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The Butterfly and its Symbolic Meaning


Transition and the Soul:

No matter what your beliefs revolve around, every religion and every spiritual community links wildlife and nature into their realm of understanding. This earth housed animals and nature long before we were here or even existed.

Animals know more about survival and adapting than humans do, having survived "the end of world" time and time again. The knowledge we have gained from every species is unfathomable. So in due respect, each animal holds a special meaning, and many people have a special bond with a certain animal.

My animal, or more rather, my insect, is the Butterfly. Even in winter, when the butterfly is rarely to be seen, I will see several a day. I am constantly bombarded with the beautiful creatures. The monarch, royal and white butterfly are the 3 that grace me with their presence on a frequent basis.

When I first started onto my spiritual journey I decided to read up on Native American's. I found their respect for Nature and Animals to be most honorable and fascinating. That is where I began to understand the significance of animals and their meanings.

The Butterfly is a known for transition and change, symbolizing our soul. A butterfly's life span is about a month, and in that short amount of time they go from a caterpillar to a Butterfly. The butterfly spends its entire life changing and adapting. It first learns how to crawl, then it learns how to fly.

Its is said, when a butterfly crosses your path your life is going to change. It may be the simplest change, or a monumental change.... but it is there to let you know that you are transitioning.

Butterflies are beautiful, they enjoy everything beautiful in the world. They flutter on the slightest breezes and they live off of flowers and plants. When you see a butterfly, it is a reminder to enjoy the smallest things. To remember that life is short, and yet filled with beauty.


sara on May 25, 2017:

my friend saw a butterfly walking home after a teachers death.

T on October 31, 2014:

beautiful story

QudsiaP1 on June 12, 2012:

A very interesting write.

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