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The Event That Made Our Universe

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The Big Bang Explosion

The Big Bang Explosion

When I was younger, my father would often take me for a walk. There he often told me about stars and planets. I used to listen to his words very eagerly. Since then, I became interested in knowing space and the universe and the curiosity remains intact even today. Well, I will not bore you with childhood memories, but I am going to tell you about an event that created not only us but also the space, universe, stars, and planets. An event that might bring you to your senses. I will not only tell you about that incident but I will also reveal the secret behind its happening. So stay with me.

Georges Lemaitre

Georges Lemaitre

Big Bang Theory

Actually, this event starts with knowing the existence of oneself. That is, knowing how humans, first cellular-organism, earth, sun, stars, how did the universe finally originate? An eagerness to know this fact is nothing new. Actually, our ancestors also had a deep interest in knowing about their creator. But I will tell you from a scientific point of view that what we are seeing today, how it originated? It starts with a theory that came into existence in the 1920s. This theory was given by a Belgian priest named Georges Lemaître. Those who believed that our vast universe had long ago been confined to a place smaller than an Atom, which was quite dense. Suddenly there was a strong explosion in that place and so much energy came out of that explosion which is beyond our thought. That explosion created our planets, stars, galaxies, the universe, etc. That particular point is known as the point of singularity where there is no existence of the laws of physics and time as well.


Proof for Big Bang Theory

Due to a lack of technology at that time, Georges Lemaitre could not prove that the creation of our universe was possible only because of the Big Bang. But this theory was not forgotten like the rest of the old theories. Rather, in 1929, he came into supremacy through another person who was Edwin Hubble. In fact, he discovered that space is not static, rather it is expanding every moment. He also gave evidence of this which we will talk about someday. Along with this fact, the scientists also speculated that the space which is continuously expanding today will at some point in the initial phase be as small and shrunken. With the discovery of this fact, people accepted Georges's Big Bang Theory.


Later many scientists reached this conclusion that the creation of this world started with the Big Bang and also of time. That is, there was no existence of time before the Big Bang. From the Big Bang itself, space, planets, stars, the universe, and space, energy and matter were arranged to make us. So we have been able to say that neither the time nor the space, nor the law of physics had any effect before the Big Bang. Then what kind of event was the Big Bang? After all, was it a coincidence, or was there a scientific reason behind it.

Multiverse Bubbles

Multiverse Bubbles

Reasons for Big Bang

After all, when scientists came to the conclusion that the universe was created by the Big Bang, scientists then tried to understand the reason behind it. By the way, this is right, whatever scientific tools, equipment, and instruments are there their scientific reason behind all is clear. But even today the opinion of many scientists regarding the Big Bang does not match. So why did the big bang happen? This is no less than a puzzle even today. Just think for yourself, the more straightforward this question is, the more difficult and complex the answer is. However, there are many theories of scientists, which can explain to us why the Big Bang happened suddenly.

String Theory

String Theory

Many scientists believe that time began with the Big Bang. There was no existence of time before the Big Bang. We try to understand many events on Earth from two perspectives. First, incident and the second is the cause of that incident. But whatever happens, is in a certain time frame and it is a matter of course that the cause of that event also happens in the same time frame. Just as an event cannot happen without its time frame, similarly there is no question of its cause. As we know that time originated from the Big Bang, it seems absurd to talk of a cause before the Big Bang. So we can say that the Big Bang was a sudden event because the reason behind the Big Bang had no time frame.

But the Big Bang Theory does not completely satisfy us. According to the second theory of thermodynamics, no object can be formed without any other object. This means that many cosmos existed even before the Big Bang. Who created the Big Bang and our universe. But this also does not satisfy us completely because we again reached where we started. Many scientists believe that the point of singularity was actually nothing but a black hole, in which the big bang occurred. There is another theory, the multiverse bubble theory which states that just like our universe is, many universes are in their own bubble. Whenever there is a fission or collision in these bubbles, there is an event like Big Bang. Another theory is the string theory under which string or membrane-like structures on molecular levels vibrate at different frequencies in different dimensions. From these electrons, protons, neutrons, etc. were created, and from them, the universe was also created. When these different universes collide, a new universe is created. Dark energy is also mentioned in this theory, which is still an incomprehensible puzzle for humans. According to string theory, the two universes interact through dark energy. This theory answers all our questions, yet the irony is that many scientists consider it a Philosophical Theory because it includes different dimensions that are impossible in physics but mathematics has proved that many such dimensions are possible. Maybe, which are still beyond our reach or thinking.

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So that's it for today's article. I hope you really enjoyed this article. So today we learn about that event that made us. We also learned about the many possible reasons behind that. If you want to read my previous articles, then don't worry, I will provide the link of those articles in the comment section. So see you in the next article, till then be happy, keep smiling and please read my articles with love.

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