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Ten types of Head Teachers

Nyamweya is a columnist with a Kenyan print media.He is also a freelance writer with various online and offline media platforms

A head teacher at his office

A head teacher at his office

When you were in primary school, you could have noticed that most teachers including headmasters were known by their nicknames. Interestingly, most were not aware of these nicknames given to them by students. Again, these nicknames were related to the behavior and lifestyle of the concerned parties. Here are ten types of headmasters you will come across in public schools.

The Hustler

For this type of head teacher, teaching is not the only job he does. Rather you will find him tending his pig farm or crops most weekends or when school time is over. Others also hire out their cars for tax purposes and there are also those operating boda boda businesses. You will always find them on phone directing workers during school time.

The Absentee

He only appears in school once in a while. For such a head teacher, coming to school one a week is just a milestone. Unlike the hustler type, nobody really knows what keeps him away from school for most of these days. Most have high connections with TSC and so it is hard to have them fired.

The Proud/Boastful

From the way he interacts with the teachers and parents, you will think that he owns the school. He will not bother dismissing off a parent who try to argue or question his decision or even insult a teacher who does some mistake. For him, he is above everybody and everything and not even the area MP or education director can question his actions.

The drunkard

Most of the time, he comes to school while “high” and normally goes home early for a drinking spree. Various attempts to have him visit a rehabilitation center have bone no fruits as he insists that he has no problem. He claims that there is no way he can execute his duties effectively when sober.

The class averse type

You will always see him at his office even when there is no office work to do. He has never attended a lesson in any class despite being assigned several of them alongside his normal duties. Despite his teachers asking him to contribute in class work owing to teacher shortage and the fact that he is not always in office, he always claims that he is too busy for that. This is why students are always behind in the subjects in which he is assigned.

The promiscous

He is always after students and female teachers. He doesn’t care whether the students he is pursuing are underage or whatever. You will see him with a class eight girl or particular female teacher in his office even at odd hours with claims of discussing something important.

The stone faced

These are the ideal disciplinarian and everybody including students, teachers and parents fear him. He has never be seen smiling, laughing or happy. Whenever his Toyota care appears in the school compound, everything remains still as everybody knows that the master has arrived. You will hear murmurs from various quarters. When he goes out, then there is a sigh of relief for pupils, teachers who will say “at least he has gone”

The Money Hungry

Despite education being free in public schools, this teacher still regards the school as a cash cow where he will milk money from parents to complete his business ventures. As such, he will always inflate the cost of lunch, truck suits, desks, and so on just to get some profit out of them. He will also devise other schemes including bringing in tuition arrangements some of which do not exist just to get money from parents. The teacher will even go to the extent of falsifying the number of students, teachers under BOM or PTA and other expenses just to fleece the government.

The careless type

She is the head teacher but she doesn’t care about school performance or school discipline. Infact she is not bothered about which teacher has failed to report to school for a whole week without explanations or which students are coming to school with shaggy hair and dirty uniforms. She will only get concerned when she hears education officials are visiting the school. For her, teachers are adults and she doesn’t have to direct them on what to do or not do. For students, it is the responsibility of their parents to ensure that they are well groomed and mannered.

The show off type

School is the first place where he will bring his latest Mercedes and parades it where everybody will have a glance at it. He will occasionally lecturer teachers and students on “how hard work pays off” using his achievement as a practical example. He will also invite his wife and kids to school and introduce her to teachers just to show how beautiful his wife is.

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