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The Benefits of Multicultural Education System

Benazir Marjan has completed her second Masters in English Language and Linguistics from University of Liberal Arts, Bangladesh.


The Benefits of Multicultural Education System

Multicultural education refers to any form of education or teaching that incorporates the histories, texts, values, beliefs, and perspectives of people from different culture and backgrounds. It seeks to ensure educational equity for members of diverse racial, ethnic, cultural and socioeconomic groups, and to facilitate their participation as critical and reflective citizens in an inclusive national civic culture.
The goal of multicultural education is to advocate for better opportunities for learning. Especially for those who are marginalized based on colour of their skin or where they come from. The goal of multicultural education is to lead debate and discussion on topics such as educational, economic and social equity.

Multicultural education assumes that the ways in which students learn and think are deeply influenced by their cultural identity and heritage and that to teach culturally diverse students effectively requires educational approaches that value and recognize their cultural backgrounds.

Students are always benefited from multicultural education system. Let’s see the specifications.

1. Becoming great communicators: One of the most important things your children must develop in their young years is their communication skills. Multicultural education values different student cultures and prepare students to thrive in a diverse world. As its core, multicultural education fosters equality, justice, and equity, and it establishes the reality of philosophical ideals in classroom environments.
2. Blooming an open mind: Students from various cultures study together, they share their ideas and thoughts which makes them broad minded. They acquire the ability to think from different aspects of life. An open minded student knows that all people are different. They listen to the points of views of others and consider many possibilities before making a decision. They celebrate the differences that make all people unique, encourage students to try new things- new foods, new games and new activities.

3. Building empathy: People of different cultures are having to interact more frequently on a personal and professional level. It builds good bonding between the students belong to distinct lifestyles in multicultural education system. Multicultural education system helps to build empathy which is very important ability to have for career success, because it improves your capacity to communicate with others, be part of a team, and to better your leadership skills. Building one’s ability to empathize is quickly becoming one of the most important tasks of twenty first century. Cultural empathy examples can include : Helping a friend to learn another language and learning that friend’s language in return. Defending someone who is being bullied. Providing encouraging words to someone who is struggling in some task.

4. Learning becomes more interesting: When students from different countries with different languages and cultures sit together to learn a same topic of a particular subject, the situation becomes very interesting both for the teachers and students. All learn new things from each other. It seems like, the classroom is a library itself. The interesting environment influences them to master in their related fields.
5. Cultural awareness and curiosity: Cultural awareness is all about recognizing and understanding that we all have different values shaped by our diverse cultural backgrounds. Multicultural education system exposures students to the different cultural values and beliefs, helps to create understanding and acceptance of differences between people.

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6. Multilingual skills: Multicultural education system compels students to have multilingual skills as sometimes they learn to use two or more languages studying with students from different countries of the world. Multilingual skill helps in appreciation of different cultures, adds academic and educational value, enhances creativity, an adjustment in society, and appreciation of local languages.

7. Showing respect to other cultures and languages: Multicultural education system gets the students close from different part of the world where they become to know about new languages and cultures as well. Thus, they acquire the ability to show respect to other traditions, heritages and speeches.
8. Increases the level of tolerance: Being tolerant means accepting diversity and not expressing negative attitudes towards individuals who are different. People may not like something, but it can rationalize that the very least they are not harming others. This kind of feelings can be developed better where there are people from discrete areas and nationalities. The more students will engage with others the more level of tolerance will build in them. For example, in case of group study in multicultural education system, students from different countries with different languages present there. Some of them may not sound in English. Thus, others need to adjust with him, having patience in their mind. This is how it will improve tolerance their mind and make them more smarter to handle any situation. Again, in some situations, some of the student’s behaviour could be also exasperating. Others need to cope with certain circumstances. Theses are the attributes those make the multicultural students more dynamic in this twenty first century for their own survival. They will be more skilled in their future professional life regarding dealing with dissimilar kind of people. It is always very important to adjust with the present environment. If anybody fails to do that, he can not move forward to life. Workplace environment is always challenging. Multicultural education based students got that vigour to overcome this provocation with time.
9. Gives a broader picture of reality: When students from different corners of the world get together, they share their own country’s lifestyles, norms and values with each other. In most cases, these varies from country to country. They get the chance to know the real stories of different nations which increases their general knowledge along with knowing the materiality.

10. Create more peaceful classroom: Cooperative learning with heterogeneous groups helps students to understand viewpoints different from their own and appreciate the cultures of the group members when solving problems. Recognizing students’ ethnicity and cultural experiences can help lead toward a more peaceful classroom.

11. Lead to a more peaceful society: As it helps in adjustments with one another, therefore this trait helps to move towards a peaceful society, also a country as a whole. If people have the power to adapt, they can handle the disagreements sharply. This will create less chaos and establish peace and tranquility in the society. A peaceful society can gift a quality generation to a country, which will be a real asset for the nation as well.

Multicultural education focuses on nurturing admiration and appreciation about diverse ethnocultural heritage, in young minds. Children are imbibed with greater knowledge and understanding about how to behave in a more culturally responsible manner. They acquire skills to navigate various cultures.
People migrate to different states, countries and continents for better opportunities and standard of living. Multicultural education fosters global citizens who can efficiently and effectually be integrated into any culture. This kind of education is being perfected by true world visionaries.

Education makes you a better person and teaches you various skills. It enhances your intellect and ability to make rational decisions. It enhances the individual growth of a person. It also improves the economic growth of a country. The whole world became a global village now where multicultural education is establishing itself in education system. Education has great effect on our lives where multicultural education is the perfect one from every aspect of our learning. It is good for people and society. It offers us to enter into a new model of learning that provides a new horizon for us.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2022 Benazir Marjan

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