperwork in the boxes concerning it. Nobody knows, but maybe Trump does, and this is why he chose to return ALL the documents. That explains also especially if there is a paper trail leading to Trump regarding the January 6th. That aside, another result of this raid is that Trump is barred from ever holding a U.S. government office again. This would be the least of the bad outcomes for Trump (he could face up to 20 years in jail) preventing him from ruining the 2024 election.

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This outcome would be great for American again!

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