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Take the Real Land, Possess Your Own Soul

Challenges, trails and inspirations have caused the writings of Tony L Smith to take on a spiritual soberness unlike his past writings.


The Soul May Seem Dark, Dangerous, and Powerfully Twisted

Your very own soul is your promised land. This is the land that the Father gave to the Son. So this salvation is for the complete possession of your soul.

This promise to mankind given through Abraham was the possession of a certain rich land. When Christ rises in your consciousness you will have to take the land as a man takes a woman.

This promise land story portraits this particular truth even to the extent that it was a woman of the night that actually opened the way to the Israelites to take the first city of this promised land. This woman secretly hide the hope of Holy Nation in her heart by hiding the spy's that were sent into Jericho in her very own dwelling. These spy's symbolized the germinating seed of possession.

It is important to note that this woman of the night was without husband although she previously had many sexual partners in her attempt to survive and provide for her family etc. She later married and was considered worthy to be part of the natural geology of Jesus.


Your Emotional Body

This real promised land which the previous allegory was referring to is the your very own emotional body filled with visions, imaginations and dominating moods Much of our internal dialogue has been dark, discouraging and in need of inspiration and encouragement. This emotional body has been possessed by many unholy ruling thoughts, moods and depressing feelings which are unholy visions which tend to make us all this internal land/soul unholy, common and maybe even worthless. In other words your soul at times feels unworthy, useless, discouraged and visionless.

In the new testament the body is called holy. The body, home of the soul is holy and desires to be wholly given to her husband. This taking of the woman (soul) by the Groom is to be completely possessed by the husband of the desired fulfillment. Jesus said the kingdom of God suffers violence and the violent "take" it by force.

As Christ arises in you as you he will "take" the responsibility of loving his bride and even redeeming her to himself as noted in Ephesians 5:27. The soul of the bride is taken by the internal love dialogues of the groom. This self talk that you accept responsibility for is the salvation of your soul.

A note is that the man Jesus will not stand by you 24/7 and talk to you to encourage your soul. He has left that responsibility to you. We know the truth that is being revealed to us, take it and possess your land/soul.

Psalm 19:14 Let the words of my mouth, and the meditation of my heart, be acceptable in thy sight, O LORD, my strength, and my redeemer.

To Know and Not Do is to Not Yet Know

As stated in the above title to see a particular truth is not enough, internal and maybe external action is required.

When the desire for change has been accepted by you, then the first thing that has to happen is the old default thinking and feelings of the heart have to be changed. Default meaning your go to emotions that you continually fall back into at the emotional conclusion of something exciting that has happened.

Sometimes this change of a foundational mood that no longer serves literally feels like your teeth that were clamped down on your undesirable emotions are being painfully removed. When we have been familiar with a certain default way of feeling its hard to let go of it. Except for an occasional blessing or inspiration we all return to our default mood. I call this our foundational mood. It takes say 51% of us dwelling in a new or different mood to feel as if the new foundational mood has been accepted. This foundational rock is inside you and you are to build upon it as if you are a King/Queen. Upon this rock will I build my church.

Although the scriptures don't say that the Christian religion will fill all in all in every way, it does say that Christ will fill all and all and the knowledge or the glory of God will cover the Earth as the waters cover the sea. That knowledge or intimacy has to be the communion of your own heart. If you can't party with yourself and get along with yourself then you won't truly get along with others.

Feeling is the Secret by Neville Goddard

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