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TV Personalities Who Enriched our Views on Life

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In our daily life, we are bombarded with conflicting and persuasive political views, controversial and revealing social issues, breathtaking and game-changing technological developments, unsettling and incomprehensive economic news. All these happenings have us confused, helpless, and depressed.

Fortunately, we can find relief, relaxation, and rejuvenation in TV programs that educate, enlighten, and entertain the world that we live in but seldom know about. There are many such programs out there but only a rare few that have attracted a large, loyal, and cult-like fan base and at the same time, endured the test of time. They all have one thing in common – the program host who is not only knowledgeable about the program's subject matter but also has engaging, persuasive, and cheerful demeanor.

Author's work

Author's work

David Attenborough

He is a naturalist who has hosted many different TV programs about parts of Nature that many people do not know exist or have the chance to experience. At 95 years old, he is still going strong using his passion, enthusiasm, persuasiveness, and professional knowledge to inform, educate, enlighten, and entertain large faithful fans worldwide. His tireless efforts make people aware that:

1) Every living thing in Nature serves a purpose in Nature’s ecosystem,

2) How our boundless pursuit of material comforts has caused irreversible damages to this ecosystem.

The chemical wastes that contaminate the earth, burning the fossil fuel for energy that pollutes the air and causes global warming, and deforestation that destroys animal habitats, all of them threaten the lives of:

1) The birds and bees that pollinate and spread the seeds of plants,

2) the wolves and lions that keep the populations of antelope and wildebeest in check,

3) The ants that subsist on the organic wastes of the land,

4) The forests that take in CO2 are breathed out by the living things and release oxygen that keeps the living things alive.

Bob Ross

He specialized in landscape painting with the extensive use of a large brush and palette knife. He had his own one-man weekly TV show on PBS for 10 years called “The Joy of Painting". In that time, he had attracted loyal followings that enabled him to teach his style of techniques around the country. His phenomenal popularity as an unsophisticated but effective painter was due to:

1) From a blank canvas, he always finished an original and beautiful work of art in 30 minutes,

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2) During his work, he never stopped talking and explaining how and why the colors and strokes he used with his soft, soothing, and pleasing voice,

3) There was no political agenda, preaching, just sharing his talent of transferring what he saw and experienced in Nature for all to see.

Most of the people enjoyed his painting show for its therapeutic and relaxation effect. No thinking, judging, or reflecting are needed. Just opening up the mind to take in the beauty and wonder of Nature unfolding is what people are looking forward to.

Huell Howser

No one has done a more complete and thorough showcasing of California's unique businesses, cultures, parks, and sights of interest. He was the host of his TV program on PBS for almost 20 years called "California Gold". He was a skilled interviewer with an uncanny ability to get information from people and make the show interesting and entertaining. His extensive work that had almost left no stone unturned in California was recognized by the school system for its educational and historic values.

His success and accomplishments were due to:

1) An easy and approachable personality that turned strangers into friends in an instant,

2) An amazing communicator who always said the right things asked the appropriate questions, and made people feel comfortable to discourse what they knew,

3) A one-man army whose mission was to seek out, explore, and expose the sight, sound, and interesting people of California.

His shows were never boring, always informative, sometimes educational, and all about California from the desert to the sea, from Redwood to Hollywood, from Magic Castle to Hearst Castle, from San Francisco to San Diego, from Korean Town to China Town, and from Death Valley to Silicon Valley.

Steve Irwin

He became world-famous as a dangerous animal handler in his TV program called “Crocodile Hunter” from Australia. While never stopping to explain what he was doing, his calm, energetic, and playful demeanors in front of striking distance of the man-eater kept the audience on the edge of their seats in awe. In the show, he also handled and introduced people to a variety of other dangerous/poisonous animals in the natural world. His growing fame and popularity were due to:

1) He always treated the animals with respect and admiration for their uniqueness and beauty,

2) He always explained the animals’ functions and habitats in understandable details,

3) His animated enthusiasm and turbo-charged energy jumped out of the screen.

People watching his show not only came away with an understanding of the life of those dangerous animals but were also enthralled by his genuine love and dedication to his work. As the news of his sudden demise after being struck in the chest by the tail of a stingray, it was a great surprise and sorrow mixed with a feeling that the world just lost a once-in-a-lifetime wildlife preservation advocate.

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