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The Big Infinite Theory

Abstract artist and theorist. B.A. Psychology U.W. 1999 Using Hubpages to make my thoughts eternal. All possibilities deserve consideration.


The Big Infinite

The Big Bang is a widely accepted theory on the origins of the Universe, but it isn’t complete. The questions of where all the matter came from, what was there before the Big Bang, and does a beginning infer an end. Of course, there is a more defined interpretation of the Big Bang. I like to call it the Big Infinite.

For something to be infinite, it must have a loop to it, and how can a singular event like the Big Bang be infinite? If you understand the mechanics of the Big Bang then you can surmise a kind of perpetual motion machine. In order for a Big Bang to happen, a amount of matter must be so dense it causes explosion. On the cosmological scale the amount of mass is beyond the mathematical comprehension of me. I can agree there is probably a range that reaches critical mass. How much mass is important, but how the matter arrives at this critical mass point is more important.

Let’s start with the idea that there is only one point all matter tries to return to. Black holes are so dense light cannot escape. We only know that nothing comes out once it goes in. If a black hole can eat entire planets, or galaxies, where does all this matter go? Does it just stay in the middle of this black hole? I originally imagined that all matter that is pulled to a singular point, from any black hole. Maybe the mechanics of a Black Hole, the size, and how much matter it has eaten determine whether or not it becomes a feeder to a singular point. Maybe each black hole has the ability to be the singular point where a Big Bang can happen. All of these idea’s are fun, but keeping it simple and refined works best.

Like the rain cycle on Earth, all matter that started with the Big Bang, will return to begin again. Imagine a piston in an engine, turning and firing over and over without the consideration of time. Speed up the explosion of the Big Bang until the matter has traveled so far from the origin, it has no gravitational attraction to the beginning. The speed of all objects without the hindrance of gravitational pull will accelerate. As these planets, galaxy’s, nebula’s, etc. accelerate they become more energy like. Eventually, without a time consideration, these objects will turn from matter to energy.

Once matter becomes energy, it is no longer in our dimension. This is a fundamental law of general relativity. Einstein gave us the law that balances the whole Universe. The Energy dimension is agreed to be the 4th dimension. The energy that resides in the 4th dimension is not confined to the laws of E=mc2. Even if someday it is discovered how to use this 4th dimensional energy, lets just view this relationship as one directional. What goes in, cannot come out. Eventually this 4th dimension will be oversaturated with this “Dark Energy”. Black holes are providing the “Dark Matter”. This 4th dimensional sea eventually becomes unbalanced. Too much Energy; and this is when the 4th dimension returns to the 3rd dimension. The Big Bang is the result.

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I call it the Big Infinite because the process is a loop. Without time as a consideration, the engine of the Big Bang repeating is the heart beat of the Universe. The idea of this process can open the possibilities of an alternate Universes existing at the same time. Maybe once a universe is created, it simply adds to the creation of the next. Why can’t multiple universes exist from multiple Big Bangs. Since space is infinite, a Big Bang can happen far enough away from our universe, we would never know. The 4th dimension would be the only portal between these distant universes.

Michael Reichelt

Originally thought of in 1999

Original illustration included.

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