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The Ancient Greek Pantheon of Primordial Gods

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Cosmogony of Aristophanes

"At the beginning, there was only Chaos, Air, Nyx, dark, Erebos(Darkness) and deep Tartarus (Hell's Pit), Ge( Earth), Aer ( Air) and Ouranos ( Heaven) had no existence.
Firstly black-winged Nyx ( Night) laid a germless egg in the bosom of the infinite deeps of Erebos and from this after the revolution of long ages, sprang the graceful Eros( Love) with his glittering golden wings, swift as the whirlwinds of the tempest. He mated in deep Tartaros with dark Chaos, winged like himself and thus hat bed forth our race ( the birds), which was the first to see the light.
That of all immortals did not exist until Eros had brought together all the ingredients of the world and from their Marriage Ouranos (Heaven) Oceanus, He, and the imperishable race of blessed gods (Theoi) sprang into being.
Birds 685

Cosmogony and Theogony can't be isolated because the legends have set up that the pieces of the Universe are divine beings, saying, for instance, that the Earth (Gaia) and Sky (Uranus) are simultaneously actual real factors and gods supplied with the sort of intensity and insight that is the elite quality of the perfect. Therefore, the Universe might be said to have been made by the divine beings, at this point not because of crafted by constructors or demiurges, however through Adoration and intercourse.

The Greek gods

There is a huge number of Greek gods, the ancient Greeks believed in many strange deities and spirits,
many of these deities would require sacrifices, such as animals but also humans.
The most famous gods of the Greek pantheon were the gods of Olympus, they were in the centre of the ancient Greek religion.

Theogony by Hesiod

Primordial Greek Gods

Theogony by Hesiod means "the birth of the Gods" it represents a total cosmogony.
The basic components of the cosmos are personified as Gods.
The primordial gods
1) Chaos
Chaos was the primordial God of the total void. He was the beginning of life.
2) Aether
Aether was the primordial God of light, etymologically, Aether means literally the purest layer of air.
3) Aion
Aion was the primordial God of eternal life.
Often he was confused with Chronos because he personified the meaning of time.
4) Ananke
Ananke was the primordial goddess of inevitable necessity in life.
Ananke and Aion were both creatures with the body of a snake.
Aion was a monster with a snake body and three strange heads, one human male, one bull and one lion.
There is a myth also about Ananke and Aion union who created the world. They wrapped themselves around the cosmic egg and broke it to form the life in the world, also the sky, the earth and the sea.
5) Achlys
Achlys was the primordial goddess of the deep eternal night, Hesiod often referred her also as the demon of death. She was even the first creature that existed even before Chaos.
6) Chronos
Chronos was the primordial God of time. It is Chronos and not Cronus the Titan God.
Nowadays the chronometer is named after this ancient greek God.
7) Eros
Eros was the love and the procreation ( This is Eros the primordial God, not the Eros of Olympus.
8 ) Erebus
Erebus often is identified also together with his sister the goddess Nyx, he is the God of darkness and shadows.
9) Nyx
Nyx is the primordial goddess of Darkness and night in a feminine version, She was very powerful as many other gods feared and respected her
10) Ourea
Ourea was the primordial Goddess of the mountains
11) Ouranos
Ouranos the God of eternal Heavens and the husband of Gaia, he was the father of the Titans and the ruler of the World.
12) Thalassa
Thalassa was the primordial goddess of the sea, even today her name means sea in the Greek language.
13) Tartarus
Tartarus was the primordial God of the darkest part of the Universe and the afterlife, he used to punish the sinful deceased ones in the darkest place of the Universe
14) Nesoi
Nesoi was the primordial Goddess, the guardian of the night.
15) Hemera
The primordial Goddess of sunny days
16) Hypnos
The primordial God of sleep the twin brother of the primordial God of death and father of Morpheous. Hypnosis nowadays is named after this ancient Greek God
17 Thanatos
Thanatos was the primordial greek God of death and the twin brother of Hypnos, he also used to love in the dark Tartaros

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18) Gaia Gaia was the primordial goddess of the planet Earth. Otherworldly the Mother Earth.

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