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The Different Types of People at School


In school, there are four different major types of students - the Nice Guy, Bad Guy,Social and the Know-it-all. These types make up the whole student body and each is divided again into minor types. Sometimes, there are cases where two major types and their minor types collide with each other and can be found in that person. In other words, many different characteristics can be observed in that person. It's like a real-time RPG game in school (no swords and wands included). Anyway, so what type of student are you in school? These are their descriptions and their minor types.

The Nice Guy Type


The nice guys usually are people who helps other people in many ways. They can help you carry books, or help you with your homework, or maybe take the trash out for you. They may even protect from bullies and mischievous students. In other words, they are friendly people. They can be a bit of a push over, that's why students take advantage of them and take them for granted. They closely collaborate with the Know-it-alls and socials but not quite so much with the bad guys.These are their minor classes:

Push Overs. They are people who are willing to do anything they're asked to do either from the teacher or a fellow student. May the task be carrying some stuff to the teacher's office or get some files in the computer for a class presentation. They are diligent and persevering people and can become good employees in the future. Although it's a good thing to help people, these guys, in time, will be increasingly be depended upon, making them prone of being taken for granted or being used. So if you're in this minor class, try to learn to say no. They're not the only ones who has personal needs.

Defenders. These people usually thinks like a hero or defender of the weak.They feel like having a duty to protect those who are being oppressed and correct the oppressor. These guys can be dead serious about fights so watch out for them, they might also get involved in fights with the bad guys. They can be seen as discipline officers in class or a member of the student counsel discipline committee. It is likely that they would end up being a lawyer, a cop or any other field that requires their defending skills.

Concerned Ones. Basically, these are people who are concerned of other people's emotional to physical conditions. They're good at giving good advice and will help you when you're injured on the spot. They are good listeners and great at keeping secrets. So, if you want to blurt something out or cry 'til you're tears run dry, go look for these guys and they will surely lend their shoulders for you. Future jobs for concerned ones may include being a doctor, nurse, psychiatrist, and etc. -anything that involves caring for other people

Oath Keepers. This is a special type of minor class and can be found in all major classes. These people are what we call as best friends. They are loyal and will stand by your side when trouble comes. Also, there are other oath keeper who aren't your best friends but will keep their promise to you. These people can be the president of the student body or the class representative.

Conservatives. These people can be shy and can be a bit emotional. They usually don't talk much other than their close friends. One thing you can notice about them is that they have a small,calm but sometimes hesitating voice. What's good about them is that they are kind and gentle and are willing to help out when they can. So, it's best to approach them directly like they're your friend and don't try to bully them because they have friends that will protect them. You usually see them in libraries or in their desks, reading. Jobs like an environmentalist or a librarian is good for them.

The Bad Guy Type


Bad guys usually are people who put other people down most of the time. They love doing harsh things to other people like beating them up or nonconstructive criticizing. These guys mostly get into trouble and wind up either detained or the worst case scenario, jail. They don't like the nice guy class and are always picking on the know-it-alls. There are numerous reasons why they act that way. Maybe it's because they want attention, maybe it's because of the environment they live in, or possibly, they just like it. But there are times that they have soft spots, so don't think that they're always bad because there are cases where they want to change their lifestyle. Here are their minor classes :

Delinquents. These guys love to do violence and chaos around them. They can be cruel and will take any opportunity they can get to get what they want by force. Usually, they go to other areas to start a war between groups or commit crimes. Surprisingly, what's good about them is that they're loyal to their group and never backs down. There are other cases where these delinquents can be considered as the good guys. Yes, they can protect innocent people, despite their destructive nature. Delinquents like that are rare and are usually misunderstood. It may be because of the environment they live in. Their most likely job in the future may be a bodyguard or a soldier.

Bullies. Bullies are somewhat like a delinquent but in a more minor level. Bullies harass their fellow students for lunch money or for fun and are the masters of the art of deceiving people, most especially teachers. But eventually, they get caught and will be sanctioned for bullying. Most bullies do what they do due to jealousy of other students, having a better life than they are. It's best that they get help as soon as possible.

Criticizers. These people criticize every action and word people make. What's bothersome is that they don't know when to stop. They're like machine guns firing nonstop. In fact, sometimes they unconsciously go overboard without even thinking that they have already hurt their audience. What usually happens to them is that they end up being alone and would feel unwanted. It's hard to correct criticizers due to their prideful attitude but they're quite useful when you conduct surveys about a product or company. Their future jobs could be a critic or a public speaker.

Boastful Ridicules. Boastful ridicules are people who make fun of other people because they're different, or just to have fun, or they did something great while others failed. They're boastful because they think they are high and mighty which "gave them power" to ridicule other people. The fact is, they live a life of constant fear that they in turn may be ridiculed because their different or because they have failed at something. The reason behind this may be because they were ridiculed too much before and they couldn't handle it anymore or that they were just raised that way. Boastful ridicules can be an all-star athlete or an honorary student in the school.

The Social Type


These people can either be a talkative,cheerful group or a solitary loner. The difference in this type from other types is the interaction - how these people interact to others. The people in this class give off confidence to many levels which helped the student body give its social form. Without these people, there would be no movie stars, or wonderful clothing. They have good connections to every major class and can slip away easy with their charismatic attitudes. These are the following minor classes.

Loners. Loners are very different from conservatives because they want to live a life of solitude. You can help them but they'd rather do things alone. They aren't shy unlike the conservatives but they do hate people who are crowding in front of them. So it's best to approach them when there are less people. If you're wondering if they have friends, they do but only a few. They can be found in libraries or sitting in their desks reading. They can be good writers.

Curious Cats. Every bits of information regarding an event or a person, they have it. These people are a curious bunch. They would eavesdrop, pay, persuade you by force for juicy information. Then, after collecting the information, they would just give it out to the public, creating a massive chain of rumors. Be very careful with these people. They have the power to ruin or build-up your reputation. A job like anchoring in a showbiz television or a reporter is a good choice for them.

Cheerers. These are people who just cheer you on whether when it's a bad or a good time. They're good at breaking the ice so it's nice to have a friend like that. What's intriguing about them is that they're often clueless of their surroundings - a bit of an air-head. But try not to underestimate them because they can be very good at some things. You just wouldn't know what it is. Careers that involve entertainment is a good choice for them.

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Gossiper. To put it simply, they're just the receiver of the information of the curious cats. They're the ones who start to connect the chain rumors. They relay information so fast that you wouldn't know who was the root. Sometimes, they would go as far as making up exaggerating,misleading information just to make the rumors more interesting. Careers like showbiz anchoring would fit them right.

Fashionistas. Flashy clothing and make-up is their forte. They observe the environment and put on clothing that resonates with the surroundings. You could say that they are perfectionists because they take so much time trying to decide what clothes to wear. Male fashionistas are okay with people having the same clothing as they do but if you are female, watch out! Don't let female fashionistas see that you have the same clothing as they do. Otherwise, a cat fight is expected to occur. You can find these fashionistas usually in the school theater making costumes and props. It's recommended that they become professional models or fashion designers.

Smooth Talkers. Persuasion is their game. These people are very charismatic and not to mention, romantic. They talk to you in a voice very appealing to your ears. Well, to be exact, they're either flirting with you or convincing you in something.Therefore, they are good at detective work. With those charms, they can get all the information they need. Be careful with these type of people though because can deceive you to do anything and I mean anything. They make good actors and actresses and possibly detectives. Kinda like James Bond.

The Know-it-all Type


These guys currently are the reason why we have modern technology. Unfortunately, they had to go through some tough times in their school years. Their number one problem? The bad guy class. Due to the fact that most of the know-it-alls are defenseless and unable to fight back, they most of the time get toilet flushes, sticky notes at the back and get beat up. But hey, at least this poor guys will become filthy rich. Look at Steve Jobs. Know-it-alls get along fine with the nice guys but not so much for the bad guys.

Nerds. Nerds are the smartest people around. They are the people who can do complex equations, understand algorithms, and can even memorize world history. In other words, they are the walking encyclopedias. The downside of being a nerd is that they do others homework and have very low marks in PE. Bullies and other social classes use their skills to persuade these poor guys to do their homework. Having a nerdy friend could help you understand a topic that you didn't understand but try not to abuse him - he could fall behind because of you. You can find them researching in libraries or at museums. They have many job opportunities which include being a scientist or an engineer.

Geeks. Let's set things straight - geeks and nerds are two different people. Geeks are people who have great knowledge about a certain something that's outside academics like gaming or sci-fi stuff. These people get mistaken as nerds because others think that they know a lot like nerds do which is wrong. Anyway, if you're into online games, try asking them to play with you. They could be your online buddy. Their likely jobs would be game developers/testers or 3D graphic designers,

Scholars. Scholars are wise people. They use common sense more than knowledge. They feel the need of discovering how to live a good life and share it with others. What's great of having a scholar friend is that they can offer you very good advice, suggestions and experiences. They can be a little mean when they see something that they don't want to see though. Occupations that involve psychology is good for them.

Weirdos. These people are out of the ordinary. They like to think that there are other things that's at work in this world. Sometimes, these guys talk about conspiracies and supernatural things. They would tell you stuff that are out of this world and try to even prove it. You sometimes wind up believing what they said. You could say that they are mysterious but truthful in nature. Weirdos usually spend there time reading strange articles, history books, conspiracy theories, and etc. But you don't have to worry anything because they're mostly harmless. They could go crazy but chances are slim for that to happen. Their ideal job would be researchers, historians, or maybe a host of an adventure documentaries.

Idea Givers. Not a great academic student but idea givers offer people solutions, theories, and ideas. They are people who like to try new stuff and try to give them upgrades. But idea givers has some setbacks. They change their interests from time to time, unable to focus and finish what they have started. Idea givers usually become advisers, inventors, film directors and/or etc.

This article helps people better understand what kind of student they are and hopes that they can find a better way to be a better person. So tell me, which type of student are you in school? Are you someone who helps? Deceives? Bullies people around? Or gives ideas? Or possibly mixed classes? Comment below and give me all your feedback.


Me on August 02, 2018:

These are ok i was making a video and these were crappy

Lonely alcoholic on July 07, 2017:

im a geek and loner

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im the gossiper

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i'm a geek and weirdo/ nerd

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Know it all, social and good guy

Trisha Roberts from Rensselaer, New York on June 11, 2014:

I admire your wide variety of types of people in classrooms. I think you hit each one on the head. Great hub!

tsongbird on May 26, 2014:

I am a loner. A weirdo. And a geek.

Mike on November 29, 2013:

Concerned one + oath keeper + loner + stupid nerd + scholar + weirdo

that was great , now i already know what type i am :) on December 20, 2012:

that was great , now i already know what type i am :)

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osm...article nd i m a mixed type of a person .......... luv it

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