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Teach Abacus Training, This Is Very Special for Your Kids. Whatever Benefits This?

The abacus is used to teach children how to manage beads with both hands. They use the abacus to solve arithmetic problems in the beginning. The abacus is gradually removed, and the youngsters perform the bead manipulation mentally. This practice has been shown to improve self-reliance and self-confidence in youngsters, and it provides a unique opportunity to uncover their hidden potential and equip them with life skills. Continue to read.



The human brain calls it nature's gift or an axis of superpowers. It is the center point of all development that we experience or rather that we have experienced the evolution from the mechanical era to the Zenit of information technology. It is said that whatever the human mind can conceive and believe it can achieve, we can make and only are constrained by our thoughts and feelings.

How Do These Thoughts Develop


They are the summation of inputs through our senses, and the Academy of Mental Arithmetic is spreading one such endeavor to create a conducive atmosphere for comprehensive mental growth. The UCMAS program stimulates both hemispheres of the brain, allowing right brain growth to be more flexible and effective. The brain is divided into two hemispheres, left and right.

The left hemisphere of the brain, according to scientific studies, gives analytical knowledge about language and sound. The right hemisphere is responsible for an important information process that deals with shape and space. The only way to develop the right is to use mental arithmetic software. The left brain is in charge of the right layers, whereas the right brain is in charge of the left limbs. The motion of the limbs, on the other hand, has an impact on brain development. Children are trained to use their right hand for the majority of their tasks, such as eating and writing, from an early age. As a result, the right hand is utilized more frequently than the left throughout life.

The right brain function is fully developed, but there should be some right brain training, such as music, mental arithmetic, arts, and handicrafts. In today's highly competitive environment, we require not only left-brain schooling but also cerebrum growth as a whole. The acquisition of abacus mental arithmetic speeds up the brain's overall growth.

A six-year-old child's brain weighs 1,200 grams, or 86 percent of an adult's. At this age, the child has entered the sensitive stage of thinking in visual receptivity, sound recognition, and finger flexibility. As a result, at UCMAS, we work with children aged 4 to 12 to help them reach their full potential in terms of complete brain development. Children are equipped with certain information and are open to tremendous opportunities to guide them into a new stage of learning. Early inspiration of wisdom and learning helps unlock town, reducing unnecessary learning time and achieving their learning goals.


According to a scientific study, a youngster who has gotten excellent mental training before the age of 12 will remain brilliant throughout his or her adult life. It is exciting for educators to see how abacus mental arithmetic training contributes to the development of intellect, creativity, meaning, and comprehension, to name a few benefits. All of this has been further validated in the case of the Chinese abacus, which was developed around 500 BC and is now used by UCMAS as an educational tool for enhancing mental ability in children.

The abacus is a sharpened rectangular utensil with vertical rods containing beads. A horizontal rod in the abacus frame's upper deck splits one bead on top and the other four below. Beads on the upper deck of the horizontal bar are represented by a unique value that they derive when each of the beads touches the bond. The abacus-based mental arithmetic concept is a calculating method that solves mathematical problems by visually picturing the abacus.

This concept of thinking in pictures allows students to reach great levels of speed, accuracy, and focus, as well as improved memory. UCMAS is a globally recognized concept with ISO 9001 certified for its high-value-added quality training system, and it has been continuously increasing since its inception in 1993. UCMAS Malaysia has successfully established a complete franchising system in Austria, Brunei, Canada, Egypt, India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, New Zealand, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Thailand, UAE, and now the United Kingdom and the United States of America.

UCMAS is a unique and statistically proven concept that focuses on improving unaccelerated and enriched training programs on teaching children to use their imagination power on improving their image in the brain on developing their right brain, the seat of intelligence on exploring their intelligence in the early stages on training to achieve a concentration of mind. On strengthening their memory, reasoning, and application skills, building quick and correct living habits, and engaging their creativity.

Okay, let's see on Japanese secret way to stronger memory

The Secret To Enhanced Memory In Japan

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Ancient civilizations devised the abacus as a tool for counting and keeping track of vast sums of money. It is supposed to have originated around 5,000 years ago in Babylon.

Abacus Teacher Kazuyuki Takayanag

The abacus is thought to have arrived in Japan about the mid-16th century. Reading, writing, and arithmetic was taught in small private schools throughout the early Edo period (the 1600s). As a result, the abacus' use spread throughout Japan. Many abacus schools sprung up during the Showa era (the 1900s). Abacus education is thought to have played a significant influence in Japan's spectacular postwar revival.

Around the world, the archaic tool has been abandoned. Thousands of students in Japan, however, continue to master the abacus, or "soroban," as it is known in Japanese.

In primary school, there are (soroban) classrooms in the third and fourth grades. But that'll just be for a few hours. As a result, many pupils attend abacus courses after school to improve their skills.

The students range in age from five to twenty years old. Students are given kyu or dan credentials, which are analogous to different belts in martial arts. The highest soroban rank is "10 dan," which demonstrates incredible calculating speed and accuracy. People began to regard the abacus as a relic of the past after the electronic calculator became popular. However, learning to use an abacus can help you digest information more quickly and effectively. In the twentieth century, it was merely a calculator. However, it is increasingly seen as a tool for cognitive development.

It is viewed as a fundamental learning tool that increases arithmetic, memorizing, and focus skills, according to proponents. Because of the hand movements, the calculation becomes a more active and interesting experience.

4 Dan Holder, Ryosuke Kuno

The boy explained, "Towards the conclusion of my final year in nursery," "I began learning Spanish." Learning the abacus has given me the impression that I can calculate faster in arithmetic class and concentrate better. In my thoughts, I can multiply six digits by six digits in around 11 seconds.

I can even compute seven digits multiplied by six digits with the abacus. We recently added flashing numerals to our mental arithmetic. Students immediately add the numbers that flash on the screen. Soroban is thought to aid with the development of the right side of the brain. The machine performs the calculation when you use a digital calculator. The abacus, on the other hand, forces you to think and move your fingers. The human brain is in charge of everything.

The five beads on each post-match the number of items that most people can retain in their working memory. With the abacus, students learn to concentrate, be patient, process the information, and so on.

Kimiko Ohira, Abaus Educator

She claims that, in addition to mathematical aptitude, it teaches concentration. I'm always amazed at how quickly my daughter can memorize information for tests. I believe it is because she has learned to focus. The hand is often referred to as the visible component of our brain. Your brain is activated when you move your fingers and hands. And I have personal experience with this. The ultimate goal of mastering the abacus is to be able to mentally calculate using the abacus.

Hiiro Saito, Tenth-Dan Holder

"It feels like the interior of my skull darkens and I can only see counting columns there when I'm completing the mental computation," he explained. When calculating mentally, abacus students replace numbers with images in their thoughts, which allows them to perform high-speed mental math. That is the soroban mental calculating method.

Adults may find it challenging to learn the abacus from the start because they are more accustomed to other ways of calculating. In the future, these Soroban students may get rusty. However, if they continued to practice at a higher level, the abacus' effects would endure a lifetime.


A normal UCMAS youngster has unrivaled attention, allowing him or her to think, calculate, and visualize in a variety of ways. UCMAS equipped your child with vision, hearing, imagination, application, comprehension, memory, analysis, endurance, diligence, logic, discovery; and, most importantly, self-reliance and mind-boggling confidence, even when surrounded by a large crowd. So hurry to your local UCMAS center and hand over your little one. A gleaming radiance.

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