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The Balance of Nature - The Need of the Hour

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I am a English writer. I am from India. Today, I am sharing the most valuable information about Nature. Read it carefully.

Balance of Environment

Picture shows the balance of nature

Picture shows the balance of nature

Balance of Environment

Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better - Albert Einstein

Today, we are facing corona epidemics, because we neglected towards nature. We did not take care the nature. Nature given us everything, but man has not price. At last, today, man has been wrapped in PPE kit.

Human beings are endowed with abundance by nature. He never discriminated. But man has now disturbed the balance of nature. This issue needs to be considered. Everyone has this need. Humans need to address this issue. The time will come when the living creatures on the planet will face great calamities. You can't even imagine it.

We will have to face natural disasters in the future. The idea is for the whole of mankind. We have to think about what we can do for nature. Man is a social animal. He thinks of his own family. Efforts must be made to balance the environment as a social contribution to living creatures and to future generations. It has to start with yourself.


How created urbanization ?

How created urbanization ?

Mechanization created problem.

Humans interfered in the laws of nature and now nature is interfering in human life. Nature is a precious treasure that this human being has got without doing anything. If a person gets something for free, it is not worth it.

There are three basic needs of human being i.e. food, clothing, and shelter. Maintaining the balance of the environment is essential for living things. Mechanization has taken place in this modern age. You get to see the trainload of factories and industries.

Rising population, increasing demand, increasing urbanization, high carbon dioxide emissions, deforestation, rising temperatures, waste, electronic waste, excessive use of plastics, etc. are harming the environment. This is degrading nature.

Rising temperature is rising.

Earth Temperature

Earth Temperature

Earth's temperature is currently rising.

Earth's temperature is currently rising. As a result, many types of diseases are being created. Rising temperatures have led to seasonal changes. Premature rainfall has increased. This is harming agriculture. The rate of suicides among farmer increased.

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At the global level, efforts are being made by all countries in this regard. But the general public should be aware of this. We need to think seriously about what we can do about the environment. This problem is not of an individual but of the entire human race in the world.

To Ban on plastic

Today we will look at the consequences of disturbing the balance of nature. Today we want comfort items in the house. You can't live without it. We are used to it. But we don't think about the horrible effects of luxury items on nature.

We use refrigerators, body sprays, air conditioners, etc. in our homes, but these add chloro furo carbon to the atmosphere. That gas is extremely dangerous. So the balance of nature does not remain. You should also avoid using plastic.

The government has banned the use of plastic. Did you know that it takes 500 years to destroy a plastic carry bag? If you use plastic and throw it away, it will go into the stomach of the animal. Paper bags should be used.

The paper bag disposes in six weeks. So why use plastic? If the same plastic is thrown into the river, the water becomes contaminated. You have to think about it. Earth's ozone layer is being eroded by global warming and emissions of various gases.

Ultra Violet Rays

Ultra Violet rays directly comes on the earth

Ultra Violet rays directly comes on the earth

Rising Ultra Violet Rays

This causes the Ultra Violet rays from the sun to come straight to the earth. This has increased the risk of skin cancer. Rising temperatures have begun to melt ice at the North and South Poles. This poses a threat to the country's coastal population. Sea levels are rising.

Everyone should think about all this. At the individual level, if you make an effort to supplement the environment, such as planting trees, growing trees, avoiding the use of plastics, avoiding the use of chloro pyrocarbon emitting devices, increasing the use of solar energy, minimizing the use of vehicles, using public transportation, noise pollution. We can definitely contribute.

Plantation is the need of the hour

Two elements are important in nature. It is the responsibility of human beings to keep the five elements of air, water, land, soil, light and energy free from pollution. Natural resources do not grow as the population grows. Everyone should plant and take care of at least one tree every year to maintain the balance of the environment while maintaining the natural cycle. Everyone needs to be aware.

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