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The 2nd Amendment Is Eternal and Will Never Be Outdated

Jason Cloninger is a conservative writer, U.S. Navy & Army veteran, business owner, husband of 17 years, father, 2A supporter, & patriot.

Benjamin Franklin - The Forward Thinker


Did the Founding Fathers Know Weapons Would Advance?

The Founding Fathers knew exactly what they were doing, and what they were saying, when they included the 2nd Amendment amongst the Bill of Rights. To say that these men were incapable of understanding that weapons would, in fact, advance beyond their known capabilities at the time is ridiculous. You're talking about some of our greatest thinkers and statesmen of this great nation, many of which whose speeches and contributions have yet to be bested by any other American to this day. Benjamin Franklin was very much involved during these debates, and he was about as forward thinking as you could get. Technology advancements are a constant. They are always occurring, whether it has to do with weapons or not. When you begin to take those advancements and place them into only one set of hands, that's when you begin to tip the scales of power.

Their intentions were that all men and women citizens of the United States, would be have the right to bear arms, without infringement of those rights by the United States government. This ensured that, should those in power decide to over-step the boundaries of their power, taking more power than the Constitution allows, and taking rights away from citizens, thus enforcing tyranny upon the citizens of the United States, that "We The People" could successfully rise up and remove them from power.

However, further explanation of this right itself was performed by many of our founding fathers, stating that the firearm was, in fact, the only force capable of ensuring peace and safety of citizens from those who would wish to do them harm. Self defense was included as an aspect of this right, as you and you alone were responsible for defending your rights at any moment in time, and at any place, where someone would attempt to steal the rights of Life, Liberty, and Property away from you.

So, while revolution was the primary purpose and subject matter of the debates surrounding the 2nd Amendment, as there were conflicting views between the Federalists (those who wanted the government to have more powers - later known as the Democratic Party) and the Anti-Federalists (those who wanted most powers to be held by the states, and thus the people - which later became the Republican Party). They knew that, as it was the subject of our own revolution which brought about the birth of our nation, defending yourselves against tyrannical attacks from your government weren't the only threats that Americans would have to defend themselves from. As any person could attempt to take your life and liberty, and property - and thus your ability to pursue happiness - you must be capable to defend against such assaults at any time. Those who are law-abiding, and work tirelessly to build a life and fortune for their family, must be able to protect their life and property from those criminals who would try to take it from them, as law enforcers cannot be everywhere to protect everyone.

Supporting statements and quotes references can be found here:

Ten Essential Founding Fathers Quotes on the Second Amendment

The only reason that we (Americans) are even having these discussions, is because the time honored tradition of a father teaching his son how to use the family firearm(s) has dwindled. Americans have grown lazy and accustomed to safety provided by others, instead of relying upon their own will and actions to ensure their own safety and the safety of their family members. Considering that law enforcement for an entire city used to consist of a Constable and a few deputies, people used to be more self reliant in regards to defending themselves. However, this newfound ignorance in regards to firearms and your Constitutional rights has rekindled the "Federalist" flames, and opportunistic people within our government are trying to seize that opportunity of ignorance to achieve what they failed to when our nation was founded - take power away from the citizens. They believe you all to be too weak and feeble to fight for yourselves, and that you must rely upon them to do so.

So, while no-one was looking, representatives began taking rights away from us, one by one, and no-one bothered to ask why... We didn't need that anymore, right? It's reasonable what they're doing, because that doesn't pertain to me, right? What you don't understand is that one restriction turns into 3, and that three turns into 10, and that 10 turns into 100. Those who wish to take away, will continue to do so as long as they can get away with it. By arguing nonsensical subject matters such as technological advancements in firearms, you are simply giving them more ammunition to scare Americans into giving up their Constitutional rights - and turning American freedom into whatever freedom the government wishes you to have. And, trust me, with that formula, it will always become lesser and never greater.

Considering that it takes first responders around 5 minutes or more to arrive on the scene, and that a criminal can kill you and your entire family in less than two minutes - perhaps it is in everyone's best interests to be a little more pro-active in regards to their own personal safety. In fact, one in particular was provided to you - as a Constitutional right... the firearm. Learn how to use it, how to take care of it, how to safely store it, and how to get access to it quickly. These are the only things that will truly make you the safest you could possibly be - in this country or any other.

We Stand...


“Those who surrender freedom for security will not have, nor do they deserve, either one.” ~ Benjamin Franklin

Common Sense Tips For Future Firearm Owners

1. Take a Firearm Safety Course.

You must know how to use a firearm safely in the manner for which it was intended. If you wish to hunt, you will take a hunter safety course. If you wish to conceal carry, you will take a concealed carry course. If you wish to defend yourself from another shooter, then I highly recommend an advance active shooter scenario course. There are plenty of instructors who are ex-military or ex-police who are willing and capable of teaching you how to use this tool properly and safely.

2. Have Someone Teach You Firearm Care and Maintenance.

A firearm is a tool, and one which must be well maintained for it to work properly and to last as an investment.

3. Store Your Firearms Safely.

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Your firearm must be safely stored away. It is highly recommended that you invest in a gun safe, or a multi-purpose safe that will allow you to also store your guns. This ensures that minors will not be able to access your firearms without your permission, and will ensure that thieves will not be able to access them when you are away from the home.

4. Train With Your Firearms Often.

Shooting is a perishable skill, and can deteriorate over time. You must stay proficient, to maximize your effectiveness in a self-defense scenario, and to maximize your safety and the safety of others should you need to use your firearm in self-defense.

5. Teach Your Children How to Safely Handle and Use Firearms.

Most accidental shooting of children are by children. They usually occur because the weapon wasn't safely stored away, or because they were never taught the dangers of improperly using a firearm by their parent(s).

6. Defend Your 2nd Amendment Rights.

Ladies and Gentlemen, most Americans have gotten accustomed to others fighting for their rights for them. Most Americans operate under the assumption that their representatives and the balance of powers between the Legislative, Executive, and Judicial branches will ensure that their freedoms are preserved. Unfortunately, this couldn't be more wrong. With the right persons in the right places, you can watch freedoms disappear with a simple stroke of the President's pen. If you are not willing to fight for your own freedom, then it WILL get taken away. You must challenge your representatives and the courts to challenge that which takes your rights away, otherwise risk that they agree with it being so.

“Those who surrender freedom for security will not have, nor do they deserve, either one.” ~ Benjamin Franklin

Those who wish to take liberty from Americans, and to take more taxes than they should be allowed, are working tirelessly to do so. Corruption rules socialist nations across the globe, and leaders know that if they can convert the United States into a socialist country, that the leaders of said country would be wealthy beyond their dreams. So, every time you see a hint of someone trying to implement a law which violates the 2nd Amendment, or a law which hinders your rights to defend life, liberty, and property, you must write all of your representative, sign all petitions to end this pursuit, and support politicians and organizations who are working tirelessly to protect your rights.

George Washington, 1st President of the United States of America.

George Washington, 1st President of the United States of America.

"The very atmosphere of firearms anywhere and everywhere restrains evil interference." ~ George Washington

Gun Laws Are Unconstitutional

Laws limiting access to or availability of firearms are, in fact, unconstitutional. Everyone will say, "Wait a minute, you mean that I should be allowed to buy a fully-automatic rifle?" The answer is, without question, "Yes".

The United States Constitution assumes that all things are equal and, despite what some judges in the Supreme Court would think, this includes the firearm. If the United States Government has access to a fully-automatic rifle within its standing armies, then the citizen should have the same access. For, in a state of tyranny, the lack of equality of armament between the citizen soldier (or militiaman as indicated in the 2nd Amendment) and a soldier within the standing armies will ensure that the standing armies will defeat all who appose them. You cannot put superior power in the hands of one part of the government and expect that it will never be abused or misused to take power away from the other part(s). This type of "assume the government will always do what's right" based thinking was not even considered as an option when our Founding Fathers drafted the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Anyone who argues otherwise is either lying to you, or completely ignorant of our nation's history and what our Founding Fathers had to overcome (tyranny) in order to achieve our independence.

The fact of the matter is that without this assumed equality in armament, it will be inevitable that eventually the government will become corrupted and bring about the end of our nation. Our government requires a balance of power across each branch, and that each branch is held accountable by us - the American Citizen. Now, will "Tom", "Dick", or "Harry" be able to build a tank and store it in their garage? Most likely, not. The cost alone would make such feats impossible for the average American. However, that is where the State Militias were supposed to fill the gaps. The State Militia was supposed to keep machines of war on hand and available in case they were needed. So, where the citizen soldier will only have access to firearms, the State would supply the other tools of war required for them to effectively defend their state from invasion and occupation.

All of this may seem crazy to some, but why should it? Just because we have lived in a warm blanket of freedom for so long, we should just forget the painful and bloody lessons of our past? We shouldn't worry or think about how history does in fact repeat itself - i.e. Islam attacking Americans (this has been repeatedly happening since the late 1700's) - and just snuggle? If you wish to snuggle in your ignorance, then don't be surprised if one day you wake up and find your nation crumbling around you, or your property being seized because someone in power wants it for themselves. Patriots, on the other hand, will stand and challenge our government. We will raise our voices to be heard, and will ensure that our freedoms remain intact and perpetually available for future generations to enjoy! As long as the government is doing what it was hired to do, and is fulfilling the will of the people, then our country will remain a great beacon of hope for all.

Thomas Jefferson, 3rd President of the United States of America.

Thomas Jefferson, 3rd President of the United States of America.

“The laws that forbid the carrying of arms are laws of such a nature. They disarm only those who are neither inclined nor determined to commit crimes…. Such laws make things worse for the assaulted and better for the assailants; they serve rather to encourage than to prevent homicides, for an unarmed man may be attacked with greater confidence than an armed man.” ~ Thomas Jefferson

Gun Laws & The Constitution

George Mason, Co-Author of the 2nd Amendment

George Mason, Co-Author of the 2nd Amendment

"I ask, Sir, what is the militia? It is the whole people. To disarm the people is the best and most effectual way to enslave them."
George Mason
Co-author of the Second Amendment
during Virginia's Convention to Ratify the Constitution, 1788

Gun Laws Today - Are They What We Believe?

Does a convicted criminal deserve the right to own a firearm? What about when the criminal serves their time and rejoins society? If they do properly conform to our laws and revoke their past criminal ways, then why should they have fewer rights that the next person? A reformed criminal doesn't deserve the right to defend himself/herself with a firearm because they committed a crime, and they might use that firearm to commit more crimes. But, what about those who wish to no longer commit crimes? Should we leave them defenseless against the current criminals? I would go so far as to say that a reformed criminal probably has MORE chances of being assaulted by a a criminal than the rest of us. Someone from their past may decide to revisit an old disagreement with them, and most Americans feel that we should leave this person defenseless.

Does a person with mental issues deserve the right to own a firearm? Well, what constitutes a "mental issue" and do you truly trust the person or persons defining this term to not suddenly include you - a normal and average citizen? What if they decide to include anyone who has taken certain medications (even temporarily) as someone who has had mental issues? What if they decide that soldiers suffering from PSTD have mental issues? The slope becomes a slippery one indeed, and yet the politicians are sliding that agenda right to the front of the line when they bring up "gun control" politics and proposals.

Yet, we ignore real problems or contributors to firearm related disasters like - every mass shooting in America for the past 10 to 20 years has involved someone who was on powerful anti-psychotic medication(s) with seriously long lists of side effects? Several of them, were also taking illegal drugs as well, or had a history of illegal drug use. So, biochemically speaking, they weren't really stable to begin with. So, why aren't we pushing for tighter control over the pharmaceutical industry and their inappropriate approval or usage of drugs which have dangerous and unproven or untested side effects? Why aren't we performing drug tests on these patients to ensure that they aren't mixing illegal drugs with these dangerous medications, and placing them on mandatory forced-stay detox programs if they test positive for illegal drugs? Why not build laws around the pharmaceutical industry to produce safer drugs instead of taking away rights from law-abiding citizens? Money is the answer... It is cheaper to blame the tool than it is to address the real catalyst which brought the person using the tool to commit acts that most of us wouldn't even think about doing.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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