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The Beast (Supercomputer)

Are we really being tracked or are we just creating myths based on fear of technology?

"Roadrunner" SuperComputer

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We Are Being Counted

The Beast is tracking us - it started around the year 1974. Here's the Scoop:

In 1974, a crisis meeting was called in Brussels, by head leaders in the Common Market in Belgium. Concern about economic corruption and chaos in the world was the topic. At this crisis meeting, scientists, advisors and economic analysts gathered, including one - Dr. Hanrick Eldeman. The doctor revealed at this meeting that "The Beast," a 3-story high supercomputer was up and running.

The Beast was programmed a certain way so that it became a self-programming (heuristic) supercomputer, and now it is tracking all of us, gathering data through our spending habits. In the near future, we will all be assigned a number to replace our need for credit cards.

Eventually, the digits assigned to us will be tattooed or otherwise embedded in our skin to effect an invisible yet permanent mark on either our foreheads or the backs of our hands. This will only be visible under special infrared scanners, and will eliminate many common credit card problems for both credit card holders and credit card companies.

In essence, once we are tattooed, we will become walking credit cards, each and every one of us!

Dr. Eldeman asserts that allowing the supercomputer to assign numbers in three entries of six digits each, everyone in the world will be marked with and assigned his or her own unique credit card identification number.

Think this is a joke? That no computer is capable of counting everyone in the world?

Well The Beast is three stories high and has over a hundred data enty sources plugging information into the supercomputer! Day and night. It is a machine, so it never sleeps...

It's Not Just "Science Fiction" and Urban Legend anymore - it's called BIOMETRICS

Supercomputer Stuff

Well, That's The Story, Anyway...

Notice any hints or symbols from Christian scriptures?

Although I've asked this question about Christian scriptures, I don't mean to discount that something similar to what this urban legend tells of is actually part of our "improving technology."

This legend surfaced long before computers were as high-tech and wide-spread as they are in the 2000s (it's actually 2010, April as I add this note).

In part, this legend may have been a mixture of natural societal fear about exploding development of technology, Christian viewpoints and interpretation on Scriptures, and other societal fears about mechanical and technological machines that have the possibility to harm us...and obvious and great fears that budding technologies and machines will get into the wrong hands of people who will harm the world in general and as a whole via these machines...

In my opinion, despite the heavily notable Christian influences within this legend, I think this is a legend that derives from WELL-PLACED FEARS...

By 2010, machines and technologies ARE very much harming people, are often in the wrong hands and into the hands of people whose motives in the use of machines are to oppress others and harm them...

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Some of our technologies are harmful because their amazing functions are underestimated by large groups of people who do not know the capacity that these machines/technologies have that can harm people when not used for good purposes.

This story is one urban legend that is coming true - perhaps not in exactly the same way mentioned in the legend, perhaps not with the same motive as stated in the legend but with at least equal harm possible as narrated in the legend. 


Some bad tech inventions



mythbuster (author) from Utopia, Oz, You Decide on December 23, 2013:

Can you be more specific, Csd affix? Not sure what you're asking.

Csd affix on December 21, 2013:

What do I do to get away from this

Joseph LaRonde on February 26, 2012:

i want my supper computeer number if be possible to help end death and talk things out so we don't kill our selves of as a living breathing one family and friends to be 5659 thank u for excepting my freedom of choice to make up my mind for ia am a loving person and willing to help out persons that r sick and want help but must show some love besdes covering up there mistakes buy killing us of l,and bring us back when they want may life geet u soon with a smile and all this knowledge save live and not be used to confuse us or kill us .

joanne rae valdez on August 15, 2011:

the bing network DON'T have a any srip about the QUANTOM COMPUTER

or any srip about the SUPER COMPUTER

mythbuster (author) from Utopia, Oz, You Decide on March 03, 2010:

Thanks for the info, Maj. Gen. Michaels (retired).

Maj.Gen.Michaels (retired) on March 03, 2010:

The 18 Digit Nuber you will be Asigned will Be 666-which logs you into the beast computer and then 101 for your country and then 223 for your Area code and then your social security no# So you have 666 101 223 123 445 667 Notice the long Black darkened strip on the reverse of your credit card? Well sir...The First three digits are 666 and no You cant see them with the naked eye,....But they are there.!!DON'T TAKE THE MARK OF THE BEAST !!!ROGER ?? GOT IT ??Right. Be a Good soldier of the Cross..and refuse to take the Mark!!!CHOW CHILDREN!!!

sri from india on August 06, 2009:

very nice hub on The beast, yet there are lot more super computers which are faster than this.. u can check out my hub on top supercomputers @

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