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Funny, But Deadly Serious


Teenagers and STDs & STIs

Teenagers love sex, younger teenagers want to experience what they see in films, on computer games and just what everybody else is doing.

Sexually transmitted diseases and infections amongst teenagers is quite high, as sexual education appears to fall on death ears. Males are meant to think with their private parts, and with over-active teenage hormones centering on this part of the body, the saying is apparently true.

For females, many girls just want to feel like a woman, or crave having a baby, or actually believe that the boy loves them and will stay with them, bless their naivety. This is 99% not true, the boys just want to have sex, and do not really care who it is with or even if the girl does get pregnant or catches a sexually transmitted disease.

Both sexes are at fault, although responsibility must also fall on the parents. Educating a child, even though many teenagers from thirteen years of age are sexually active, is difficult. STDs' ( sexually transmitted diseases ) can kill, cause severe health problems, or even render a person sick for life. In extreme cases, a sexually transmitted disease can ensure a person is incarcerated in prison for up to three years.

Gonorrhea in the Mouth


What is Gonorrhea ?

Gonorrhea is a bacterial sexual transmitted infection which infects every orifice, which means that whatever part of the body is used for sex, it can catch this contagious disease. Gonorrhea can spread from person to person during sexual intercourse or through the bloodstream. This makes it possible to catch this gross disease just by kissing an infected person, and you wouldn't even know it for some time before the disease became apparent. The bacteria can even multiply in the eyes and throat. STD's or STI's are no laughing matter, they cause much pain, embarrassment, and the effects can last a lifetime.


If a male begins to feel burning during urination, or the head becomes slightly inflamed, and even a puss like discharge, then the chances are that over the last week they have slept with a person who was infected. A girl may suffer from excessive menstrual bleeding, bleeding after sex, or a horrible and uncomfortable discharge with an odour which will not be nice. An online doctor will be able to diagnose most symptoms without requiring your personal information.

Gonorrhea in the Eye


This can lead to PID ( Pelvic Inflammatory Disease ) which usually renders the girl with a very painful disease which can rear up every time she has unprotected sex and requiring medical attention. For males, it can affect their testicles causing constant pain, similar to being kicked hard by a ten year old. This disease is actually quite serious although easily cured. If not treated professionally, in can cause Meningitis, which is inflammation of the brain which can kill, and brings on arthritis, which causes limb movement to be very painful. This STD can, and does, also cause blindness in unborn children. All this for the price of a packet of condoms, or a trip to a medical centre to get them free, is it worth it?


A series of anti-biotics which will need to be prescribed by a physician. The strength and type depend on the severity and type of the sexually transmitted disease, as gonorrhea has several different strains. If not treated, an undertaker will be needed. Online doctors can take away the embarrassment if you find the need to.

Crabs Picnic


What are Crabs ?

Crabs is a very common joke thrown around the playground and outside on the street corners as youths play or just linger around. Crabs are not a life threatening infection, but boy do they itch. Crabs, also called Pubic Lice, are actually blood sucking lice, similar to ticks. They bite through the skin and immerse their heads inside your body and gorge themselves on your blood. Once the female has drunk enough, they lay eggs.

The rapid breeding cycle of crabs ensures that once a person has one, they will soon multiply and soon whole families will live in the pubic hair like a small industrious nation feeding from your blood. The male does not drink as much blood as the female, as he spends most of his time cruising around your privates looking for females to mate with.

The crabs love the moistness of the area on both males and females, and literally just walk onto a person whilst they are having sex. They leave ugly looking scabs which can bleed when scratched and may travel up or down the body. It is not uncommon for a person to find them on their arms or their face on occasions even during the day.


See a physician, and ask your partner where they got them from.

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STD Syphilis - Stage One


STD Syphilis - Stage Two


What is Syphilis ?

Syphilis is a sexually transmitted disease which killed over one third of the British Royal Navy. That was approximately 100 years ago, it is now curable, but left untreated, it can affect a person mentally, even killing them. Syphilis is another STD caused by bacteria and is highly contagious, spread by having sex. Teenagers are highly susceptible to this sex disease.

There are four stages to this STD, the first being a painless skin ulcer, similar to a blister, which does not even itch. It simply appears and begins to swell. The second stage, only a few days later, is a rash, which can appear on the palms of the hands and also on the bottom of the feet. This may be itchy and will only worsen the rash if scratched. The third phase is not detectable as the bacteria transforms. The fourth phase can cause cardiac and neurological problems. Other more serious incidences include a brownish tint to the skin, hair loss, swollen glands, and sore throats.

It is claimed that over 12 million people in 1999, caught syphilis. In nearly all cases, it was from having sex without a condom, rubber or Durex. Some girls think that it is the mans responsibility to carry protection, but for their own sake, it is also theirs. Men will nearly always try to not use any type of protection, do not let them get away with it, the girls reputation is on the line.

Please Note: Stage four is too disgusting to show.

Sexually Transmitted Disease are contagious, possibly life threatening, totally embarrassing, and can ruin a persons reputation. It is not worth it. No matter what, always wear a rubber, that way you may never get a disease or have an unwanted baby. Many teenagers whom have contracted these diseases have been forced through bullying and discrimination to leave schools and colleges, move home, and even abandon their families because of their own embarrassment.

There is always help at hand for any person through discreet medical services operated by family physicians or doctors, hospitals and medical centres. Do not be scared to seek medical advice, it will clear up the infection and help the person back to normal health.

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