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The Bright Side of COVID-19: The Opportunities in Teaching

The crisis of COVID-19 paves the way for the different opportunities for teachers to teach. Through this pandemic, DepEd has built a range of learning delivery modalities that meet the needs of learners, Likewise, these learning modalities teach teachers to adapt to their learning environment.

Opportunities directs the mind to think about the positive effects of the pandemic on human life. Teachers are considered to be at the forefront of something that is trying to balance the pros and cons of things that are going on around them. Furthermore, in the classroom setting, they often look at both sides in order to better understand the content of the circumstance of any incidence that arises in the school.

The pandemic that is taking place around the world is also an opportunity to educate because of the innovative approaches that the school can follow only to continue learning without losing the health and safety of its learners. Transferring pedagogy that really acts as a test to teachers so that they can apply all their learning in their lives.

New Approach in Teaching

DepEd is offering a variety of distance learning modes this school year as a response to the decree of President Duterte disallowing face-to-face classes until the COVID-19 vaccine has been created. Looking at the positive side of things, this school year is a perfect opportunity for teachers to have knowledge, expertise and experience in incorporating a range of distance learning modalities, such as online learning, modular learning, home schooling, radio-based instruction, and television-based teaching.

Change is always going to happen in DepEd to meet the demands of time. The reforms imposed by DepEd are rooted in the aim of continuing education that considers the health and safety of learners. By having these new approaches to teaching, teachers will learn new insights and understanding about them. It is often considered a lesson in life to be learned because there are learners who have not been able to come to school because of a variety of disturbances. Having revealed these new approaches to teaching is just a way to shift towards the demands of 21st century learning, when the time comes for learners to remain at home while studying.

There are several personalities in the Philippine environment who are pursuing their education through these learning methods. Most of them prefer home schooling where their lessons are dealt with during their free time. Likewise, they even have their own tutors who are in charge of explaining the substance of the lessons to them. Both their requirements shall be properly met and completed before their due date. As a result, they prefer to finish school and earn their degrees.

Truly, it is easier for us to understand and experience these different teaching methods. This is clearly an indication that the education system is flexible to the needs of the learners. With the implementation of these methods in teaching, the time will come for these approaches to be offered in the coming years.

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Transferring Pedagogy

The transfer of pedagogy is at once extremely easy and incredibly complex. At its fundamental level, this literally implies adapting past learning to a new situation. They are all wired to do this. Past experience is useful in managing situations. With the introduction of new teaching methods, teachers need to transfer pedagogy so that they can cope with the changes that are taking place around them.

Their previous knowledge of teaching is applied to new teaching approaches. The difference is with the different modes that the school is offering. Teachers continue to fulfill their duties and to ensure that their learners learn the lessons prescribed for the week. There are times where teachers provide the parents with learning information so that parents know how to perform their assigned function.

The transition of pedagogy is seen as an incentive for teaching. This acts as a benchmark for teachers so that they can quickly implement improvements to the education system. They often act as an indicator of how creative teachers are in the success of their assigned position through the use of various teaching methods. It is an opportunity to learn new things that are useful in improving critical minds for teachers.

Change is going to happen for a reason. The most important thing is that everybody accepts the changes that are taking place in order to step forward and easily adopt the current situation of the entire world. By accepting transition, the shift of pedagogy becomes useful in meeting the demands of time. It just takes an open mind to understand what is going on and a critical heart that leads the way to the adaptation to what is going on in the education system.

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