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The Ambulance of the Future

David Rosales looks for better and more efficient ways in which to think about reality for the benefit of the individual.

Dying Before Your Time

You can see it happening, your entire family reunited to bid you farewell on your journey to the next life. Everyone from your next of kin all the way to your extended family has come to say a few words.

You shall not see them anymore, at least not in this life. All shall go dark and you have no way of telling what next you will contemplate.

And it is possible that there is nothing after death. Depending on who you ask, you could go to heaven or hell, be reincarnated as someone or something else, or face complete annihilation.

The voices of those around you are a mixture of sadness and hope, of longing and even regret. And they will try to hide their fear, for the most part. Echoes of songs in memory will flood your brain. Every single thing said or not said will be audible once again for you.

The soft mattress on which you lie has been made as comfortable as possible. And yet, there is a bitterness in all of this. A sweet bitterness. You are thankful, but you also wish you had more time and better health to share with all those who have come to see you.

And this is all seen as something you must accept. Who knows why. Because we have had no means of pushing back against the tide of death except extending the average life span a few decades, we have come to believe fighting is futile. Follow the light, they say.

Help is on the Way

What If...

But what if I told you that there is another way. A way out. That there is a way for you to stave off permanent death and wait for medical science to finish figuring out the age-old enigma of aging and sickness.

You can choose to listen to the siren call of death or decide you want more of life, that you want to see more, feel more, taste more, and enjoy more.

You can join those who surrender without a fight, or you can join the millions ou there fighting for cures for terminal diseases and even cures for aging.

Aging, as it happens, could be avoidable, nor is it deemed desirable by anyone in their right mind. We know that as technology and the overall health of humanity have improved in the last few centuries, and even more in the last few decades, humans die a lot older and age a lot more slowly.

The biological clock, however, ticks at the cellular level, and this is perhaps one of the major roadblocks. And our scientists are hard at work to solve this puzzle. So far great understanding regarding aging and terminal disease has been attained in this century.

The bottom line is that there will come a day in which cancers will be minor ailments, and diseases like Alzheimer's totally eradicated through therapy.

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Billions and billions of dollars have been poured and continue to be poured into this quest for humanity. The quest to save humanity from the clutches of death and decay.

The Future Comes to the Rescue

The future has come. But not all of it. So what if you are dying today? Or tomorrow but the necessary changes in science and medicine are almost here but not quite?

Enter the ambulance of the future, the only method that gives you the possibility to wait for the breakthroughs in medical science that may allow you to survive into the future.

Bio-stasis or biostasis is a medical procedure through which patients who have just been declared legally dead are put on suspension so that their tissues do not decay for an indefinite period of time.

Bio-stasis has also been called by the name cryonics, although that term is quickly becoming outdated as it does not describe the process and purpose of the procedure as clearly as bio-stasis.

By allowing your body to be biologically suspended, you give science a fighting chance so that you might once again be young and healthy.

The alternative to this is certain death.

What would you rather have, the far-off promise of extended joy and health, or simply extinguishing the flame of life forever?

Whatever you believe in, you can accept that this life is unique, even if there is something more to beyond the veil.

There are pleasures and experiences that can only be had in this world. And you know this to be true. You long for this life to continue, you long to have the strength to run and feel fresh and strong.

You long to hear the voices of your loved ones, to be the audience of future symphonies yet to be composed and performed.

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This content is for informational purposes only and does not substitute for formal and individualized diagnosis, prognosis, treatment, prescription, and/or dietary advice from a licensed medical professional. Do not stop or alter your current course of treatment. If pregnant or nursing, consult with a qualified provider on an individual basis. Seek immediate help if you are experiencing a medical emergency.

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