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The ENTJ Personality: ENTJ Relationships, Careers and Life


ENTJ stands for extroverted, intuitive, thinking, and judging. This personality type is quick-minded, charismatic, and full of confidence. They are rational in their thinking with a natural ability to inspire others. For the ENTJ personality there is no such thing as an impossible obstacle if you simply try hard enough.

Leadership is at the core of the ENTJ personality. They love challenges and believe that with enough time and the proper resources they can accomplish anything. This supreme confidence acts like a self-fulfilling prophecy for the ENTJ and they typically accomplish much of what they set out to. The ENTJ perseveres when many other personality types would give up and move on. They are typically open-minded and think in the long-term when it comes to most projects. They are highly energetic and interact quite well with other people. They cannot, however, tolerate inefficiency, incompetency, and laziness. They can be quite rude when confronted with situations involving either of these.

ENTJ StrengthsENTJ Weaknesses

Willing to discipline those who fail in their tasks

Tendency to argue

Interested in what other people think

Prefers winner takes all situations

Excellent communication skills

May be unwilling to listen to others

Nearly unlimited energy

Can be judgemental and inflexible


Can react harshly when their expectaions are not met

Enthusiast about things that interest them

Can be insenstive to other's feelings

Excellent money management skills

May be rude and intolerant regarding inefficiency

Excellent leadership traits

Prone to hasty decisions

Take their promises, duties and commitments seriously

Difficulty expressing love and affection

Expect and welcome constructive criticism

Unwilling to concede in debates

Interested in personal growth

Slow to recognize the contributions of others

ENTJ Careers

ENTJs make excellent strategists with an ability to create elaborate long-term plans and execute them with precision. They tend to be persuasive with a dominance that makes negotiating deals an easy feat. This personality type enjoys interacting with people. They have excellent communication skills which makes them highly engaging to others. The ENTJ can sometimes come across as arrogant or even condescending due to the high degree of self-confidence that they often exude. They tend to enjoy intellectual debate and respect those with the ability to stand up to them. Though the ENTJ is highly efficient, this does not mean that they do not need other people. After all, as brilliant as they are they still cannot do everything themselves. In addition, the ENTJ’s confidence is dependent in some ways to the feedback of others.

Drive, determination, and leadership are all traits that the ENTJ possesses aplenty. These traits tend to limit the ENTJ Career choices and most people of this personality type work in business related fields. Ideal ENTJ careers include entrepreneurship, business strategists, and executive.


ENTJ Relationships

Despite their self confidence and savvy business sense, ENTJ relationships can be quite challenging. This is partly because they tend to see emotions as weakness and have a difficult time expressing how they feel. This does not mean they cannot be caring, loving, and sensitive; however, revealing their emotional side may not be as easy as it is for other personality types.

Always energetic and enthusiastic, ENTJ personalities take their dating commitments seriously. Ever the leader, ENTJs are quick to seize the same position in their romantic relationships. They will readily take responsibility for making sure everything within their relationship runs smoothly and efficiently. They are often strongly committed to their partners, however, they sometimes approach relationships much like they do their careers, surveying the environment and trying to change the rules as necessary.

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Many ENTJs will put their careers first and their relationships second. This can be a great strain on their partners. They also are quite bad at sensing the feelings and emotions of their partners. The combination of insensitivity and dominance can quickly breakdown a relationship. If it become clear that a dating or long-term relationship is headed towards an end, the ENTJ will not hesitate to leave the relationship without looking back.

The leadership traits of the ENTJ are often seen clearly during intimacy. This personality type can be highly imaginative. They will often push their partners into exploring new ways of expressing their love and affection. They are not needy emotionally, however, they love to hear that they are loved and appreciated. The preferred partner for the ENTJ is the INFP (introverted, intuitive, feeling, and perceptive) and the INTP (introverted, intuitive, thinking, and perceptive).


Famous ENTJ Personalities

Based on analysis of their work and life, the following have been identified as famous ENTJ personalities:

  • Margaret Thatcher, Prime Minister of the UK
  • Jerry Seinfeld, Comedian
  • Donald Trump, Business Tycoon
  • Hilary Clinton, US Secretary of State
  • Adolf Hitler, Nazi dictator
  • Franklin Roosevelt, American Present
  • Sigmund Freud, Father of Psychoanalysis
  • Bill Gates, Founder of Microsoft
  • George Clooney, Actor
  • Matt Damon, Actor
  • Whoppi Goldberg, Actress

Fictional characters with ENTJ personalities:

  • Barney Stinson, How I Met Your Mother
  • Ari Gold, Entourage
  • Frank Costello, The Departed
  • The Penguin, Batman villain
  • Lex Luthor, Superman villain
  • Magneto, X-men
  • Jordi LaForge, Star Trek
  • The Brain, Pinky and the Brain


intp on March 01, 2018:

Bill Gates is NOT an extrovert

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