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The Academic, Cultural and Global Effects of Bilingual Education System

Benazir Marjan has completed her second Masters in English Language and Linguistics from University of Liberal Arts, Bangladesh.


The Academic, Cultural and Global Effects of Bilingual Education System

In a Bilingual Education system, the teacher teaches students using two languages; both native and second language. There could be several reasons along with advantages to use bilingual education system in different educational institutions over the world. There is no doubt about the superiority of this education system. The three supreme effects are describing bellow:

1. Academic effect: Children learn their native language from very early stage of their life. It becomes easy for them to acquire knowledge in their native language by born. Every child’s upbringing is surrounded by his mother language. English is the second language to the countries where they have their different domestic language apart from English. It is the global language. Therefore, the medium of instruction of maximum universities is English over the world.

Even though English is international language, still sometimes it becomes an important issue to use native language in the classroom. Specially, when it is the time to teach younger students, using native language becomes necessary as they need more help of native language. Here, teachers can use both English and domestic language to make their understanding clear. Purpose of education is to convey knowledge to the learners. Therefore, using both languages is helping students to gain their required knowledge, which becomes a blessing of this education system.

Bilingual education system encourages students to learn, helps them to practice their intelligence. They start to earn mastery regarding both of the languages from their early childhood. It enhances their creativity and interest to grasp more. It also makes them smart and creates good future opportunities as well. Their working memory got improved day by day due to study in two languages at a time. They get adept in using two languages, which is a great achievement in their whole academic journey.

Even in case of graduating students, bilingual education system really assists them. Sometimes, several hard and controversial topics come before the students to learn. It appears really difficult for the teachers to make them understand without help of mother language. This is how bilingual education system is helping both students and teachers from all aspects.

2. Cultural effect: Bilingual education system has strong cultural effect. Immigrants get the chances to learn the particular country’s indigenous language. As long as they get the understanding of that new language, they also start to learn about the new culture as well. They get in contact with those people and their language. This is how the use of native language that gets immigrants closer to native people and helps them to learn about their social norms and values. In this way the bilingual education system can transfer the native culture to immigrants. For example, if a Spanish family becomes immigrant in Germany where the first language is German. The kids will go to school and due to bilingual education system they will learn German language in their educational institution. Slowly, it will help them to acknowledge the German culture as they will be starting to learn the local language. This is the native language (German) which will be helping them to acquire German culture with time.

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Bilingual education system has its strong socio-cultural effect. One culture is transferring to other culture through this. The world is getting more attached between county to country through this education system. There is more cultural mixing now. People are exploring the world more than before. People are working together and exchanging their views among different countries. They are interacting more among different countries, acquiring different traditions as well. Exploring different lifestyles, people are becoming broad minded, opening the door of their mind and started flying like birds in the endless blue sky.

3. Global effect: Bilingualism introduced globalization and harmony among the universe. It provides a multidimensional view of language learning that contains five categories; individual, societal, family, school, and disciplinary. It encourages each group of students to work together in learning each other’s language. It is helping to connect people globally.

The goal of bilingual education system is that to teach students using two languages; both native and second language. Bilingual individuals have the ability to switch between two languages. It is creating cognitive control among the students. Students are becoming wizard to use both the languages simultaneously. Sometimes they are disengaging them from one language and getting engage to other language.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2020 Benazir Marjan


Dr Em Hoccane from London on August 20, 2020:

concise and good hub

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