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The Complete Hitchhiker's Guide to Starseeds

Aaron M. Weis is an online journalist, web content writer, and avid blogger who specializes in spirituality, science, and technology.

It is interesting to observe the narrative and the precepts at the heart of what some are defining as new age spiritualism, which are particularly fascinating to say the least. What we can readily perceive here, is a broad spectrum of beliefs that just a decade or so ago would have seemed farfetched, taboo, otherworldly, and arguably flat out crazy. For instance, let us scrutinize as we might examine a microscopic organism from beneath the lens of a microscope a trending subject matter behind this sort of philosophy that is being regarded and expressed by many, at a seemingly exponential rate, in the case of what is classified as starseeds; making this article your reference and guide to everything you need to know about these incredible beings.

To begin let us start with the most commonly asked question on the issue, which is that of, what is a starred? For beginners, let us peal through the multilayered beliefs that comprises what a starseed is in its totality. Again, it is fascinating to note how far we, humanity as a whole, come in not only coming to consider the possibility of some of these phenomenon, but in coming to accept, embrace, and even express it on on an individual level. The first of these ideals is one pertaining to the issue or belief in reincarnation. Even though it is coming to be much more accepted than in generations past, it is estimated that only somewhere of one-third of the planet welcomes this idea, or places in faith in it. This is fascinating when one stops to contemplate one fo the main overarching themes at the center of the vast majority of religious works, which is that of the rebirth, or reincarnation of each of their respective messiahs. Christianity alongs the reborn Jesus, to the same extent that monks and deeply devoted Buddhism, await for the wisdoms of the incarnated Buddha, and this is the trend. Even with this being a central component to the religions around the world, it is still a difficult pill for people to slowly that this is a kind of objective truth. For most, it seems that the general consensus on this level is found in how that it is the messiah in question that is doing the reincarnation in these contexts. Well, yes that is true. but it’s different. Jesus was the son of God, he could do anything he wants. I, however, am not the child of God, and therefore, reincarnation is not something I myself can do. It’s not for me. Now, for those that are not familiar with starseeds, this is where things get even harder to stomach or swallow, especially for those that are rooted in their ways, and, say, a little less open minded; and it is one that deals with our little green friends.

More so than in the previous opinion, more and more people seem to be opening up to the sentiment that there is, more likely than not, intelligent extraterrestrial life out in the vast expanses of infinitely expanding space. It is approximated that in the United States alone, one and five people believe that, not only is their sentient life out in the cosmos, but that is has in fact reached out and contacted us here on planet earth, and that this, for the apparent public good, is not, or has not been revealed to us as a matter of preventing mass hysteria. As for those that simply will consider that there is other sentience out in the cosmos, it is estimated that this is present in around half of the global population. That is remarkable, when one considers how it was not too long ago when the whole topic was revered to the genre of science-fiction, in the context of Star Wars, Star Trek, the Alien franchise, War of the World, the Day the Earth Stood Still, and other such works; in a genre that it should be noted, was believed unable to gain any traction, and that would ultimately fail - even in the 1970’s, it was hard to motivate the overwhelming majority of the cast of the first Star Wars movie, on account of the fact that most of it were of the belief that it was to be a colossal failure. That is to say, that it was ruled out, simply as the stuff you would see in movies nothing more than that. And those who wholeheartedly believed in their existence, or that knew of some encounter where the crazies, which is the stereotype often depicted in these same works, such as in the case of the crazy veteran in the movie Independence Day, that was apparently abducted by aliens; more likely than not they were of Recticulan origins, but that is the stuff for another conversation. All things considered, in new age spirituality, the idea of starseeds combines these two seemingly unrelated topics. On the most basic level, a starseed is essentially a reincarnated spirit, soul, or consciousness here on earth, whose origins is from some other locale or dimension in this vast universe. They are, of course, human beings, but the makeup of their spirit, their very essence, is foreign. And now that we have unearthed what a starseed is, we will divulge a little deeper in analyzing exactly what that means.

This ideology surfaced back in the 1970’s back when these sentiments were extremely hush hush, and where those that harbored such feelings had to do so from the comforts of their closets. What we are witnessing today is the culmination of the works and findings of the American author Brad Steiger, whose writing and research was focused on extraterrestrial life, UFO’s, spirituality, supernatural events, and the whole far-reaching gamut of the paranormal. More specifically, it was his titles such as, Gods of Aquarius, and similarly, The Star People, the introduced these concepts. At around the same time, we find that Steiger’s discoveries were by and large consistent with, and idiosyncratic with the findings made by Parapsychologist Nancy Anne Tapp, in what she termed as Star Children, and synonymously that of the emergence of what she coined as Indigo Children.

In the literature of Brad Steiger, the ideology took the notion that we are essentially made up of the stuff of stars, amalgamated with the thought that we are all spiritual beings having a human experience to the next extreme. Steiger’s recognition of Starseeds, Star People, or Star Borns, acts as a testimonial to this, arguing that we are, on the most basic level, infinite immortal spiritual beings, who experience everything that the universe has to offer through an infinite progression of past lives lived, and that will come to pass. On this level, Steiger argues that we are all star seeds to varying degrees, one of the main differences is that of those that have not awakened to this fact, as opposed to those awakened starseeds who are endowed with a remembrance of their different reincarnations.

To this end, Steiger’s work stipulates that the starseed is the awakened spirit that recognizes that our origins are not from this physical plane of reality, and that the individuals spirit or soul is multi-dimensional in nature, designed to exist throughout any number of different realities, worlds, dimensions, timelines, realms, and planes of existence; and that it is on this level of being that we are sparks of universal awareness, that is the universe experiencing itself through infinite manifest forms, coming to the revelation that all is a kind of consciousness hologram of source, or the all that is, and ever will be - to this end the promote for what can be called the great awakening, which refers to this remembrance of the human spirit, as well as to that of allowing for the conditions that will cause for an elated and evolved sense of planetary consciousness.

As alien as this thought may seem, both literally and metaphorically speaking, what is interesting to note here is the way in which Steiger’s thoughts pertaining to star seeds is highly congruent with, and in some cases interchangeable with the beliefs held by the Native American’s in the contexts of their own sense of spirituality.


According to this particular paradigm, there is no separation between the material and the essence of spirit; that is that the spiritual world or realm is as available or accessible to the individual as any other worldly commodity or experience. Here, the common thread found throughout the highly complex and diverse beliefs held by the differing Native tribes is found in the way that it is widely accepted that all sentient life is innately endowed with spirit; all is spirit, and in this way, there is an interconnectivity between all things, this interconnectivity in specific an observation of what is referred to as the great spirit or mystery that is part of all living things.

By virtue, a kind of belief in reincarnation is notable here, as the belief regarding death, was that of how the eternal spirit lives on through death, journeying to lives multiple lives on different worlds, realities, planets, dimensions, and planes of existence, and that this lifetime would be by and large dependent on the way one lived their life in the time that they spent here in the physical reality of planet earth. Interestingly enough, this concept of star seeds, or one’s origins from other parts of the universe such as the Pleadias star system for example, can be recognized in a plethora of differing indigenous practices.

For instance, the ancient shamans and mediums of the Cree tribe developed a astrological methodology and practice of determining an individual’s star origins based on the individual’s time and location of birth, that allowed them to determine their star origins, such as that found in the Pleadias, which interestingly enough, is one of the starseed origins that are also found in this new age belief.

What’s more, Steiger’s work identified a list of characteristics and attributes that were common to this group of people that were emerging at around this time. Most notably, this list was further subdivided into defining categories such as physical, metaphysical, and emotional criterion, as well as that of individual instances of perceivable extraterrestrial experiences coupled with a sense of what could be described as psychic development. Below is a brief overview of Steiger’s list:

Physical: Hypersensitive to the five senses Hypersensitivity to electricity and differing electromagnetic fields

Overcame life-threatening ailment

Experience with some life-altering accident or trauma

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Body temperature is generally lower than average

Instances of negative reactions to high humidity

Chronic Pain in the back of the neck

Chronic Sinustis

Chronic pain or noticeable swollen joints

Extra Vertebra

Charismatic and magnetic personality types

Alluring eyes

More frequent in females than in males


Difficulties expressing highly complex feelings

Noticeable tendency of chemical dependency

Has experience a deep-seated feeling of oneness between all things in the universe

A deep-seated need to find a purpose or mission in their lifetime, and to fulfill said purpose or mission

Metaphysical: More often than not, demonstrate a belief in spirit guides and angels

Were the children that had imaginary friends growing up, which continued well past what might be appropriate

Also carry with them a belief in God, or interchangeably al encompassing creational force of energy, as well as a belief in miracles, a belief that they were blessed by some holy figure, as well as that in reincarnation

A sense of remembrance of past lives, or lives lived in parallel or alternative experiences

Awareness of their multi-dimensionality, and lives lived in parallel realities in other worlds

Have been contacted by a deceased family member or loved one Experiencing seeing a ghost, apparition, angel, or some other worldly being Has had either a near death experience or out of body experience at some point in their life

Psychic Developments During meditation has perceived a white lite Demonstrates abilities of clairvoyance or clairaudience

Dreams that have seemed prophetic in nature

Practice differing forms of automatic creative expression

Have the ability to see auras

At one point or another, have healed themselves or others

Throughout the years, what we can observe in this discourse, is the fact that while the idea has evolved some since it’s original conception, that the central thought remains intact. It is one that takes into account the infinite vastness of space, noting that this consists of some one-hundred billion galaxies, and some one-hundred-trillion stars in the space that we can at least readily perceive. As such, it assumes that there must be other sentient lifeforms in the vastness of the infinite space-time manifolds and multi-dimensional realms. In this way, lifeforms are not restricted to the confines of earth, in the karmic life-death cycle of reincarnation, and that this interaction or exchange includes all lifeforms throughout the cosmos. It is further believed that some of these beings come from highly advanced civilizations that were responsible for what is referred to as the seeding of planet earth. That is, that some of these extraterrestrials created for the human genome through advanced genetic programming, as a kind of hybrid of their own genetic code, and that the overarching goal behind this project was that of populating the earth human beings, and that earth, which has now taken on the alias of Gaia, is a sort of experimental grounds for this project to take place.

From this vantage point, the star seed is what previous generations would have called the old soul. These are advanced spiritual beings from higher dimensions of realities, who are tied to the angelic feelings of unconditional love, who have decided to reincarnate here on earth during this time, to assist in the evolution of earth, during this time of ascension. They are the ancient souls who carry with them the wisdom of the heavens, and who have come to assist in the process of healing on an individual, collective, planetary, and universal level, as well as to offer a helping hand in expanding consciousness, again across the whole gamut of being and existence. They know the message of love, light, and consciousness deeply, and as such, know how to communicate and teach it thoroughly. From this perspective, they act as the guides that help pave the way for others to awaken to their spiritual essence, and promote the rise of consciousness. By walking in their own light, love, and authenticity, they allow others to do so as well. The healing they do, and the practices that they engage in to increase their own awareness, acts as a kind of template for those around them to do the same. This is how you do it their actions say. All know the way, but few walk the path. They are the ones that have decided to take take the road less traveled.

That being said, it should be noted, that not all star seeds are benevolent spirits with intentions of healing, love, kindness, compassion, and all other synonymous characteristics. There are also those who have come that have much darker agendas, that are self-serving to their own planetary means and motives, and that are intent on manipulating the planet, by perpetuating the 3-Dimensional construct, keeping us all ensnared in base feelings of fear, anger, hatred, and the types of stuff that you see when you tune into any news channel, that tells it’s audience what a scary place earth is, and feed off of fears and feelings of animosity. The same model that promotes the ego, self-serving means, materialism, and separation across all levels of being.

At any rate, star seeds are those formless ancient traveling souls, who have lived throughout many different planets, galaxies, dimensions, and realms of the universe, and to whom are quite living multiple realities during this current life cycle to reveal to us are multi-dimensional nature. In the same way, they have gone through the process of rebirth and reincarnation some one-thousand times or more, each one with a reoccurring theme that is consistent with why they have chosen to reincarnate now; to make manifest that we awaken to the fact that we are infinite immortal spiritual beings, that we are in fact, spiritual beings having a spiritual experience, and to bring light and love to Earth and Gaia respectively, or to continue the paradigm of our 3-Dimensional existence, in the seemingly endless dualistic dance of matter.

But how did we receive this information, and whom is its source? Here, the thought is that it is the compilation of what people refer to as the channelers, the seers, and in ages past, the mediums and shamans, who have peered into the Akashic records that documents everything that has and will ever be across all possible timelines, and made manifest to us these new ideologies. It is also the result of the countless individual stories of individuals that identify as the numerous Star-Seed types, and the narratives that they have to offer. And similarly still, what, if any are the defining characteristics of a starseed? Here, we find those souls whose eyes have always been turned upwards to the heavens, and to whom have only ever felt at home when looking up at the starry night. Those individuals who have never truly felt at home, or fit in here on planet earth. They long for a home that they feel that they have never known, and are not quite sure if truly exist here in our current cosmic address. In the same way, they have been fascinated with extraterrestrials, and other metaphysical and supernatural sentiments.

At the same time, these are our highly sensitive individuals who feel things on deeply on a seemingly cellular level, at their very core. Often referred to as old souls, they are innately intuitive and empathetic in their nature. What has been observed as a kind of empath, they are well aware of the interconnectivity between all things, and come well equipped with a sense of knowing in the larger picture concerns of planet earth. In the same way, they feel deeply connected with nature, and with all lifeforms here on earth. More often than not, this come as a result of their sense of clairvoyance, clairaudience, claircognizance, and clairsentience, which is to say that they are finely in-tuned with their more psychic and cognizant functions. Because of this, they find that animals are constantly drawn to them.

Cliche as it is, it goes without saying that these are the individuals that identify as highly spiritual. As if from birth, they come with this highly developed sense that they have some purpose, mission, or meaning during this lifetime, and more often than not, it correlates with teaching, healing, and evolving planetary consciousness. As highly advanced souls, they have difficulties with our education systems, our dichotomies, with authority, and the sorts of way things are which stems from their perspective as sovereign spiritual beings, and from their capability to see beyond dualistic extremes, seeing things rather from a place of non-duality, or through a kind of spectrum like lens. In the same way, they are the rebels that create for complete paradigm shifts, and force us to look at the entire world differently beyond are stereotypical and accepted conventions, pushing us to the breaking point that calls for evolution of thought and consciousness. Even so, they tend do do this not from a place that is idiosyncratic with service to self, but rather, in accordance with service to others. They are not concerned with expanding consciousness for the self.

What is fascinating to note, is the degree in which this has become a sort of widespread belief, that is equal parts well received and accepted. In this highly popular and growing community of new age spiritualism, one Aaron Doughty has emerged as a kind of authority figure on the topic, in his videos that address his lofty ambition of expanding one’s consciousness. Here, he speaks openly about Starseeds, expanded consciousness, the great spiritual awakening, shifting levels of consciousness from a 3-dimensional to a 5th-dimensional model, and all other aspects that can be expected in this dialog, and does so for an audience of up to a million subscribers. Another illustration comes from the steaming platform in Gaia, which defines itself as your place for conscious media, where it has noted a list of differing subsets of Star Seeds, and which is referenced to in such video productions as Initiation. We also see in the context of such social media platforms as TikTok, an explosion in this subculture with the emergence of some 127 million plus tweets speaking to the hashtag star seed. On that note, we will conclude by examining a list of the more popular and well-known star-seed types.


Sirian - We are made star-surf. We are a way for the universe to know itself. As with all of the accompanying star seed types, the Sirian’s speak to the fact that we all made up of star dust, the carbon of the universe found within the genetic makeup on a subatomic level, and in this instance, said soul origins originate from the planets Sirius A and Sirius B. The original Sirian occupants hailed from Vega from within the Lyra constellation, which is believed to be the address of Earth’s earliest ancestors. In the same way. While Sirius A is synonymous with Lyra, and by virtue the star seed’s known as the Lyran’s, a species of Lion like humanoid’s, Sirius B is known to a subspecies of water beings to the likes of the Miengu and A race of beautiful Merpeople. From this emerging history, both of the Sirian planets are believed to be responsible for initiating the process of spiritual awakening of all human beings here on planet earth. In terms of reincarnated beings, it is also the thought that the Sirian’s of Sirius A gave us a plethora of what we refer to as the Ascended Masters, such as in Christ or Mother Mary. For more information on the Sirian star-seed’s, see A Starseed Guide: Andromeda, Pleiades, and Sirius, or any of Patricia Cori’s works in The Sirian Revelation Trilogy, such as that of Revelations of the New Lemuria, Atlantis Rising: The Struggle of Darkness and Light, or that of, No More Secrets, No More Lies: A Handbook to Starseed Awakening.

Orion - Once again, the origin for these star-seeds is implied in the name of this thing. Here we have an almost cold-disposition that places superior intellect and a value for all things scientific, much like is depicted in the case of Spock and through him the Vulcans of Star Trek, although the Orion’s look nothing like are emotionally removed pointy-eared friends. They are inquisitive, curious, and detailed oriented, wanting to known the why’s and how’s to every minute little thing. Their primary mission here on earth is to help us develop our scientific endeavors, and, through their misfortune of having a lack of heart-based relations, a sort of spiritual endeavor of learning and observing how to be more trusting and faithful from the people here on earth. We also note a dualistic purpose, in the way that, while some will push to pursue spiritual expeditions, there are others who are work closely with Reptilians, that hope to control the earth, rather than to liberate it. Arguably the most intriguing characteristic of these beings is found in the sentiment of what is known as the Orion Wars, which was fought over because of tyranny, and over the law of one, as well as the belief in the dualistic dichotomy noted between service to self, as opposed to service to other, as well as the dualistic extremes in Christ Consciousness.

Pleiadian - These are the star people whose spiritual signature, frequency, and resonance comes from a star cluster known as the Pleiades, or alternatively, the Seven Sisters, Messier 45, or that of The Eye of the Bull, as this particular cluster is found in the heart of the Taurus constellation. The Pleaidan’s are part of what is known as The Family of Light, and similarly, that of a group known as Keeper’s of Frequency, being full aware of the power that sound can have, whose overarching goal is to promote, love, light, information, and creation accordingly. These beings operate from a love-based place, and flourish in matters pertaining to creativity, as these are beings who function in a fifth-dimensional frequency of being. At the same time, the Pleiadian’s are also known as the record keepers of earth, asserting that Gaia is some 600 million years old. They are of superior emotional and spiritual development, and use this as a catalyst in expanding and evolving consciousness here on planet earth. It is worth noting that the Pleiadians are that of a matriarchal society, placing women, love, families, and children one a kind of pedestal. For more on Pleiadian star-seeds, see that of Christine Day’s, Pleiadian Initiations of Light: A Guide to Energetically Awaken You to the Pleiadian Prophecies for Healing and Resurrection.

Arcturian - Here, we have another instance of profound fifth-dimensional beings whose origins are found in Arcturus, which is one of the brightest stars in our night sky, and is the brightest star in all of the Bootes constellation. The main characteristic here is observed in the way that these advanced beings acted as the original prototype for how we should live here on planet Earth. These beings are the natural healers; emotionally and mentally matured, these spirits were intended and meant to be the healers and spiritual shamans for all of humanity. Another one of their defining characteristics is found in the way that they are thought to be a collection of lifeforms who have the most advanced and superior technological achievements in all of the universe, especially in the prowess and adeptness in all matters concerning genetics. Ever more fascinating, it is believed that souls journey through Arcturian energetic structures once human beings die here on Earth, and that this has a central role in the karmic life death reincarnation process. Again, these are beings that operate at a fifth-dimensional and higher frequencies which are associated with the unconditional love found in the angelic realms. Some wonderful reads on the Arcturian star-seeds are foun in the case of Wayne Brewer’s How Arcturians Are Healing Planet Earth, as well as that of Norma J. Milanovich’s, We, The Arcturians.

Andromedan - As the name suggests, the cosmic address for these living, benevolent, and telepathic beings is found in our closest galactic neighbor in the Andromeda Galaxy, which is also known to us as MS31 or M31. The Andromedan’s are the living representation of, and epitomize full left-right brain cohesion. These are beings that are as intellectual as they are heart-centered, and their primary mission in the cosmos is that of providing love and peace to all beings throughout the universe that have been effected by and enslaved by the Reptilians, to whom we will look at more in-depth further on down this list. These are masters in all of the scientific fields, especially in their relationship and applications with all sentient and biological lifeforms.

Lemurian and Atlantean - Here we see two advanced civilizations who were created by and seeded by the Lyran’s of Lyra as mentioned below. As in the ancient tales, these people flourished, here on planet earth, but that were lost to the ocean’s floor. A descendent of the Lyran’s these people of these two lands were highly advanced, with sophisticated philosophical and spiritual beliefs, as well as some of the most superior technologies known to the observable universe. In the narrative of star-seeds, it is believed that the Lemurian’s and the Atlantean’s were responsible for the first exchanges between races and beings from other parts of the cosmos. Their primary focus here on Earth was a steadfast commitment to advancement, and it was for this reason that they flourished here on earth. However, what we see here, is a history that is very much congruent with what we saw with the Maldek race, as noted below, in that, despite their achievements and developments, this group of people ultimately destroyed themselves, and created for their own demise through diseases, laziness, and greed. However, all of their knowledge was not lost to us, as some might believe, despite this devastating happenstance, as some of the more advanced souls sourced out their findings as they became Starseeds and reincarnated souls to other star systems throughout the universe, and here on planet earth as well.

Felines- Yet another example of a star seed from the Lyra constellation, we see another being whose presence have been made manifest in the artwork of ancient civilizations, especially that of Egypt with it’s cat-like god’s and goddesses. They are thought to be psychic and telepathic, with a tendency to place an emphasis on developing their spiritual nature, as opposed to matters pertaining to the physical and material world and by extension realities. As with the Lyran’s and the Blue Avian’s, these beings operate in higher dimensions of reality, pursuing love, light, higher vibration and frequencies, abundance, and clarity through the interconnectivity between all things and through the means of eternal consciousness. They aim to instill a sense of enhanced creativity for our humanity.

Reptilian - Every story needs a baddy, and these, are our antagonist. These are of the more well-known star-seeds that have emerged in this literature. Because of their more malicious nature, they have been known throughout the cosmos by many different aliases such as that of the Draconians, the Saurians, and more simply that of the Lizard People. Here on earth, in are 3-dimensional reality, they represent to us the duality of good as opposed to evil, light as it is juxtaposed to light, and all similar notions of polarity. They are viewed by some as fallen angels, due to their physical appearance, which, while humanoid, resembles that of reptiles. It is believed that they are also defined by their chameleon like shape-shifting ability, and that their mission here is for total control through self-serving and selfish means. In this narrative, David Icke has emerged as an authority on reporting on these beings, noting that they want nothing more than political power here on Earth so that they may manipulate the peoples, societies, cultures, as well as our very development through dark agendas of generating mass scale anger, fear, hatred, and separation throughout the masses. The thought is that they are living here amongst us, disguised by their shape-shifting physical appearances. The other frame of thought is that these spirits enter the bodies of our most esteemed politicians, either by means of a walk-in-spirit, and that through this process, convince them to deter from their values, beliefs, opinions, ideals, and decisions that would be advantages and beneficial to the people of earth, and that ultimately serve the Reptilian agenda. Fortunately enough, through their deceptive conquest, the Reptilians have made a great deal of adversaries amongst the beings of light and love, such as the Arcturians and the Pleiadians, and intend to confront all being of darkness such as that of the Reptilians.

Maldek - We see a tragedy of Greek proportions in the case of the Maldek race, and was is most eery about it is the way it so nearly resembles the ways, and the state of things for the people of earth. Originally Maldek was a planned in our own home solar system, with attributes very similar to that of our earth, albeit the planet was destroyed. In a similar fashion as what we see here on earth, they became highly dependent on technology, especially that of a more robotic nature. This, combined with their need for control and power, created for the scenario in which they destroyed their own planet, which resulted in some of their people relocating here on planet earth. The overarching purpose of the Maldek star-seed is to take the lessons learned from their mistakes, and to caution the people of earth to make better decisions in the realms of health, politics, technology, and communication.

Avian and Blue Avian - In the information that has circulated concerning the Avian’s, we see some of the most beautiful, majestic, and equally enigmatic of all the speculated beings amongst the starseeds. What we find here, is one of the most ancient group of beings in all of the universe. Unlike their counterparts, the degree of their development can be found in the way that they are known to operate from the sixth to twelfth dimensions and higher, and while the majority of star seeds origins can be found in varying constellations throughout the universe, this is not the case with the Avians, for it is believed that their home world is found in an entirely different universe. Their most well-known attribute is found in their physical appearance. Even though they stand erect as a kind of humanoid being, the rest of their attributes are like that of a bird, that are of a very refined blue color, hence the name. The thought here, is that as one of the more ancient civilizations, the have a close relationship with the Pleiadians, the Lyrans, the people of Earth, and most other lifeforms, being responsible for seeding most of the planets, and the lifeforms that inhabit them throughout the cosmos. In the same way, it is believed that they have visited earth on multiple occasions, assisting in rising consciousness, and spiritual development since the dawn of time; not only that, but that they aided in the very creation of planet earth. Similarly, through this narrative, we see a recognition to this in Egyptian times. The emerging idea is that the bird gods such as Ra, Thoth, Horace, and the likes were created by the Egyptians through the discourse that emerged between them and the visitations of these beings. Not only that, but that it was in this exchange, that the Blue Avians gifted the human race with birds to note this relationship. It is their hope that we see the potential available to us through spiritual sovereignty and that is inherent to us in our multi-dimensional nature. The blue avians are also thought to be telepathic, although it has been noted that they use a kind of sign language like gesticulation in expressing themselves. Yet another common sentiment, is that the Blue Avian’s world has been destroyed, and because of this, these star-seeds never truly feel at home; through their reincarnation here on earth, they are learning to treat the earth as a home, and that the universe always provides for all life, and, seeing as they also played a role in the creation of the earth, that they played a role in this, even if it was not intended for them.

Lyran - As with the Avians, we see in the case of the Lyran’s, another exemplification of another ancient people. There are also many similarities that can be observed between the two sentient lifeforms. For instance, they are well known as a result of their physical attributes. Like the Avians, they are humanoid in their composition, however, they carry with them more heavy cat like characteristics, especially that of their noses and eyes, being very feline like in nature. For this reason, Lyran star-seeds tend to be cat obsessed, and feel a deep connection to their feline friends. Their cosmic address, again, as denoted by their name, is found in the small constellation of Lyra, whose brightest star is that of Vega. In a similar narrative to that of Avian’s, Lyran’s, acting under this overarching umbrella that relates the Blue Avian’s to all beings, the Lyran’s are believed to be the main race of all humanoid beings within or galaxy. Their gift to humanity, along with the element of fire, was that of the people of Atlantis and Lemuria, and in a historic narrative that is congruent with the Avians, it is through that some of the cat-like gods, and structures such as the Sphinx, where constructed in recognition of these beings by the Egyptians. And, just as is typically the case with Blue Avian’s, Lyran star-seeds often struggle in recognizing their star-seed identity, because they typically identify with all of the characteristics of incarnated Pleidians, Sirians, and Andromedans. This is due to the fact, that more often then not, they have reincarnated as all of these different beings, and because the Lyran’s were also responsible for seeding each of these civilizations throughout the cosmos. As for their mission on planet earth, they are here to offer their ancient insights to help us recognize our true spiritual nature. They wish to impart to us how our level of consciousness effects everything throughout the cosmos; that through the great chain of being, the collective consciousness effects the consciousness of the earth, and in a domino like manner, the galaxy, and all other celestial bodies all the way up to the all-encompassing universal level; and to do this they may incorporate it through scientific means, such as offering easy to comprehend interpretations of the Quantum realm, or through a discourse of Quantum Entanglement, or by more personal means, such as point out the way that we are all connected, and as such, to pay close attention to how are actions effect everything around us. To summarize, they too are assisting in the evolution of planetary consciousness, from their unique insights, and they can do so, because they have explored the deepest most depths of the universe like their Blue Avian counterparts.

In this conclusion, there should be made an authorial note that there are a great many star-seed origins that did not make this list. Noticeably, there is that of the likes of the Zeta’s or Recticulan’s who we associate with the abductions here on earth, and the alien activity that we can observe, as is the case in the race known to us as the Grey’s, that has been involved with and that has a relationship with the people on earth to conduct their experiments in turn for differing technologies and insights. There are also those that are more rare, and less known, such as that as the Epislon Eridanian people, who are a humanoid elvish race that a giant beings, and who are meant to act again global mind control, and whose logic stems from a feeling based place as opposed to one from the operations of the mind. That is they feel out what they observed, and compare this to what they know as truth, as opposed to forming deductions from their observations.

However, in noting this, there are those that generally are incorporating within these lists that did not make it, specifically that of light workers, indigos, crystal, and rainbow children, and I would like to offer a brief explanation for this.

A light worker, is a not type of Star seed, nor does it have a specific origin in the universe. A light worker, does exactly what the name implies; it carries out the duties and functions of a star seed, in healing and raising consciousness, and through walking in their love and light, by virtue of any number of mediums. A light worker can be an Arcturian or Pleiadian star-seed, but a light worker itself, is not a star-seed own it’s own, and for this reason I do not think it should be included in this list, although it is certainly related.

The same hold true in the case of the indigo, crystal and rainbow star children, although again, they are all certainly related. In this instance, there is a slight difference between star seeds and star children, that stem from different thoughts, even though they are related, and the defining characteristics and attributes are also slightly different and varied. And, in the same fashion as with light workers, what we see is that what we can describe as an indigo child, is precisely that in it’s own accord, and is not a type of star seed origin. Usually what we see, is that an Indigo Child is a Pleiadian, or an Arcturian, but an Indigo Child is not own its own a star seed by any means, and there should be no confusion about that, and it is for that reason that I address these things here.


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Aaron Weis (author) from South Lake Tahoe, California on July 13, 2021:

Thank you for the suggestion Robert.

Robert P from Canada on July 07, 2021:

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