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To The American Electorate Come November 3, 2020.

Rev Kenneth Evurulobi is a Catholic Priest , a Liberation Theologian and Researcher on 3rd Message of Fatima based in his country, Nigeria.


(A Potential Citizen’s Response to New York Times October 18 2020 Editorial Indictment of President Donald Trump)


(A Potential Citizen’s Response to New York Times Editorial Indictment of President Donald Trump)


A Sunday Review of the New York Times put together by its editorial board members outlined, October 18, 2020, how President Donald Trump has “gravely damaged the United States” and why he is “unfit to lead the nation.” The editorial offers a clear statement of purpose; a call to the past; a list of grievances; and a solution. It correctly pointed it out that November 3, 2020 Election can be a turning point because it is about the country’s future, and what path its citizens wish to choose.

In fact, MARYSROSE is overwhelmed by the force of the truth which the editorial evokes when it said that “the implicit optimism of American democracy is that the health of the Republic rests on the judgment of the electorate and the integrity of those voters choose… Now, in this moment of peril, it falls to the American people — even those who would prefer a Republican president — to preserve, protect and defend the United States by voting.” Click here to visit NYT Editorial <https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2020/10/16/opinion/donald-trump-worst-president.html>


New York Times October 18, 2020 Editorial Board’s opinion poll could have been an exciting and rewarding venture if only it had made concerted effort to excavate and lay down on the table, before all Americans, the real issues, challenges and options which the next four democratic years throw up for the growth, development, peace, progress and security of the nation especially with regards to the election of a new President. Next to follow would have been an x-ray of the strengths and weaknesses of those vying to occupy the oval office after November 3, 2020 and the measure of their appeal to the electorate.

The crux of the matter here lies in the mischievous evocation and wrong application of democratic paradigms to serve some egotistical and overtly bloated designs that have been elevated to the status of ultimate value by members of an editorial crew whose professional services make them stand face to face with a certain man-made opaqueness about the November 3 challenges. Unarguably, they were deliberately positioned and assigned to misinform and deceive.

It is laughable how anybody could be persuaded to accept that New York Times editorial board’s bias and foul-mouthing against President Donald Trump is an expertise, well researched and hotly debated conclusion meant to defend and protect longstanding values.

In it’s June 7, 2010 Cover Story “Why Being Pope Means Never Having To Say I Am Sorry”, Times International of London deployed her professional expertise to blow the lid off the disgusting bottle of clerical sex-abuse that had raged on, like wildfire, under the hood. Beyond the facts of clerical sex-abuse that were expertly laid out on its gloss pages, one’s attention was drawn to the cream of journalists that made up the editorial crew of the magazine. But after one had taken time off to study and analyze the powerful undercurrents and overriding interests that dictate to and drive the magazine forward, one had cause to write thus:

“As the Rolex wristwatch ticks valuable seconds, minutes, hours days, weeks, months, seasons and years away with a precision that is uniquely its own, the empowered erudite journalists at the TIME like Jeff Isreally and Howard Chua-Eoan will be forced to discover to their greatest shock that Terrorism, and not Rolex, has been the real and only issue advertised in the attractive glossy pages of every edition of TIME Magazine. It is only after this that they will begin to “see the world differently” – no longer through Masonic spectacles which the TIME Magazine wears with the pride of an ostrich but with the naked eyes of reality which only the silent but volcanic effects of global terrorism can awaken in the sleeping consciousness of a European/American atheist. The decade old 9/11 attack on America is a step in this direction, but that it came from far away Afghanistan has made it attractive to dismiss Terrorism as an Osama Bin Laden branded product and contraband of the first grade in Europe/America. It has always been my candid opinion, and one I have always pursued with vigour and unalloyed conviction that terrorists are not worth dying for. They are worth fighting against. Wherever they are, whatever they profess and represent, and however disguised or decorated, real terrorists must be unmasked, denied every form of legitimacy and be compelled to take responsibility for their actions.” (Visit here https://hubpages.com/politics/The-Church-And-Global-Security-Introducing-A-Fifth-Gospel-To-Nigeria ).

In the 2010 article that was hurriedly put in place in an effort to deal with the global challenges which terrorism present to 21st century Catholicism and to my country Nigeria respectively, one was constrained to underline and strongly denounce the destructive uses to which some global actors and their collaborators have put propaganda.

Being a student of Diplomacy and leading the Liberation Struggle have helped one uncover a prong of modern diplomatic behavior which emphasizes the fact that “it is better and safer to quarrel with the enemy in his bedroom than to have a cup of coffee with him in your sitting room”.

Besides, a good number of actors in the field of social engineering do not, any longer, pretend about an unusual and discomforting opaqueness that now arrogantly sits exactly at the place where transparency and responsibility originally stood to draw up agenda for world politics, economics and religion. The existence of such opaqueness has, often times, been denied and categorized as illusory by masquerading globalists, not because it is unreal, but because the fabricators would rather have it remain perpetually hidden as a way of diverting attention from the dangers it poses to the growth, development, peace, progress and security of the independent nations of the world and that of the global family. It is also a way of protecting the identity of its fabricators and shielding them from criminal prosecution.

Those of us at MARYSROSE are open to truth.

According to Learned Hand, accomplished American jurist and democrat, “to love truth sincerely means to pursue it with an earnest, conscientious, unflagging zeal. It means to be prepared to follow the light of evidence even to the most unwelcome conclusions; to labor earnestly to emancipate the mind from early prejudices; to resist the current of desires and the refracting influence of the passions; to proportion, on all occasions, conviction to evidence and to be ready, if need be, to exchange the calm assurance for all the suffering of a perplexed and disturbed mind. To do this is very difficult and very painful, but it is clearly involved in the notion of earnest love of truth”. Lenard Hand further exhorted that no one should overlook to rebuke always those whose convictions are due to the unrestricted bias of their interests. This is simply because motives have easily accredited the credentials of questionable proposals.

More so, as an organization linked to the Catholic Church and against the barrage of mockery and befuddled questions that have been deployed to deface and suffocate MARYSROSE, it suffices to state here that we must queue up behind the authentic vision of Christ and help build up a Church that is the Mystical Body of Christ and the Family of the People of God – a Universal Church which the Particular Churches would be proud to subscribe to as the Sacrament of Jesus Christ functioning fully and effectively, through the transformative action of the Holy Spirit, to propagate the Gospel and, at the same time, serving as a vehicle of salvation, a community of life and love as well as an instrument of reconciliation, liberation, peace and justice. This kind of Church cannot afford the luxury of neglecting or trivializing the Liberation Struggle. And divorced from this, the Church of the future is already a failed, vandalized, guilty, abused and abusive institution. If, by the fact of the accusation of total neglect or trivialization of the clergy sex-abuse, the Church in Europe and America is declaring bankrupt and being perceived as a pack of pretensions, then this assumption must be allowed to stand.

In all her undertakings, MARYSROSE is propelled by the conviction that when one has resolved to have strong faith and absolute trust in God to the extent that one’s life becomes a total and unconditional demonstration of unquestionable obedience to and unreserved patience with God, then one must know that he or she has, consciously or unconsciously, secured a warrant of arrest and a mandate of prosecution against evil. This, not God, is the reason for the suffering of the man or woman the Bible decides to refer to as “Job”. The Liberation Struggle is an attempt to identify “Job” and to join hands with him or her to raise the most adequate response to evil while still remaining faithful to God. Thank Providence for Pope Francis’ timely encyclical “Fratelli Tutti”.

Standing on these pedestals of assessment, therefore, it immediately becomes obvious why and how New York Times’ October 18, 2020 Editorial Board opinion poll is a product of “poisoned pen” upgraded, through destructive propaganda, to a November 3 national breakfast with the avowed intention to deceive and disenfranchise unsuspecting and gullible Americans thereby forcing them to accept to live, work and die, not for the American dream or for the realization of their private goods and interests, but for the actualization of the overarching pretentious ambition of a global turncoat and to, thereafter, remain ever in the dark and in total ignorance about their contributions to the evolution of global dictatorship.

In that New York Times editorial, America, together with her dreams for the next four democratic years, was poisoned. And with this baggage of editorial bias hanging on its neck, the assumption that New York Times is a masquerading and mischievous Newspaper continues to exacerbate.


If the ‘Truth About America” that causes ripples in the serene waters of loyalty, ruffles the feathers of royalties and startles global minds is what is archived and locked away in a remote Nigerian Village and not the invectives which a highly discredited and masquerading Newspaper decides to feed her subscribers with, then the man or woman who is a legitimate applicant to American citizenship and who makes concerted efforts to rescue and propagate this “Truth About America” is a more patriotic, more sincere and more respectful American than a narcissistic presidential candidate and a potential terrorist who hides behind the cloak of Catholicism to insult God and disenfranchise the American people through a deceptive electoral devise that hijacks the will of the people and uses it as a bargaining chip for a position of power and influence in a Global System of Evil which, in itself, is a total contradiction and repudiation of everything America stands for. Thus, I am more American than Mr. Joe Biden, Presidential Candidate of the Democratic Party for the 2020 US Presidential Election.

The tragedy of Joe Biden is that in him, through former President Barack Obama, terrorist Islam would meet with Luciferous Christianity that wears the cloak of a reformed Church especially in reference to a hijacked Papacy to draw up and publish the final map of the New World and unveil the real faces of the diverse institutions and agencies of its government. And this may require that, by the invocation of powerful global treaties whose real dimensions have, hither to, remained very faint and through an arrangement in which the irrevocable involvements of the U.S Government seem to foreclose further debates, parts of America would be ceded to and designated reserved territories of the New World.

Remarkably, for the security of the original American dwellers, a strict immigration policy that leaves the door open to immigrants with real needs must not be permitted to be swallowed up and replaced by an emerging liberal one designed, not to accommodate real immigrants to America, but to serve as a vehicle for the speedy importation, easy occupation and legitimate takeover of such places by their new owners even as the original occupants are subdued, suppressed, confined to a corner and eventually phased out. At such a moment like this, the disposition that would rule over the U.S Presidency is and always will remain that of a “sleepy Joe’’ or ‘’Big Brother Dems!” Is this all about America?

Notably, against this background, Americans must be made to appreciate the hard truth that Mr. Joe Biden, Presidential Candidate of the Democratic Party, is a destroyer of Christianity and, by extension, Islam. He is also a disaster that lies in ambush against a united, secure, prosperous and peaceful America. In the candidacy of Joe Biden, the wildfires of apostasy, heresy and schism threaten to raze down the arcane walls of institutional Catholicism and the structures of ecclesiastical government.

In him, the Church, once again, comes face to face with the persistent question of evil in the world. Again, in him, Jesus Christ, through the openness and friendly disposition of the many unsuspecting cardinals and Bishops of the Church in America, confronts the familiar face of a Judas.

The eight years of the Barack Obama administration transformed the exalted office of the President of the United States into an iconic micro-chip in the hands of a global criminal gang that re-built the U.S Government into a sophisticated and highly efficient statecraft that divested itself of every incurred obligation to the American Constitution and to the vision of the founding fathers of America except as these were made to, first of all, relinquish their hold on and sabotage long standing values that defined the uniqueness of the American dream.

Against the backdrop of this violent strangulation of the WILL of the people and given the cruel invasion of the rostrum of governance, it would not be surprising to know that Barack Obama was a president without a portfolio. Instead, satisfied with and eulogized as a black American slave and an errand boy whose only legitimate function consisted mainly in pushing the garbage truck along the long corridors of power and cleaning the mess left behind in the hall of fame and honor by a club of racist demagogues after every nocturnal political, economic and religious meetings and ogre feasts, Obama watched helplessly and hopelessly as America slipped out of his hands. His color worked against him, and would have left him totally naked and stranded at the center of Sahara desert with tags of greed and treason hung on his neck and with his hands tied to his back had he chosen to do otherwise. But did he have any other option?

A Hilary Clinton administration would have erected a wall or created a certain opaqueness between where Barack Obama stood as a black man and the meeting and partying halls of these racists, thereby cutting him off completely from and keeping him in the dark about the direction of global events except as he is needed to play the part of a clown in subsequent power games like the forthcoming election.

If providence employed Donald Trump as the Cyrus of Isaiah 45 to stop Hilary Clinton, then he must be supported and encouraged to stop another Hilary Clinton in a man’s form, and to clean the mess that was created during the eight years of the Barack Obama administration and at his back.

It is doubtful if Barack Obama actually knows the degree or dimensions of this mess. If he does, then the NYT editorial crew has no cause labeling Donald Trump a bully.

The resilience, resourcefulness and resolve which Trump has deployed in an effort to rescue America from the leadership post of global terror, recapture the American dream and reposition the nation on the path of growth, development, peace, progress and security is legendary. In other words, he has fulfilled a major part of his electoral promise which hinged greatly on his campaign slogan: Take Back America!”

Trump’s original sin is that, in doing this, he has stubbornly refused to accept and allow the dictatorship of the “deep state” or the “deep Church”, the cruel judgments of merchants of global terror and the desperation of political scavengers weigh him down or come between him and his office as the 45th President of the United States of America.

In reference to the NYT editorial crew disgusting and resentful vomits, MARYSROSE does hereby observe that the supremacist we know is better than the terrorist we do not know. If this cliché has any truth-value for all Americans, then it is the law of freedom for all African-Americans.


It is only a demand of an unmitigated tomfoolery that will create the need for anybody to begin to draw comparisons between Nigeria’s practice of democracy and that of the United States. But MARYSROSE will not shy away from this need if that is what it takes to awaken sleeping Americans and impress it upon their consciousness the urgency of the need for them to support, encourage and work together with President Donald Trump to “Take Back America”.

In an analogous manner, the Nigeria situation shares a certain nexus with the American story. The real picture of the situation can be gleaned in an analogous appreciation of the Nigerian dilemma.

Former President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan is the equivalent of a Barack Obama that was not allowed to be and never came to be. The massive mobilizations by civil society groups and the strong intervention of patriots, nationalists, democrats, social justice activists and freedom fighters met with and embraced the humility and honest dispositions of a convinced and committed democrat in the person of the former president to save the masses, especially those from South East and South-South, the experience of something that is the equivalent of the Somali/Burundi genocide.

Today, a criminal gang has usurped the leadership of the ruling party, All Progressives Congress (APC) and has succeeded, or so it seems, in inflicting President Muhammadu Buhari with strong bouts of dementia and has gone ahead to reduce him to a mummy confined to the presidential lodge in Abuja’s Aso Rock – Nigeria’s seat of power. When occasion or need repressively demands that he must make a public appearance, he is pumped up, decorated like a royal moron and guided by an external source of intelligence to react or respond to issues.

With such cruel usurpations accomplished, the person and office of the President of Nigeria was dissolved completely and subsumed into what a criminal cabal clique has christened the “presidency”.

Thus secure under the umbrella of “the presidency”, terrorism and corruption now walk tall on the streets of Nigeria and dictate the conduct of about more than 80% of Nigerians, both those in government, in the business class and in private life.

Propelled by an entrenched police brutality that manifests itself in different ways including extra-judicial killings, kidnapping, intimidation, e.t.c., the 1914 Lord Lugard’s pack called Nigeria has transformed into another Auschwitz killing fields.

A non-violent public protest that began penultimate week spread evenly across many states.

The protest was originally designed to serve as a stepping stone to a revolution which alone holds the most adequate response and answers to the problems plaguing the country in terms of a convocation of a Sovereign National Conference (SNC) that would, among other things, re-draw the map of (or restructure) Nigeria into a confederation made up of six geo-political zones and give room for the emergence of a President from South East or South-South zone.

Protesters filed up on the streets demanding an end to police brutality and for the government to ban SARS (Special Anti-Robbery Squad), a special arm of the Nigerian Police carved out and empowered to fight armed robbery and other related crimes. The agitations later graduated into a non-violent demand for REAL CHANGE.

Regrettably, the highly corrupt and terrorist APC-led administration moved fast to infiltrate, hijack and finally reduced it to a mere “END SARS” protests.

It is for this reason that the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) is toying with the idea of an armed struggle. But the option of war carries with it an invitation to genocide against the Igbos.

The Muhammadu Buhari administration has failed woefully to keep faith with the sacrifices, love and trust of patriots, nationalists, democrats, social justice activists, freedom fighters and other actors who, prompted by the urgency of the need for change, rallied round a frustrated and completely phased out but self-acclaimed reformed democrat and repentant dictator solely on the basis of the confirmation of his credentials as a seasoned anti-corruption czar and a disciplinarian in the hope that, in him and with him, the gods of a greater tomorrow would be appeased and Nigeria would be taken back and restored to her real owners – the people.

Nevertheless, the significance of the person and office of President Muhammadu Buhari lies in the fact that Nigerians had the opportunity to escape the experience of the Somali/Burundi kind of genocide and buy enough time to dialogue with each other.

But it must be noted that, without the convocation of a Sovereign National Conference, Nigeria as a nation is sitting on a keg of gun power.

Former President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan is the equivalent of a Barack Obama that was never allowed to be and never came to be. The massive mobilizations by civil society groups and the strong interventions of patriots, democrats, nationalists, social justice activists and freedom fighters met with and embraced the humility and honest resolve of a convinced and committed democrat in the person of former President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan to save the Nigerian people especially those from South East and South South the experience of an equivalent of the Somali/Burundi genocide.

On the other hand, President Muhammadu Buhari is the equivalent of a scarcely educated Donald Trump that has not been allowed to be and would never ever be – no thanks to the party of hawks where he has pitched his political tent. Unlike Nigeria’s Muhammadu Buhari who has unsuspectingly played into the hands of the Nigerian “Deep State” and “Deep Islam” and has, in this way, signed and sealed, consciously or unconsciously, the inauguration of a new reign of terror, a new age of slavery and the eventual collapse of Nigeria, President Donald Trump is a man who resolutely confronted the challenges of his office and triumphed greatly.

On another note, the part played by Barack Obama in American history is what Pope Benedict XVI vehemently refused to do at the Vatican. Instead, he preferred to and did relinquish his hold on power for the Church to remain what She is - the perfect Bride of Christ.

Today, the eyes of knowledgeable members of the global family - notably Catholics, including those of the other Christian denominations and members of other world religions – are watching closely to see whether Pope Francis, the Bishop of Rome and Supreme Pontiff of the Universal Church would accept to wear the ecclesiastical equivalent of the Barack Obama presidency or that of a masquerading Joe Biden. Or, whether he would step into the shoes of his predecessor, Benedict XVI and insist on moving in the same direction with him although with some slight modifications that would silence “the Gallen Club,” hoping to coast home to victory riding on the wings of the efficient diplomacy that connects to his Jesuit roots.


November 3, 2020 is a day all alarms in American life are set to go off again thereby summoning all, both as individuals and as a nation, to their various duty posts.

It was in full consciousness of the significance of the U.S. 2020 Presidential Election and how it affects MARYSROSE that she adopted the theme: Pray Until Something Happens” (PUSH) for her 2020 Theology/Prayer Convention which held in Aba, Abia State, Nigeria.

Recall that the declaration “A Morning Duty” and the interventions that came as follow-up are fruits of an earlier 2016 MARYSROSE Convention. The declaration was a response to the questions that were tied to the person who would emerge President of the United States during the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election.

The declaration made bold and rewarding attempts to highlight the features of whatever would be referred to, back then, as “great decision” and “right action” during and after the 2016 U.S Presidential Election.

Access to a copy of 2016 MARYSROSE Declaration for the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election can be found here < https://web.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=1431493010226488&set=ms.c.eJxFzdsJADEMA8GOjlh~_qv~%3BGjjg4~_R1WSEzFCFQUFchPGqRK3Um1AY8FRKg~_6CJigL4L550wDswECw2VF7JvrQbEukh~%3B0C9rCl39YmUX5MArdE9KOICG5APbt6LyA5g4M1o~-.bps.a.1431491473559975&type=3&theater >.

America is passing through a season of truth especially in reference to such issues or events as Covid-19 Pandemic; the new forms of terrorism; George Floyd and the renewed questions about justice, equality and identity in larger American life; e.t.c. All these are, in one way or another, tied to the American dream.

Two factors have been discovered to be consistent in the evolution and actualization of the American dream. The first is the ability to make a choice. And this ability, it is believed, is at the center of the American Union, and equally touches on the heart of freedom. The second is the ability of Americans to persevere in the search for truth, together with the readiness and willingness to accept and to live that truth even if it comes to unwelcome conclusions.

In simple words, the first is about freedom. And the second is about sacrifice.

MARYSROSE is not unaware that Freedom and Sacrifice have their different faces, and that these faces continue to wake up on daily basis in many homes, families, domains, compartments of American life to walk the streets and work hard to sustain the American dream and restore lost hopes.

Every sincere and authentic American citizen, including applicants to American citizenship, still believe and have become all the more convinced that George Floyd was, in some respects, one of such faces of freedom – the handsome and irreplaceable face of the African-American.

MARYSROSE understands the fury of Americans over that cruel and intolerable attack on freedom that claimed the life of Mr. George Floyd. This attack evokes and compels a response, and must surely get one that is prompt and adequate.

One is, however, forced to confess a surge of excitement, powerful nourishment and irrevocable addiction to the maturity, convictions and commitments of those Americans – countless in their numbers, both those who took to the streets in non-violent protests against the attack on freedom and these others who decided to raise protests from their homes against systemic racism, injustice and for the fact that “All lives matter!” – who have unreservedly subscribed to and allowed freedom and sacrifice to define the character of their commitments to the American dream.

November 3, 2020 is a day all Americans are to, once more, speak with one voice for the American Dream, for George Floyd and for themselves.

With him Americans have “Taken Back America!”

Now, therefore, stand up, stay with and be counted for Donald Trump. Join hands to “Make America Great again!”


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OCTOBER 27, 2020


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OCTOBER 27, 2020.