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Texas Takes the Texas Chainsaw to Massacre Abortion Law

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The recent Texas law that is now their law of the land is causing quite a stir in the Lone Star state, but also across the USA. It seems that those who are pro-life and conservative finally have made it near impossible for a pregnant woman to get an abortion, even if the pregnancy was from a rape! The governor claims it will save some 50,000 lives from being aborted. Some will argue that saving this many is a double knife sword, that is, maybe some of those babies will grow up just to be criminals or just people with no future and a burden on the government for handouts etc. If this is so, then, having the abortion would actually be a good thing. Abortion allows some weeding out of those babies not wanted and eventually may be a burden on society. Perhaps not every embryo should be saved if the mother does not want the child and to be responsible in raising it to a worthy adult.

Freedom of Choice

The Texas abortion law is diabolical in avoiding many legal issues that frequently occur. Here, the law arms just about anyone as an anti-abortion vigilante by allowing the private person to file a lawsuit against the woman or clinic who has helped her. So, if a Uber driver takes her to the clinic for abortion, a person who is in the know, could file a lawsuit against the Uber driver for helping her. Usually, it would be a State attorney who would file the case against the woman since it is a crime if abortion is outlawed. Now, if the plaintiff who sues wins the case, Texas will reward them with $10,000. In effect, citizens become bounty hunters if they want to! The civil lawsuits this law will create could be fodder for TV court shows. Usually, only a person who has been harmed or wronged can be sued or sue, but this law allows ANY person, even those unrelated, to file a civil lawsuit against anyone who has helped the woman with abortion. Even a family member who paid for abortion services could be sued by a stranger finding out about the abortion! A single person could file several lawsuits against multiple different people who had helped the woman or women with abortion. These bounty hunters also have four years to file their cases from the time of the abortion.

Of course, all of this only kicks in if the event happens after six weeks. Most women will tell you that they did not know they were pregnant until well after six weeks, so Texas has made sure it is near impossible for an abortion to happen legally (before six weeks have passed). After six weeks, then the bounty hunters can hunt down those seeking an abortion. Already in the many clinics within the state, women are at odds of what to do, while the clinics themselves have been receiving anonymous phone calls from right wing people trying to trick the clinic in providing an abortion.

But even more crazy is this:

The law does not prevent other people from suing over that particular abortion, even if the pregnancy occurred as a result of rape, sexual assault or incest!

It also allows the person who impregnated the patient to sue if the sex that occurred was legal. So, an angry ex-boyfriend can file a lawsuit against the woman if she gets the baby aborted.

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It remains to be seen if this Texas attack on abortion will hold up in the U.S. Supreme Court, in the meanwhile, many other southern conservative states opposed to abortion are drafting their own versions of this law.

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