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Taurus Sun Gemini Moon Man

Taurus Sun Gemini Moon Man

These men are very popular, even if they didn’t think they were. People whoever they maybe seem to just like them right of the bat. These individuals are very sociable, friendly and boisterous, and really do enjoy being around they’re friends, and other people in the pub or club. These men are they type that you would go out “jammin” tunes loud in the car, to some weird place you’ve never heard of. I’m sure if your friends with this guy, he will be calling at least once an hour, because he cannot do without communication. This man is also very intelligent and is usually very good at the job that he does.

These men often have extreme swings in they’re mood, and can go from being friendly to being aggressive, then back to friendly, but other people won’t mind this, and will still like him. He also tends to surprise people, because of his loud contagious laugh, which also makes him popular.


This combination produces a very popular and friendly man, who usually has a lot of friends, and will have a large circle of close friends. These men can get on with anyone, and respect kindhearted people. Always connected to their friends either face to face, or online, they will have friends from all over, because they are so like able.

At Work

These men at work can be distracted, but thanks to the Taurus Sun influence, they will still be grounded enough to concentrate for they’re work, and are usually very popular at work. The only problem these men will have at work, is that they talk to much. These men will usually earn a fair amount of wealth, and live a comfortable and fun life. Jobs that suited for these men, is something in the creative arts, or agriculture, and can excel in interior painting, or farming and machinery.


They like spending time with they’re family, and would some day like to have a family themselves. If they have children, they will be quite a sensible father, and will teach them right from wrong.


These men will not like to be restricted in their relationships with woman. Even although these men are devoted, they would rather just go down the pub with their friends, than have to deal with a lady who is trying to control him. He will most definitely break many of his promises to his woman, and will then argue that he never said the promise in the first place. Even although he will want freedom in his relationships, if the woman is to frequently distant, this will annoy this man and would “get rid” of his woman.


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