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Tapeworm Symptoms, Treatment, And Prevention

What are Tapeworms?

Tapeworms (cestoda) are a type of parasitic flatworm that live in the intestines of the bodies of host organisms, such as humans, cows, pigs, dogs, and cats. The most common tapeworms in humans are fish tapeworm, beef tapeworm, pork tapeworm, and dwarf tapeworm.

Fish tapeworms are the longest tapeworms, averaging about 30 feet long, but growing up to 100 feet. They can affect humans, bears, dogs, cats, seals, and weasels.

Beef tapeworms usually range between 10 to 15 feet, but can grow up to 65 feet long in some cases. They most commonly infect cows and humans, but can only reproduce asexually in human hosts.

Pork tapeworms are usually between 5 and 10 feet long, and inhabit pigs and humans.

Dwarf tapeworms are the smallest kind of tapeworm commonly affecting humans, only a few tenths of an inch long. They live in the intestines of rats (and, of course, people).

Life cycles of these types of tapeworms can be seen below. Click the thumbnail to see full-size images.

Causes & Prevention of Tapeworms

As you can see from the illustrations of tapeworm life cycles above, the cause of growth in humans is eating undercooked, infected meat or other means of ingesting tapeworm eggs or larvae. Therefore, prevention emphasizes personal hygeine and cooking methods.

Tips for Preventing Tapeworms:

  • Wash hands after using the toilet
  • Wash hands before and after handling meat
  • Wash hands before eating
  • Freeze meat for 12 hours before cooking
  • Freeze fish for 24 hours before cooking
  • Cook meat at temperatures of at least 150 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Avoid undercooked meat and fish
  • Promptly treat tapeworm in pets or livestock

Pictures of Tapeworms

Tapeworm Picture

Tapeworm Picture

Picture of Tapeworm Sections

Picture of Tapeworm Sections

a) Pork Tapeworm, b) Beef Tapeworm

a) Pork Tapeworm, b) Beef Tapeworm

Adult Tapeworms

Adult Tapeworms

Symptoms of Tapeworms

Often, tapeworm infections present no symptoms whatsoever. When symptoms do arise, however, it's important to pay attention. Keep in mind that not all of these symptoms will necessarily appear together.

If you have been exposed to undercooked meat or infected animals, and have any doubt about whether or not you might have tapeworms, please consult your doctor immediately.

Signs of Intestinal Tapeworm Infection

  • Nausea
  • Muscle weakness
  • Diarrhea
  • Weight loss
  • Malnutrition
  • Abdominal Pain
  • Passing worm sections in stool

Tapeworms can also move out of the intestines and start infesting other tissues. This is a much more serious condition, causing complications that can require treatment in their own right.

Complications of Invasive Tapeworm Infection

  • Fever
  • Cystic lumps or masses
  • Allergic reactions
  • Bacterial infections
  • Possible seizures (where brain tissue is involved)

Tapeworm Treatment

If you are diagnosed with tapeworms by your doctor (usually by stool sample), there is effective treatment.

Since tapeworms prevent the aborption of food, and also medication, the most common course of treatment for tapeworms must attack the worms directly. Your doctor will usually prescribe one of several anthelmintics (parasite-expelling drugs), which are toxic to the worms. These medications kill and dissolve the bodies of adult tapeworms, but do not exterminate larvae, so it is key to avoid reinfection using the prevention tips above.

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Doctors often recommend a gentle laxative to ease the passing of the tapeworms, but because tapeworms attach themselves with barbed hooks to the inside of your intestinal walls, laxatives are not usually an effective treatment by themselves, contrary to proponents of colon cleansing.

If you have an invasive infection including cysts, anti-inflammatory drugs such as steroids may be used to reduce swelling. In extreme cases, where cysts are life-threatening, surgery may be necessary.

While the word "parasite" is a scary one, there is not usually a need for excessive concern where tapeworms are concerned, unless they have gone undetected for long periods of time. In people who receive appropriate treatment, over 95% are successfully rid of all eggs, larvae, and adult worms.


Ikechukwu from United States on July 29, 2018:

Tape worm is a deadly disease when i was in Africa, I got first hand experience

twisted inerds on November 15, 2015:

A lot of research has gone into improving treatments for parasites. Too bad I can't find a Doctor that knows how to test for parasites. How the heck am I supposed to poop a living sample for a single random test? Now I have calcifications (spelling) they think is breast cancer, meanwhile I've been waiting for a colonoscopy for months. IBS? Even Doctors don't know what that is any more than they are willing to put that diagnosis in writing. I've been run around for years, called a drug seeker, a hypochondriac, (bowel blockages are my imagination?) my Dr,"doesn't want to hear about it." I know it's bad karma, but I hope that bitch starts pooping dead worms, see how "hypochondriac" she is!

Unknown on April 22, 2014:

Unknown message

ratnaveera from Cumbum on January 18, 2014:

Thanks Maddie Rud for presenting this informative Hub! Many people might be suffering from this serious health problem and find it very useful. Recently I come to know about a simple natural treatment to get rid of worm infections. That's eating onions frequently along with our food. I think onions have a great power to control such things.

Bridget on December 25, 2013:


I am traveling in Europe at the moment but just spent 8 months in Southeast Asia. My stomach has been really bad for a long time and I am wondering if it is this. I noticed my stomach making all sorts of noises, gurgling & retching etc, I have bloating, lots of gas, frequent uncomfortable bowel movements, fatigue & muscle aches. The first symptom though which has decreased massively over the past couple of months is nausea. Just thought I would check on here if anyone else experienced this before paying 50 euro to see the doctor then obviously more for medication. I have felt horrible for about 6 months out of the 8 months I was in Asia.

Thanks in advance for any info.

torrilynn on December 18, 2013:

Very interesting article. I ve heard of tapeworms but didn't know much about the . Its nice to know the prevention and the treatment of these things. Voted up.

wiserworld on November 26, 2013:

Thanks for sharing this and explaining how to prevent tapeworm in such detail. Good to know!

Id on November 03, 2013:

If you're interested in getting rid of parasites a natural way using homeopathic essential oils rather than synthetic medication, contact me for a personal email. To learn more about essential oils, visit my site at

Mr.Nice on October 30, 2013:

I just found out i have fish tapeworm. probably from eating raw fish in thailand, that would mean i have had it for 3,5 years. I have felt so bad since than, i´ve been through hell, mentally, and physically. I´ve been to the doctors many times through the years and theyhave found nothing. Swedish health care sucks....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So i had to research myself again and again to find out what was the problem. These past few months my pancreas had shown high on tests. and therefore is why i keep going back to the doctor. otherwise i thought i was healthy. and the doctors whom are morons here in sweden found nothing through the years. All i can say is NOW i am healthy. Cant believe i went feeeling like that not understandning how sick i was. And i work out 5 days a week, i push myself in pretty much everything. BUT WOW. what a differients. i am finally healthy. IF YOU DON'T WAKE UP IN THE MORNING WITH A SMILE ON YOUR FACE, SOMETHING IS WRONG. find out what it is! because sometimes its serious.

Everyone whom even think youhave tapeworm with 1 in 10000000 chance, buy the medecine and eat it! the medecine is rly bad for you, AND PARACITE IS NOT TO FUCK WITH!

Over & out!

vic.ade on September 01, 2013:

An inch length (may be a bit more) flat white worm is sneaking out of my anus, seven to ten times a day for a week.

I also saw it mixed with my stool. Is it a tapeworm?

It is very embarrasing when it comes in the middle of work and I run to the toilet each time. Pls help solution is needed urgently

ignugent17 on August 21, 2013:

Great information. Thanks. :-)

Accicypurry on April 10, 2013:

Howdy! This post could not be written any better! Reading through this post reminds me of my good old roommate! He always kept talking about this. I will forward this post to him. Fairly certain he will have a good read. Thanks for sharing! make your pc fast

Chuckie on June 27, 2012:

There are a number of people commenting telling folks to relax or implying that they are over-reacting... The fact is American health is sorely lacking in its treatment of parasites, and add on top of that the deteriorating state of our food culture as evidenced by the number of e. coli and salmonella outbreaks we've had it makes for a very bad combination. I imagine that a number of people have some type of intestinal parasite and think it's just bloating from too much food or the extra slice of pie... The fact is if doctors did more to exclude the possibility of a parasitic infection you wouldn't have the kind of stories that have been written in this thread...Many doctors seem to believe that this is still the 50's where only a small percentage of people visit other countries and that the world is not the international travel hub it is now. And it still blows my mind that while we have many sophisticated ways of diagnosing other illnesses, when it comes to many intestinal parasites you have to rely on someone's ability to identify visually the parasite or larvae in a stool sample, which have a false negative rate of 70%. Which is why if your health care providers are willing to look into you will be asked to submit 3 stool samples....But the fact is 3 is hardly that much more statistically significant compared to 1...Parasite infections I believe will be the next big health crisis... I spent two years with a tapeworm infection even though I had suspected a parasite but only 1 out of the 15 or so doctors I saw seem to give it serious consideration... when I would push it in some instances a few even got insulted as if I was questioning their medical knowledge...Now that I have actually videotaped worms in my stool... After going to a clinic to make the diagnosis official and to get treatment, i will be visiting a lawyer's office...My life completely fell apart in the last two years as my health deteriorated to the point where I lost one job and had to resign from another. I was plagued with exhaustion, constant digestive problems, high bloodpressure, severe headaches from the cysts.... It was a total nightmare!

ay.pee ayabonga mbena on February 14, 2012:

my brother was diagnosed with a tapeworm a year ago that had made its way to the brain but they managed to treat him,we need more people like you to let everyone know about the importancw of hygien,thank you for the knowledge.

Maddie Ruud (author) from Oakland, CA on February 09, 2012:


It sure sounds like it. Get to a doctor!

Jilo on February 09, 2012:

An inch length(may be a bit more) flat white worm is sneaking out of my anus once or twice a day for a week.

I also saw it mixed with my stool. Is it a tapeworm?

It is very embarrasing when it comes in the middle of work and I run to the toilet each time. Pls help.

hi on February 04, 2012:

scary stuff!

Victoria on January 30, 2012:

Anypne thatSlooking to get rid of their parasites. ALL of them, get on the Cayenne Pepper diet. I passed my tapeworm with the help of this diet cleanse but you need to have enemas which you can buy from the drug store. Lax will only clean out your stomach. You want you colon cleansed not your stomach.

lisa ... on January 23, 2012:

hi i have read a lot of these comments hop-ing to find sumthing to help until the doctor can confirm my suspicion. my daughter is 3 and has problems with havin a poo for 2 wk now and wiggles bum and started saying its itchy and shes in pain lately with it finally got a sample just awaiting results... what to do in the mean time past few days tryin to get a sample has been hard and shes really in pain with this calp-ol and rubbing her bum is easing it but hopefully the doctor will treat this asap... gud site thank u

Sarah jane on January 22, 2012:

This is scary stuff!!

We we're sleeping and the cat woke me up as she was heaving.I sat up quickly as it sounded like she was being sick and put her on the floor. I reached my hand out to feel if she'd been sick (silly way to cheek but had just been woken up) and she had so I turned the light on and there was a huge worm wriggling in it :(.

I haven't been able to sleep since is I'm petrified I have them.

I had threadworm as a child and I can't get them out of my head now I've seen that.

I suppose it doesn't help thy I watch that 'monsters inside me' program.

So I've been up since 1am and it's now 5:15am and I have work in a couple of hours :(

I'm am deffinatly de-worming the cat tomorrow and picking up some ovex for me and my partner.

Freaking out big time, because I always cuddle the cat and kiss her head.:s

I won't be doing that anymore I can assure you.

Good luck everyone, fingers crossed I'm ok

RayRay92 on January 21, 2012:

Holy shit! After reading literally every got damn post I am going to see a doctor tomorrow! I have always had a big fear or parasitic worms ever since learning about them in high school! But now after going to red robin and having a medium rare burger and crunching in something weird I have become very paranoid about possibley having a worm infection! So far I have maybe on or two symptoms but nothing painful or servere... All I can say is that my stomach is acting a little funny after taking two advils and an aleve pill! But still I like to listen to my body and want to be completely sure this is not a parasite! What enrageous is me that doctors are so ridiculous that they can't even help people properly! I swear if a doctor calls me crazy or says my results are inconclusive I will flip the hell out! But another then that I just have slight stomach discomfort that just feels weird. Otherwise nothings coming out of my ass... I checked my stool yesterday and nothing was in it, and I don't have diaheera which is good but I'm getting checked any way! But after seeing all these stories I am even more terrified and want help fast. Hope you all are doing much better! God bless! Prayer

Anon on January 14, 2012:

For the past week I've had diarrhea and sharp abdominal pains. I've also noticed small, thin, white, short strands on my diarrhea (not egg-like at all, so it could just be skin). I don't eat meat or fish.

Cath on January 06, 2012:

I was diagnosed with Hashimoto disease and put on Levothyroxin 2 years ago. I had no energy and a long list of symptoms for over a decade. I was told many things by doctors prior to that diagnosis like allergies, cold, flu eczema, adult acne ect. I felt all of this must be somehow connected but years passed and my complaints were unheard by my doctor. I had had constipation problems and bloating in stomach area for around 11 years as well but the my GP did not think anything of this despite the other symtoms I was experiencing. After the immune disease diagnosis I began to do my own research. The thyroid drug I was prescribed worked well for a month or so in boosting my energy but then tapered off and the symptoms did not go away and in some cases became worse. I decided to give Bioresonance a try. This is a form of quantum medicine. This exam was very interesting and pinpointed 100% all of my problems and also discovered I had Lyme disease, Tapeworm and roundworms. Wow. I was in shock. Indeed I did get a tick 8 years ago but never developed a red bulls eye rash so the same doctor said it was not a worry. My new doctor explained once you get one parasite it breaks down the immune system and others can use you as a host easily. I started the bio resonance treatment right away. The bioresonace therapy sends the counter frequency of the natural frequency of the parasite killing it dead. The parasites disrupt cell communication so once they die the cells can repair. Body can then start to heal and balance again. I kid you not with in one day my muscle aches were gone. I could one feel my lower back pain which is an issue from a car accident so that is not related. The doctor had explained these parasites leave the intestine and create cysts in the muscles or organs thus causing the pain. The lyme bacteria also causes the muscle aches. Anyway, I felt better right away and my son and husband could visibly see the change in my energy level and overall appearance. I worried a bit that I was just being too hopeful and perhaps it was a phycological reaction due to wanting to be well for so many years. Wrong. it is the real deal. With in 4 days I began to pass both tape worm segments (dead) and tiny round worms. After 2.5 weeks still feel great but yuck the new worm cycles made more worms and larvae pass. This bioresonance therapy paired with a super intelligent and caring physician has changed my life. My doctor also worked with me on nutrition and over all maintenance. Parasites, as yuck as they are, exist all around and it is a waste of time to freak out about them. We must accept this reality but do out best to clean up out diet, balance body and be vigilant when early signs or parasites surface! I hope this has been helpful. By the way, "colloidal silver", a liquid suspension of microscopic silver particles is also a very successful killer of parasites. I am not using this now but have been researching it extensively for maintaining a parasite free body after my treatment is finished. Do your own research on it and you may find that is is of interest to you. Good luck! There is hope we can feel healthy! on December 27, 2011:

I am so disgusted... I have two cats; one was recently treated for tapeworms and the other is currently being treated for roundworms. I don't have any symptoms but I feel sick just thinking about it!

day traders on December 22, 2011:

nice reading yours comments

anti on December 22, 2011:

I just saw stuff ceawl out my rare end, and it has been itching for a while now, I think drinking wine has to do with the worms coming out! Albenz it is!

Roberto Cortez on December 20, 2011:

im 15 and i defintly have worms!

my parents tried to take it out of me ever since i was little and my mom said "the worm will eat everything you have"

i had it ever since i was 4 years old.

now i got through puberty and this worm is sucking all of my strength!

I was born a healthy child but until this happened now i'm really skinny instead of strong.

The medicine was so bad that i never wanted to take it!

I tried everything not to take the medicine, but now that

the symptoms are getting REAL WORSE, im starting to fight it now!

I don't know if i will take this much longer!

please i need a way of taking of taking a medicine without smelling it or thinking about it!

(worms smell what you eat!)

Mel on December 19, 2011:

I wasn't going to post, but maybe this will help someone. I didn't really "believe" in tapeworm and such before my experience but recently I started to taking Chlorella to help detox my body and I had a nose for about a week after taking it kept blowing my nose and nasty mucous would come out. Anyway, I blew hard once because it felt like I had something in my nose and to my surprise it was a worm looking thing about an inch long it looked light in color and it was disgusting! I had read about people having various detox symptoms but that's when I knew these pills were working. A few minutes later I blew my nose hard again and another mucous looking worm(clearly a worm) came out of my nose. I almost got a stroke! Its insane because I always thought people were just making this stuff up but its true! Later that week I used the bathroom at my house(I have my own bathroom) and I'm in College so I'm fairly young...after I flushed I washed by hands and realized a worm was in the toilet! It looked identical to the worm that came out of my nose but this one was longer and alive! The two that came out of my nose were not moving. Just writing this is disgusting sorry you had to read it but maybe it will help people. FYI I've lost 10lbs in the past two months by taking Chlorella. Its brought my energy level up and I feel like it makes me go #2 a lot more without straining myself. TMI Sorry guys!

Alex on December 18, 2011:

Hi I am alex I am 12 years old and I think I hav tapeworm I told my mum and she said it's highly unlikely but I keep getting White things inside of my stool and an itch but I am scared of what to do cuz my mum don't believe me and my da won't listen either.

Also i keep needing the toilet but jelly like stuff comes out and no crap is that a symtom

plzzzzzzz help

wangdi on December 17, 2011:

i m havin a problem of tape worm since 13 years back n i tried many medication as well but of no use . still the worm is there n its thriving inside me. is there any danger to my health if i keep it like this only.

n can u suggest me one fine medicine that really helps to

eliminate worm

Linda86 on December 03, 2011:

Western doctors don't help..."go home now little girl". I have passed tons of worms in the past year...took a while to get through all the layers of mucus..that were causing my side pain, TIA stroke, glaucoma, hair loss...water and food is the primary source. I only use 5-filtered water, have a shower filter now and don't eat any meat, dairy, little bread and little sugar, no fish and wash all vegetables with citric acid or ACV. The truth of the matter is, we have created a cesspool of our water source and infecting plants and animals alike by dumping sewage in rivers, streams, crops, yes crops....look up biosludge...human sewage and it's not regulated or monitored enough. Live bacteria like giardia, e-coli....but it is possible to live healthy and free. All you nay-sayers, I know my symptoms disappeared once I detoxed and changed my diet. You don't want to see the results.

Gail Louise Stevenson from Mason City on November 30, 2011:

Tapeworms are not fictional and they do exist. I was always scared of worms. The tapeworms do absorb nutrients through their skin. I have read some about them online. I was wondering if people who eat "Sushi" can get parasites? I would never eat raw fish ever!

Greg on November 29, 2011:

I had a long time ago this stringy stuff hanging from the top of my mouth. I had asked my doctor about this and he had no answer what was causing this stuff to be there. I am now wondering if it could have been some kind of tape worm.

guyinafamily on November 28, 2011:

omg i eat tapeworms for breakfast

AwareInSeattle on November 28, 2011:

Structure and posture really affects digestion too. I have scoliosis...affects every system in my body. Hot yoga is helping to correct, and I really notice a difference in digestion. I wish more doctors would pay attention to frame and diet. Thomas ediison once said something of the sort, the doctor of the future will give no medicine...frame, diet and instruct on the cause and prevention of disease. And I believe, these diseases are just caused from imbalance and lack of circulation and proper nutrition.

AwareInSeattle on November 28, 2011:

I have been doing a number of "controversial" things, as well as drinking Cyanne pepper with lemon and blackstrap mollasses in warm water. These guys are there and I can't believe doctors and science in general believes that tapeworms do not exist in humans. I see them streaking in my legs. Passed two full one's or near full recenently, about 10 inches long. Keep on with detox and change your diets.

Grossed out and scared on November 26, 2011:

I've been having bowel symptoms for the past 4 years. My doctor diagnosed me with IBS without any tests. 4 years later and the symptoms are still here. I've tried many prescription medications which are supposed to improve IBS symptoms, but to no avail. I've since stopped taking any and all prescription medication that my idiot doctor has attempted to prescribe to me and started taking vitamins and probiotics which have helped me more than any prescription medication my doctor tried to give to me. After reading all of this, though, I'm beginning to wonder if I've been suffering from a parasitic infection and now I'm worried. I still have diarrhea, intense cramping, and I often find 2 to 3 inch long, thin segments in my stool and on the toilet paper after I wipe. I also have nausea and I vomit 2 or more times a week. I very rarely have an appetite and when I do it's always for sweets and fatty foods. A few months ago I started feeling strange movements and vibrations in my throat. I've also noticed an increase in my mental fogginess over the past few years. I feel like I can't focus on simple tasks, or follow conversations which is really not something I'm familiar with experiencing. Since last year I have lost over 30 pounds and am thinner than I was when I was 14 years old and I'm now 23. My doctor continues to tell me that I have IBS, and despite my pleas for him to do further testing, he has done none and told me that I do not need to be referred to a specialist. I'm scared to tell him that I think I may have worms or a parasite, especially after reading some of your horror stories. I suffer from muscle pain and fatigue, along with all the other pain in my stomach. There hasn't been a day in years where I have been pain free, and it has really affected my life. After reading rave reviews about ParaGONE, and speaking to someone at our local health food store, I'm going to try a parasite intestinal cleanse and hope for the best. I'm desperate and will try anything to rid myself of whatever this may be. I will report back after my cleanse, but I have high hopes.

Casey on November 24, 2011:

Omg! I'm Scared, i do have tapeworms, positive. I want to move one but, i don't want to go to the doctor because im embarressed. well point is there coming out of my vagina and my but ,but there real tiny like paper thin. i want to get rid of them but how. i don't want to go to the doctor because im skinny and my family pick on me by using jokes and saying you must have tapeworms . HELP ME p.s i am a teeneger

william eilinsfeld on November 14, 2011:

my recommendation for uninformed people here is to get informed of sciencetific facts availible on the internet for solid reliable answers.some people here do seem well research indicates that we have a worse infection of parasites here in america than south america.the person above could not be more wrong!tapeworms lay a million eggs a day so a timely address is required.more time increases possibilities of expanding from original areas and advancing futher in the body (cryst).Note: if your butt-hole iches you do have something itching it(unless your crazy).pinworms AND tapeworms both do this;however tapeworms are more powerful and may feel like you mini-farted or are doing cartwheels.I've had both so i know the difference.A defense of these creatures is to upset the host (us) as little to avoid detection.Your first line of defense may well be something americans should do ..generally don't...and is responsible for "every disease known to man" and more conservatively..65 mojor illnesses known to man.Athorities in the field of colon health Many) support that if you don,t do it you will get sick and die! I am talking about the necessity of cleansing the digestive trac of putrified fecal matter that sometimes is 1/4 of an inch thick! this matter coats the intestine and can limit nutrient absorbsion to 10% alone and creates a cancer inducing chemical directly into the bloodstream

that makes it septic(poison) via the intestines.Tapeworms absorb nutrients through their skin and leave basically only sugar and water for the host.Another SIGNIFICANT nutrient interceptor!Additionally tapeworms feces are SO toxic that cells that are constantly bathed in it turn cancerous!Your colon is supposed to be an oxygen abundant envioment that precludes parasites.when fecal matter is on your intestines it creates a non -oxygen environment that ruins this natural defense and puts out the "red carpet' for all these parasites.go to for economical cleanse that kills parasites. Cleansing can take "from 3 mounths to a year".watch in toilet while drinking carrot juice each day and anything that is not carrot color is fecal matter coming off.if we had a perfect diet like the guy in england who the king did an autopsy on we would not need to cleanse. his colon was immaculately clean and lived to 154 years old.When you cleanse and kill tapeworms etc. as they decompose they emit ammonia whick will make you feel lousy.alittle Braggs apple cider vinegar 3 tsp a day wil help over taxed liver and spirulina and chlorella's chloraphil will do wonders to absorb these toxins.These are the 2 most nutritionally dense healing ,rejuvinating foods on earth.swansons vitamins best source stand alone best spirulina pacificia.Yarrow Y...... and Swanson both great chlorellay.theoretically if your colon is clean and oxygenated parasites will have to go.the only fiber i have seen capable of effectively moving out dead tapeworm segments is psyllium.get fiber harmony cetified organic whole husk at swansons.1 tablespoon with at least 8 oz. of water 3 times a day especially when first killing.colonetix will more than likely have this in their complete product.Because of the things we eat constant cleaning is directly proportionate to fecal build up and inappropriate mucioniod producing foods.(milk products etc.)review:1 clean out poisionus burrowing ground for tapeworms and parasites with parasite killing colonetix 2 take spirulina,chlorella and apple cider.3 continue for life as required or get sick and die!Dr. hula clark does appear to be a recoginized top authority in her field.note: some tapeworms kill more easily than others because of size strenth and type. if you go herbal you may have to finish with the massive co-q 10 (hula clark) method.(co q 10 is an oxygen regulator and it seems massive doses kills parasites with OXYGEN!A daily matience cleanse that you may be interested is Dr eskeland's colon tone (oxygen)availible at swansons and at buy 1 1 free sale no one can touch the price.swansons prices normally can save as nuch as 75%.Because you may have an unhealthy bacteria count i take lee swanson signature line ultimate probiotic formula with 1o strain spectram @66 billion organisms (format recommended by experts).becauce of all the other bad things like possible stomach fungas i recommend coconut and coconut oil.nature's way at swanson on sale for top quality and price.will not kill beneficial intestional up on coconut oil it is a "drugstore in a bollte" atcoconut is claimed that india and philippines use it to expell worms.all the lies that you have been told about clogging arteries was deliberliately done to prevent americans from again buying it after wwII by homeland oil producers.It even kills AIDS virus!hula clark does sell a parasite hilling tincture that seems to be quite economical.If you are concerned for broadening your spectrun of parasites i recommend that you consider vita-clense british australian developed work down to include microscopic parasites that can eat bone.does more...cossts more.idon't know how i got on this website but i felt as a christan i need to let you know of my research because it is all based on SCIENTIFIC FACT that took 3-5 mouths to get on my own.Unfortunately will will always have irresponsable uninformed people passing misinformation that can jepordise human life.If you don't know what your talking about please keep your mouth could kill someone!diatomaceous earth is a great inexpensive product with MANY benefits besides cutting up parasites and will accelerate your cleans process.i bought mine

diotimoceous earth is very inexpensive and i recommend.Do not eat any meat or FISH that is not cooked all the way through and has no pink.this correct heat is the only way to kill the parasites.pour coke over raw pork chops and you will see them rise to above surface.wash you hands before you eat and when handeling raw meat.always wash your hands a handshake without washing your hands and eating is all you need to reinfect.cats and dogs are nortoriously carriers.wash your hands.take them to the vet and deworm.

if you losing your hair on your legs you may have an iodine defeciency from floride in toothpaste and bromine in baked goods.published levels appear to be greatly too authorith at cancer instute claimed 92% of his AMERICAN autopsies had parasites.epedemic proportions are reported by others well over 95%.The medical industry in this country do NOT appear to be dealing with science and treating people correctly.Historically this has been because of the deliberate influence of the pharmaceutical empire which NEEDS you to get sick so they can get their money with doctors selling pills for them.True the food industry will also make more money.

If you go to or com you will see scientific evidence that spirulina kills cancer.if you go to you will also see scientific proof.for older (or younger people)what i have recommendended may well be God's products to rejuvinate and keep healthy.

it is most important to address parasitic concerns as soon as possible because of reproduction rate and progressively increasing damage that they can worm secretes a liquid that dissovles tissue.pork and fish tapeworms are documented to have reached the brain.

in older people with fecal coated intestines they have distorted to as much as 7 inch diameter instead of the 2 to 21/4 inches they should be with other damages to structure many times responsible for reconstructive surgery.elvis presley had 50 lb of fecal matter in him when he died.john wayne 55.look at the size of their "bellies".obviously alakinity of stomach,correct bacterial level clean intertines with oxygen environment,killing of parasites all go hand in hand and need to be reestablished now and maintained on a daily basic for the rest of life to expect heath and disease free longevity.ignorance and inactivity WILL make us sick and prematurely kill us !for the record my sources indicate beef tapeworm up to 38 feet fish tapeworm up to 100ft whale tapeworm 200 feet.god bless y

MC on November 01, 2011:

Carl, there are such things as worms inside a human. There are actually different types of worms that can reside inside humans. It isn't as common for people to have intestinal worms in the US as other countries like the ones in Central America or Asia.

human parisite mother of 2 on October 29, 2011:

i had an infection of the pork tape worm as well. it was soo bad it was also coming out of my skin. it was in my throat ears eyes and nose as well. they said it was a synus bloackage causing all the inflimation and the soars on my arms neck face back stomach and leggs were all selfinflicked from drug use. wtf? i voluteered for a drug screening and passed. nothing in my system. they said since my test came back clean i must be on salt. i pulled a worm out of my arm and walked away with a diagnoses of alergic reaction to a severe chigger infestation. Since when did microscopic spiders come out looking like a 1/4 inchworm? the next time the same thing happened but i had pulled every thing out of my skin and had been adding alchohal to my bath for the infections left behind, brought in a bottle of vomit full of still living worms. and was committed for having the intentions of feeding hazardous material to someone. I had walked into the ER FOR HELP. I THOUGHT A BOTTLE FULL OF WORMS would get that for me. after one hour in the mental facility they said i had a blatter infection bad enough to cause me to halucinate the worms and let me go home an hr later w the same antibiotics i hhad walked into the ER with the night before. after reading this ask yourself why people are scared to go to the doctors when they think they might have a parisite? and even more scared when they no they have one? my sujestion is don't eat for 2 days, then take cover your self with lice treatment for the poison, then the next day wash it off take an elaxitive and shit in a jar. if you got them they will come out to the point no doc or Er can say you don't. thats how i did it.after taking my speciman to the docs they asked why i didn't seek treatment before i told them to check their records. The arriginal doctor and nurse cryed while apoligizing to me for calling me a druggy 3 months earlier. Since this staarted i have gone from weighing 143 to 103. while raising a 4 and 6 year old. Telling myself its not real and having my kids do make up and soar checks, they had become embarrassed and asamed of my deminissed apearance, and even after getting diagnoses and treatment still cant find a doctor whilling to take me on. The ER says i have to go to an infectious disease speacialist but i need a eferal. i need a regular doc to get this refurral. the cps and childeren first have been also trying to help, but have come across the same issues as i have. All the offices say my symptoms sound like meth. and now my worse fear my 6 yr old has gone from a straight a student to ds and zeros for not tryong says his eyes hurt and has lost 3.5 lbs. I cant give him the home remidies cause those are mostly illegal and would you give them to a 6 year old? what if he is starting to expeariance stress from watching what's happened to me? we have started to see a family therapise who bwleaves my storie but has also come across the same issues looking for a doctor for use, they say it sounds like a mental issue or meth. So if you think you have this, then make sure you bring an adult who can back up your claims to any one you are seeking any kind of medical help and a plan to protect your kids.

My kids don't know the whole story just that mommy dosnt feel well and nice ladies are helping.

my goal is to protect them and make them stay healthy. but the nightly inflimations are the roughest part to deal with and the way doctors have treated me. I can only say bring in the healthest most normal looking adult you can to ALL appointments to back up your claims.

rhx on October 17, 2011:

I thought I had ibs since may (5 months), constant tummy ache, either constipated or had diarreha, headaches, achy back and muscles, tiredness etc, so I tried cutting out certain foods to see what would happen. I'm still the same, so a week ago I bought peppermint oil tablets, 5 days later I woke in the morning with tummy ache, went to the toilet and pooped out a tapeworm!!! I can feel the peppermint oil tablets breaking down in my tummy so maybe they pushed the tapeworm away?! I am going to the doctors but I hope this is the reason why I've been so poorly and I've finally found a solution!!

Robin on October 15, 2011:

Everyone gets exposed to worms throughout their lifetime.People get worms via dogs,cats,actually any animal.Eating beef,chicken or any animal product & eating vegetables due to parasites growing in soil.You can get worms from gardening or just walking barefoot in sand,soil or anywhere outside.So,everyone has this problem!!Just some have it worse than others or are affected by them more! Plenty of good natural products to deal with this common issue.Must kill all stages & must be repeated every 10 days to clear up rest of them-as they grow & reproduce in stages & cycles.Garlic,wormwood,green walnut hull extract & clove are some of the best due to killing all stages at different growing times.So,anyone who thinks THEY don't have a parasite problem probably do!It's much more common than most people think or know!!

anon on October 12, 2011:

The bad news - 90% of these comments are fearmongering

The really bad news - The fear mongering is working

P.S. If your worried, stop posting panicked comments online and get some anti-helmintic medicine and/or see your doctor.

morimterzilch on October 07, 2011:

NOT a SINGLE comment spoke about the effectiveness of a COLONOSCOPY for detecting tapeworms. what's up with that?

the doc goes in the anus with a tube with a light and a video camera and looks around. Can't a COLONOSCOPY see tapeworms? I have all the symptoms listed, except I haven't been checking my stools close enough (that's my poop, Sean) I am not going to fool around any more with these things. If it ain't tapeworms, something EVEN MORE serious is wrong with me. I am HOPING it is tapeworms.

Well, thanks everybody. I've read every comment. About half of you are just NUTS, and the other half probably thought at some point that they were nuts. It's a nasty business that's fer sure. Good Luck to you all. I may post back if I can find this site again....ty.

Tala on September 24, 2011:

Btw people don't get worms from animals so don't worry

Elizabeth on September 23, 2011:

Sorry about the 3 separate entries. Should also mention, that about 3 months ago, shaved off my hair, thought that would solve the problem, when I did I had these white looking ovules in my hair, and had all this black spots/ dots coming down my face, still have them today as well. There was one night watching tv with hubby, and all of a sudden, this black stuff looked like dirt appeared on shirt. If I happen to sratch head the same black stuff is under my fingernails. Any have any experiences, like the 3 entries above?

Elizabeth on September 23, 2011:

In addition, to the above have had these little worm like things coming from the head. I actually brought some of them to this horaculture building, and they are saying it is some sort of decayed insect. If you look close enough you can see little red bumps on head, have to get a lump removed by surgeon next week, hopefully, he will find something in there. I have a couple of puncture marks on body, just like pinpicks. The first that I really noticed, hurt like crazy. I was like something was hooking me so good to get inside me. This happened when in shower, that's when I seen, little red worm go down me. Anyone ever had somekind of experience like this. Just tired of my GP not listening, can wait to get to this specialist. To all people out there, stay stong

Elizabeth on September 23, 2011:

Have been suffering with this parasite, what I know to be a parasite for about 4 months now. My head feels like it is crawling at all times, wake up during the night. Have tried telling my GP, that this is somekind of parsite. But she thinks this is stess......She is finally going to sent me to see an infectious disease specialist. I have treated my cat for worms in the last couple of months, I think it is related to this. Have done 3 stole samples, all came back good, but the issue is with my head.

Tala on September 23, 2011:

Omg I am 11 and I once had worms but my parents did not believe me so one day when I was going toilet I saw a small white thin but thickish worm move around but I am to ashamed to tell any one so I read these and carrot black walnut and raw cabbage and coleslaw help oh I forgot to saw even though my parents did not believe me they took me to the doctors and I got a small container to poo in but when we went to send it they were closed so I put it in the fridge which makes them go away( my mum said it wouldn't )so the next day we sent it but I am sure I do please help what do I do

GetSeriousAboutParasites on September 17, 2011:

I've read many forum posts about people who are seriously underserved by their doctors, as a result they have become so desperate that they are ordering petmeds or going to pet stores buying up some of these medications for themselves to take at home. Do keep in mind, there exists (in our great USA!!!!) laboratories available for personal use in most large cities across the country. One way to find them is by searching for them on the internet, they often only accept Visa or Mastercard, but can book a serological draw near you (sometimes you can pay cash in person). These tests can be pricey for someone on a limited budget, so do your research before going to ensure you are dealing with a legitimate operation who will provide truly accurate results at the retail level as best can be established.

Also keep in mind available over the counter (at Walg..ens) is pyrantel pamoate which extirpates many other digestive tract worms beyond pinworm. It seemed relatively unsuccessful on Visceral Larvae Migrans. Albendazole should work on such a case.

Please note if you're thinking of just conducting an eosinophile count, think again. Eosinophiles are only high at specific stages of infection and can be low due to other complications - Leishmaniasis

Wishing y'all good people much improved health, a continuously positive outlook, and kindness to one another.

Seattle, Washington

GetSeriousAboutParasites on September 17, 2011:

Jaki London, I have been diagnosed with Pork Tapeworm - neurocysticercosis. Look it up.

Find an infectious disease specialist who actually has an interest in, and knowledge of parasites. Once any parasite has gone outside your intestines, or stomache, it is exceedingly difficult to get a positive ova and parasite stool test.

You need imaging (contrast CT, MRI, X-ray, Ultrasound) studies and serological (blood) tests THAT ARE SENSITIVE and specifically appropriate to your infection stage. RESEARCH IS REQUIRED BY YOU. Don't waste your doctor's time with wishy-washy feckless concerns thinking that all your symptoms are related to this one parasite.

Before visiting your doc. print NIH OR CDC or Medscape's list of symptoms, as well as the diagnostic procedures, and differential diagnosis. Try to come up with a written timeline as to when your most relevant and burdensome/alarming symptoms appeared. If you find your doctor is being even slightly unhelpful get the tests he/she orders and don't bother going back after you get results. Do your research and find another "knowledgeable" doctor. AFTER TREATMENT (with appropriate prescription) IT WILL PROBABLY MEAN A LIFESTYLE SHIFT FOR YOU... carrot juice, raw garlic, pineapple, pumpkin seeds, etc.

I have Prednisone so my brain doesn't swell so much that I'll die, and Praziquantel. No matter your parasite infection, once it is no longer in your digestive tract, it is hugely important to get it treated correctly with the most appropriate medicines, the most appropriate daily dose, the most appropriate duration, and follow-up prescription. There isn't really human related - documentation on this, but it appears visceral infections can be passed through breastmilk. So mom's you need n to look ou t for your(everyone's) precious babies. Please.

david on September 13, 2011:

I have suffered, constapation,stomach aches,sore muscles,tired all the time and skin infections, could'nt figure what was wrong with me, the wife read a health hint for lowering cholestrial, crush 30 cloves and 5 whole lemons in a blender, and add 1 ltre water bring to boil on stove then simer for 5 minutes, strain and bottle mixture when cooled, drink a liquare glass a day after a meal, for 3 weeks. Lo and behold after 2 weeks I started to pass dead tape worms, real big ones, I didn't know I had worms, I feel so good, heaps of energy, sleeping well, best I felt in years, I will be repeating this treatment twice a year from now on, the drink is pleasant to take and the lemon negates the odour, try I would be interested to know if this helped anyone else

himu on September 01, 2011:

How can I kill or let the cysts calcify in the flesh of pigs

CureForTapeworms on August 30, 2011:

Human sperm will cure tapeworms........

I would be glad to help any lady here with their tapeworm issue

lol on August 29, 2011:

everyone here needs to chill..

Max on August 28, 2011:

Ive just gone poop 4 times in the last hour and a half and ive been reading this thing cause i think i mite have tapeworms cause i have the following symptoms; im constantly naseus and poop a lot however every time i poop i have disgusting diahreah( no idea how to speel that) that looks like moss with like red carrot peel lookong stuff and i poop like yellowish water and the i get constipated i have a hardtime sleeping from stomachaches and i cant handle it i don't know what it is but im definitely trying the pineapple thing if u guys can give me more info please do

Mat on August 26, 2011:

Have recently had a flea problem with the cats in a new home. I have been feeling lethargic...sometimes taking 2-3 naps a day. I attributed it to "getting old" as I am now approaching my mid-30's. Well - today? I passed a bowel movement and a 3-4 inch segment of a worm was in my stool. With no health insurance I am not too sure about my options. :/

jaki london on August 25, 2011:

its me again ive just been reading all commants sympoms are weight loss cant put weight on diohreah on and off wen i want to go awfull cramps in stomachch but it goes after i been gurgling in somach but if my mouth is open i hear gurgles in my gulllet ...muscle cramps tired muscles ,like the person above i used to do fitness be fit at work now im to tired to concentrate i sleep in the day ..always resting . but i started getting headaches and weirly funny noises in my head like a crisp packet sound but not as loud ..and the cruncher is i foster cats so it could be i am scared and nervouse as ive had this about a year but worried it could be somfing else ...please any feed bak

jaki on August 25, 2011:

ive lost waight get headaches and feel so tired lethergic and get muscle tiredness i will see my doc as it could be many other things and i looked this up as i just seen a programmae ..any feedback ...

sotiredofit2011 on August 24, 2011:

Believe me, it is no joke. I have been to the ER twice the last three weeks. Because my blood tests were ok they sent me home with no answer. The sad thing was this last time I had a speciman that I had passed. The ER intern said she had never seen anything like that. She asked her Dr over her who said they had never seen anything like it. They sent it off to pathology and I will have to take a 40 mile trip, pay $15.00 plus .65 a copy to get the results. I have been plagued with right side pain for several years. Never had any idea it could be worms. Yet I passed one that was about two feet long, and have passed several small pieces the last few days. Talking about being wigged out, I have been. I have read that certain types of worms can be as long as 60 feet. OMG, my MD is supposed to be calling me in a RX that should kill them (it)whatever it is. other than that, I have had three gallbladder scans, gastric study, Upper GI and numerous other test and no one has ever seen them...

real on August 24, 2011:

There are definitely reasons that to be "obsessed" about finding a cure - preferably by a doctor, but if not, however you can. I noted that you said your grandmother got rid of hers. The biggest complaint I have besides the obvious nightmare of stomach pain, not going to the bathroom properly and things moving through my skin everynight, is that I'm lethargically exhausted and tired and mentally feel a combination of inability to concentrate for long & short term memory loss. Also, being a dark complected person, my skin is getting all kinds of marks and hyperpigmentation (dark spots) due to the creatures migrating through the skin. The worst is the fatigue and reduced brain function...It's so frustrating, especially when you were the type who kept in excellent shape and was an ace at your job - particularly when it comes to thinking on your feet. How do you drag yourself through work while you fight the urge to actually fall asleep right there? What I have to offer has actually completely changed....I was starting a dance team, working with children and a group at synagogue. I had to drop everything just to get through the school year (my job). I always volunteered for after school activities & clubs. I had to drop that too. Everything in me is what it has taken to get through just 10 months of work. This is not something you can say...oh, out of sight out o f mind. YOu do that just to get out of bed and get to work in the morning, then you resist the urge to go into the restroom and cry because you are barely making it through the drain, yet you KNOW that you were the biggest of the hard workers before. This while your stomach swells and moves around when you haven't even eaten anything.

hypnotich on August 20, 2011:

Tapeworm exists, YES. Anyone who has watched the television series House on a regular basis knows that parasites are big on the list of things that his team must rule out when trying to diagnose their patient. One episode in particular was dedicated solely to tapeworm in which a Kindergarten teacher had contracted it through Ham lunchmeat (and not before Dr. Foreman helped himself to a sandwich of the meat in her fridge while he and another Dr. were in the teacher's home collecting evidence and samples to help come up with a diagnosis). There is no way that anyone should tell you it doesn't exist. From my research, however, by the time you do have symptoms you will need to be hospitalized and you are at that point in serious jeopardy. I believe the teacher in the episode was having seizures and couldn't speak before she collapsed. Anemia, fever, weight loss FROM the tapeworm, and any other symptom caused by it isn't going to really reveal itself until it becomes a major catastrophe to your health. Who knows? Perhaps your physician has them too and doesn't know it. But honestly, paranoia about something like this isn't going to help anyone. Gross and alien-like? Yes. We all acknowledge that. But they are obviously a fact of life--just like the small microscopic parasites that we ALL have living on our hair and skin which feed off of dead skin cells. I know that those microscopic parasites serve a purpose and that there would be negative consequences without them, but an overabundance of them can cause hair, eczema, and other complications; so we must deal with that when it happens with creams and ointments. We don't get all freaked out about it. It doesn't help- it only feeds the paranoia. Over a year ago (15 mos? maybe) I read that there was actually someone on hear asking if her 7 month old pregnancy could really be a tapeworm (michele?)! THIS IS DANGEROUS PARANOIA PEOPLE! Stop it! My grandmother had a tapeworm when she took the boat over here from Yugoslavia after WWII. They were fed raw or undercooked fish on the long trip over here. If they hadn't eaten what they had, they would have died. I think a tapeworm is a small problem compared to the atrocities that they had to face in the concentration camps and in WWII Europe- don't You? When you find yourselves very ill to where you require immediate medical attention--go to the emergency room. If you HAVE a tapeworm, they will FIND it while trying to diagnose it and save your life. Until then, live your LIVES people! There are bigger things in your lives than TAPEWORMS and parasites! Not just negative things- wonderful things. Michele (?) congratulations on your baby (if you allowed it to live and did't harm it bc you mistook it for a tapeworm while you were pregnant!!!!!). Please, folks, fixate yourselves on something worthwhile and positive. Missionaries and military doctors who are stationed all over the world get to see parasites in people all of the time. This does not keep them away from what they love to do. The parasite is small compared to the person you could be and what you have to offer in your lifetime. My Grandmother is the finest example of THAT. She got rid of her tapeworm, I assume, through the laxatives that were given to her by a physician probably at the Center For Disease Control way before my mother was even born, but regardless- it would be safe to say that it would have never CHANGED who she was or what she had to offer. It was a very small problem compared to her greatness as a person! Hope this helps someone out there...

Ryan on August 20, 2011:

ok.. this is just what I needed.

I am currently on holiday in Florida, USA and we went out for dinner to a steakhouse tonight. My cousin ordered medium-rare and it came very over cooked so i asked for rare to see if it would come out medium-rare (stupid I know). i saw the chef grill it up and he literally put it on the grill for 20-25 seconds. it's now 2am in the morning ( the same night as eating the steak) and i am now feeling the symptoms below:


Abdominal Pain

That's about it so far... I don't get back into the UK until the 27th of August, so some advice please? Am I screwed? What do I do?!

colleen on August 13, 2011:

John ---Glocoma is a parasitic infection. all those black spots that are called floater are the heads of wormss . what is glooma the loss of liquid from your eyeball They don't know why?How about the worms are sucking the liquid out???Well if you have a severe infection its called Caryophyllaeus the primary supect is Cestoda. Oh!its another tapeworm. Yes tape worms can get in your eyes. John smoke your weed and go back to sleep and let the rest of us get on with business

Sad face on July 25, 2011:

Aw man.... I have a tapeworm.... this really sucks.....

Better go to the doctor........

sammy on July 15, 2011:

albenza is what you need to ask the dr. for, i just took my second dose and hopefully that will take care of whatever type of parasite this is...(mebendazole does not work for tapeworms) God bless us all as we tread this imperfect world with all of it's challenges....Heaven sure won't be like this

JSParker from Detroit, Michigan on July 11, 2011:

Yikes! I thought your hub was interesting, then I started reading the comments. You can't make this stuff up! I can't believe it. LOL!

On the other hand, if someone really does have tapeworms, my heart goes out to them. I'm like the guy who said he'd have to be anesthetized to deal with it.

Interesting hub!

john on July 10, 2011:

going to doctors about parasite problems is a total waste of time if you smoke cannabis, like people who smoke cannabis cant catch parasites.

Kayla on July 10, 2011:

In November of 2010 i saw what looked to be little white flecks in my stool...i didn't think nothing of it but my cat a couple months prior had tapeworms and refused to go away, I had to fumigate the house for fleas then give her the proper medicine and hers went away. However now the worms are in me... Now its late July, i've been taking Praziquantel and nothings working! I heard that Praz dissolves the tapeworms within the body...and i only just recently discovered that my doctor wasn't giving me the right medication dosage. So i went back and lemme tell you...this is so doctor seemed disgusted. Yet not once has he sent me for a stool sample to see if it really IS tapeworm.

I occasionally pass about 2 inch thin worms in my stool, have stomach pains, gas (excuse me lol) i rarely have an appetite but i still eat a lot, I get constipated and a lot of pain when having a bowel movement... and sometimes i cant sleep cause it feels like they're moving within me... I also just learned my bf is experiencing the same thing. I just wish this would go away...i know im for the most part infested but i don't know if its attached to my liver or kidneys yet, i've been trying to set up an appointment at the hospital but ours is REALLY terrible for answering their phone...

Oh and Mebadozel did NOTHING...

Cassidy on June 19, 2011:

The reason I went to this site was because I was afraid I misht have tapeworms because of something I saw in my stool. It was like these white things. I'm going to wait and see if I get any other symtoms or if this symtom repeats itself. But I feel kind of stupif now for being afraid after you guys have posted all the stuff that's happening to you.

RW on May 31, 2011:

I got sick 2 months ago. My family does not eat meat or dairy and we are into alternative health. I tried to figure out what was going on and pretty much thought i had a bacterial imbalance in my gut or maybe a virus. I tried taking apple cider vinegar, enzymes with every meal, juicing, but I just kept getting worse. I went to a naturopath and she requested a stool sample for parasites. At this point, i was already starting to suspect parasites because our dog had two kinds of worms a few months before. I waited a few days for the test results, feeling worse all the time. My symptoms were a gurgling stomach starting first thing in the morning, bloating, nervousness and anxiety, stomach ache and diarrhea. The stool test came back negative. My dr. recommended antibiotics to see if it was a bacterial problem. I decided to try them because I was so desperate. They didn't work and my dr. then recommended I see a gastroenterologist. I decided to try an herbal treatment called Paragone. I started seeing mucous in my stool and possibly parasites after about a week. But everyone thought I was crazy and I started to believe them. I still had no evidence. I woke up in the middle of the night about six weeks into the whole ordeal and thought, I have to try something else. I went to a Chinese Medicine Dr and got a colonic. She was sure I had parasites even though none came out. She was the first person supportive of my self-diagnosis. She told me that parasites are much more common than people think and mainstream doctors do not acknowledge this. I was starting to feel a lot of movement in my stomach like a baby kicking under my left rib. I read a lot of posts online that brushed it off as gas bubbles etc. After the colonic, I finally passed some worms! I called my dr. right away and she prescribed vermox for my whole family. I was so relieved the ordeal was almost over - so I thought. I had been taking diatomacious earth, oil of oregano, coconut oil, olive leaf, paragone, and nothing had worked. The parasites definitely had the upper hand and I knew I needed help. While taking the vermox for three days, the moving sensation in my stomach got worse and worse and I could hardly sleep at night. I started taking melatonin to sleep. I began to notice a tingling feeling on my head and periods of numbness in my joints, twitches etc. I was passing lots of roundworms and maybe other parasites as well, so I was hopeful it was nearly over. But the movement under my rib continued! I went back to see the dr. and told her, look, I would give you permission to anesthetize me and cut me open to get this thing out right now. I am 101% sure there is something living inside my body. Luckily, she believed me. I also took in some pictures of all the worms I had been passing just in case she thought I was crazy. I now have a prescription for praz/biltricide and I am once again hopeful this will put an end to my nightmare. After reading the previous post about Coq10, I purchased some and will continue to take measures to keep my body free from these monsters. It has honestly been the worst experience of my life and I have been through my fare share of stuff.

If I could give you one piece of advice: trust your body regardless of what anyone says and don't stop trying to figure it out. You have to be strong - mentally and physically - and you have to be assertive with your doctor or find a new one. You are not crazy if you feel things moving inside you (I actually feared I was losing my mind for a while) - this can really happen and there is very little information available to support the way you feel. I wish the best for everyone dealing with this.

denise on May 29, 2011:

i ve had bad abdominal pain for around 4 months then i start seeing white worms in my stool plus i can feel this big worm moving in my intestines. ive started parasitin and i been taken it 1 week i hope it works have any of you tried it. the mebdazole did not help me he gave me 1 a day for 6 days

Kevin on May 08, 2011:

I passed 2 white rectangular objects this morning. They were flat and about 2 inches in length. I ate clams last night...looked like an undigested clam but who knows. Any ideas?

Michelle on April 21, 2011:

For Sean: Stool means a bowel movement.

Blah on March 30, 2011:

Ok so what if u have only some of the symptoms wht do I do then?

Sean on March 24, 2011:

What happens when you go to the doctors about it. What do they do. Because some of the comments I've read have said the doctors are useless.

Sean on March 24, 2011:

What are these "stools" everyones saying

OMGIHADTAPEWORMS on February 14, 2011:

I used to have tapeworms as a 7 year old always woke up at 3, sluggish and weak, skinny as heck and ate a lot, but to no prevail. I collapsed one day and thought to be dying, but i was overreacting and got taken to the emergency room and treated immediately. i am now 13 and feel better than ever, but last night there was an excruciating pain in my stomach and i couldn't sleep. i wonder if i got re-infected...

Paranoid on January 27, 2011:

Oh my goodness this is amazing to hear. I'm always paranoid when I feel I have a risk of having tapeworms or any other kind of parasite or disease! It really helps to read up on it and fully get to know it so I can pay closer attention and realize that it is indeed not the case. I thought the original article and all of the additional comments were very informational and helpful and I thank you for helping through this one!! My mom works in a medical laboratory and she's also worked in numerous hospital labs, so I hear lots of disgusting and scary stories about diseases! Once again, Thank you all for your help!

needa life on January 24, 2011:

that was some nasty stuff it told us but it was helpful

Karen on January 20, 2011:

I am experiencing a fight with some type of worm. It is either tape or pinworm. Taking Paragone, can be found in health food stores and it is working. I take 5 pills at night and 5 in morning with my coffee. This stuff will cleanse no matter what you seem to have. Had pills from doctor but they only prescribe so much. The pills from doctor did not get rid of them but these pills do work but it helps to take them on empty stomach and in morning on empty stomach with coffee,which works for me, or you favorite juice. Doing this, I will pass one every day. Some say eat pineapple and that is my next test if this doesn't get rid of them completely. Very best of luck for everyone with this. Not a pleasant situation.

liam on January 19, 2011:

can you become infected with tapeworm by handling flood water and wastage from flood waters?

diggi on January 10, 2011:

hi all, just read all of the posts and can defo relate to some of the symptoms stated. think its important to includde all info about your symptoms and fears if not for someone else to comment on them but to accumulate info and other comments posted. I myself have thought i have worms for years and although we were de-wormed as kids there seems to be many other ways to aquire these little beasts. My symptoms include being hungry within mins of filling me belly, feeling sick when have not eaten for more than four hrs- hence i eat at least 4-5 times a day and still keep same weight-some heartburn and more seriously blood in my stools. Most recently my anus has become extremely itchy as has certain, but by no means small, areas of my body- this usually occurs when i get into bed ans it takes me a long time to fall asleep.

would love to hear of anyone experiencing this. Think i will have to look into the numerous ( i think this is a prob too, what do you go for? ) meds over next couple of weeks and get back to you.


nate dog on January 08, 2011:

very well done maddie

faryal on January 05, 2011:

well it waz good to know smtng new about tapeworm.nice article

sheep and critics on December 31, 2010:

go look up images of parasite stages , and if u have pets or live in an old house , then have a good look at every stain , mark , scratch , paint flakeing.on any wall or window.remember a parassite the size of a pin head can leave a mark the size of a football.if u are ever in grotty servo toilets and there are stains making beautiful patterns in the soap on benches hmmm.

peter on December 31, 2010:

To sheep and critics.Please don't hold out on us. I think most people do want to know the easy telltale signs. that's certainly the impression i get from reading this forum

worminator on December 31, 2010:

I've read that lophophora williamsii(peyote cactus) will annihilate practically any intestinal parasite. It is reported to contain over 60 different alkaloids some of which including mescaline are amongst the most bitter of all medicines. Anyone tried it. I like the sound of a parasite cleanse that makes you feel fantastic at the same time

sheep and critics on December 29, 2010:

after having a large worm burden with hyperinfection over a 3 year period, i have a pretty good first hand insight into some of the problems faced . getting help is near impossible.the most basic thing people need to understand is our immune system fights of and rids the body of millions daily.but be aware there are simple times where low immunity and large amounts of parasites are dangerous and can invade and get a foot hold.i have had them in my eyes mouth and everywhere else physically visible.a lot of people wont want to know the reality.there are easy tell tale signs clearly visible in certain ares but are so simple the average person would rihgt you off as insane.

Heyy! on December 19, 2010:

Hi, im 13 years old and i have this pain near my belly button. I have no symptoms of tapeworm so far and i only eat pork from the above but only once every 2 months. I don't know what it is. I think it could be a period starting but im not sure. I just want to be safe.

Scott on December 18, 2010:

Alright.. going to go into a bit of a rant. This shit pisses me off. First my story.

I have been in and out of doctors for several years, explaining the same symptoms that are stated on this page. Every single doctor told me that I have either anxiety, EBS, or an allergy to certain foods. This is all bullshit. How come doctors didn't, even once, consider that I might have a parasite?? My hippy friend was more helpful then my doctor. After coming across a couple of these websites discussing tapeworms and various other parasites I have come to the conclusion that I definitely have a tapeworm (or worms) inside of me! But once again, hoping for a cure for these symptoms, I have gone to yet another doctor who has, once again, instructed me to get a stool sample done. Most likely.. nothing will show up.. again.

I want this shit cleaned up and I think it's a total disgrace that my hippy friend, who used to write for "High Times" Magazine, can give me better advice then all the doctors that I have ever witnessed in my entire life...

This makes me question our current medical system within North America. Call me a total conspiracy theorist but I believe that the lack of attention towards this invasive parasites maybe to do with corruption. Like think about it, if the general public, in North America, are not readily informed about how common this parasites are people will definitely ignore them. "Well if they aren't an extreme health hazard to the average person.. why inform people about them. In fact, let's discourage them from believing they have parasites," says the brainwashed doctor.

I read somewhere, on another website, that these parasites can consume up to 50% of the food that people ingest. Sounds like a pretty easy way to increase nation wide consumption. I bet the head of the Food and Drug administrations are laughing, "We can sucker the uninformed public into regularly consuming up to 50% more!" Sounds like a total profit scheme to me.

Call me crazy, but I'm sure there's tons of people out there with tapeworms lodged in their throats, consuming the people's food before it reaches their stomaches.

Here's the convo between myself and my hippy friend on facebook about this issue. It's for you to decide.

Scott: I have question.. how can one safely remove parasites from the body again? I know this is a weird question but I remember us talking about this. Also if there is anything you feel I need to take as a precaution before doing this please share. Like can it be unsafe? I've heard you one can use pumpkin seeds or coconut.

Man thanks a lot! I know your the guy to come to on these matters. We need to get together soon in the new year and have a little chat. Thanks!

Hippy Friend: Hi Scott ... Not a weird question at all ... I personally believe that some of the alternative cleanses can be harmful to the body since the most prevalent parasitic worms t ravel through the organs, including the lungs, as part of their breeding cycle. Some of these worms can puncture through the flesh in an attempt to escape cleansing herbs which kill them. Personally, I believe in using pharmaceuticals to truly deal with worms. After getting rid of them with pharms, then I would do a cleanse to rid myself of pharm toxins.

To be honest, really bad worms, like tapeworms, cannot be easily removed, by either pharmaceuticals or herbs. You have to get prescription medication for these noxious pests. Tape worms have been known to grow multiple heads, and attach themselves up the throat where they catch food on its way to the stomach.

If you want to go with an all-natural way to remove tapeworms, I recommend the grossest thing imaginable... the cleanse mentioned by Jesus in the Essene gospels. First you starve yourself for several days, consuming nothing but water, then you lie on the ground with a warm bowl of warm milk near your mouth. The tapeworms, if that is what you have, will detach themselves from your throat and literally crawl out of your mouth in search of the milk. YOW!!!

I'd rather take chems, myself!

Okay, on another note, read the book "Greens for Life" it is amazing, and details how and why green smoothies can totally change your life. Easy recipe: Fill a blender 1/4 with greens (Chard, Kale, Collard, Bok Choy, etc), add one banana and one sliced apple, enough water for it to blend, and voila ... green smoothie. It balances stomach acid (essential in killing and preventing parasites), it restores and alkaline ph (essential in preventing cancer and a host of diseases), and it has all of the EFA's, protiens and nutrients your body needs (except vitamin B's). One green smoothie a day, with no other change in diet, has transformed people's lives.

kilik08 on December 12, 2010:

Wow!This is so useful.Im doing a report on tape worms and this helped a lot thank you.

toots on December 09, 2010:

wow, this is all alittle crazy, but I believe all your stories. And Thank you for sharing such intimate personal stories. I have not ever had any of these symptons, but it seems like anyone can get these nasy critters. How can you tell if you have them if there are no symptons..per say. I remember my mom would check our butts at night with a flashlight...and apparrantly she was looking for worms. They would sometimes make their way out of the anus at I hear. I don't know if we ever had any as kids...she never said and shw is no longer here with us today, or I would ask....does any of the older generations remember checking their children for worms this way? Curious to know...

Thanks and good luck to you all especially Sheila.....

avilo on December 01, 2010:

had a parasite test and i tested negative for salmonella, shigella, yersinia, campylobacter and enterohemorrhagic e. coli. The doc said that I have no worms but I am going to get a second opinion. I took paragone a year ago and I think that I saw a worm in my bowel movement. It was short, stringy with a red tip. ewww! I am going on the candida diet and i've started exercising and i've never really felt sick. I am going to do a yearly parasite cleanse and a monthly weekend cleanse with soups and juices. Will let you know my progress.

Zoom on November 29, 2010:

When these come out on your stools or segments of them.. Are they moving? Are they clearly worms, or do they look like long strands of feces.. Please clarify.. Thank you..

try3 on October 20, 2010:

Embarrassed to ask this took laxative for tests coming up and red pieces comes out every picture short of one on this page shows tapeworms as white these are red like carrot peelings. Should I contact my doctor? I do have cats that are indoors but a dog that goes outside.

michael on October 19, 2010:

I think I may have tapeworms. I can't eat as much as I used to, and just recently, my stomach was in horrible pain. idk, I haven't really lost any weight, but my left arm and elbow joint hurts. I'm thinking it could just be from work, but idk. I have been kinda sleepy too.

Lindamay on October 15, 2010:

Third time I have been here with this. I notice mention of another product here on this page so I don't think my messages are not allowed due to that, talk of the product...not sure why though but hopefully it makes it this time.

Zymex 2 is supposedly the best for ridding tapeworms, it digests them. I am on my off week and will be doing 2nd round next week. I did see segments in toilet. I will come back here and give report after my 2nd round. This product has natural ingredients, no side affects. Can be bought at Amazon.

I can literally feel them on my back and head, so I know if they are there or gone. Will give my results, more info on this, and the how-to by end of October if I find it far things look good.

Promise to return,Linda

ReneeF on October 14, 2010:

I cannot believe doctors can just dismiss people and say they are crazy like this. It's possible for stool samples to not show tapeworm segments/eggs. They are not necessarily passed in every single bowel movement you have! LOL They need to do several over a long period of time to really say you are not infected.

When I see my doc if she dismisses me (doesn't give me lab forms or says there is nothing when the results come back and refuses to do any more tests) I'm going to ask her to sign a paper stating she dismissed me and if I DO have a tapeworm infection and it ends up killing me, or my husband or one of my daughters (because you can die from one), then we can sue her.

Maybe the lady who posted that her doctor says she is crazy and hasn't done anything, should go to a different doctor and get a second opinion and keep doing it until you finally get a diagnosis. THEN sue your doctor for negligence.

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