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The Brain : Your Greatest Asset Use it or Lose it

The most Amazing Asset You have

Have you ever thought to yourself just how amazing each and every brain is as an asset for its owner?

During the night you sleep and your body still functions thanks to the messages from the brain that keeps your heart pumping and your lungs filling with the air you must breathe to stay alive.

You will also have the most realistic dreams in colour and sound while asleep and your sub conscious will solve problems so that when you wake you have answers to questions raised before you went to sleep.

You wake up and start your daily routine from rubbing your eyes, scratching your gonads if you’re a certain type of male, planning breakfast, getting washed, dressed, putting the kettle on, cooking the eggs and bacon or toast and cereal with orange juice just as the fancy takes you.

Countless other tasks will be accomplished if you also have children at home to get up and out and also their safety and care is of paramount importance to you.

All this is going on while you move around and listen to the radio, watch TV, answer the telephone, collect the car keys and plan your drive to the station or to work assuming you have a job and are fit enough physically to do all of this.

No matter what the state of your physical health your brain is still working out what you can or cannot do and making sure that you are not putting yourself in any danger either in the kitchen, bathroom, car or on the road or at the train station.

In the case of someone as astounding as Professor Stephen Hawking, author of A Brief History of Time, you have a brain that can imagine the unimaginable to most of us and like Einstein can explain much of the amazing things that happen in the Universe we all are part of from original Star Dust and the Big Bang.

As you have read this your brain has been on automatic with regards to body functions and is processing what you see and are reading so that your own imagination is being stirred to add to the list of the capabilities of your greatest and most amazing asset: Your Brain.


Alan Bowman (author) from The World on January 10, 2013:


Happy New Year to you too.

Being in the UK have been parked at the Kerb over the last few months for various reasons too boring to mention.

Hope all goes well with you and thanks for your kind comment about the piece.



The Frog Prince from Arlington, TX on January 09, 2013:

Happy New Year Alan. Your brain is your greatest asset and too many times it seems to have been parked at the curb. Nice write.


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