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6 Best traits a Good Teacher Should know before Starting a Lecture


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A good teacher is the one whose teachings last a remarkable impression on the student’s mind. A teacher can make or ruin a student’s life with his/her behavior. A skilled teacher is the one who possesses the following qualities.

1. Avoid Boring Social Scripts.

Students gain interest when they feel the lecture is not boring. A good teacher is trained to engage his/her students and show them new and innovative ideas which ultimately broaden their thinking process.

2. Provide challenges to the students.

Students fellow their teachers and it's teacher's foremost obligation to guide their students and provide them some challenges. Challenges polish the skills of taking risks and students find ways to think out of the box.

3. Appreciate your students.

People say ; "Behind every successful man is a woman" but I say, "Behind every successful person is the word of appreciation".

If a teacher wants his students to mark the world, he must motivate his students and appreciate them for their hardwork because research shows appreciation for hardwork has shown outstanding results rather than appreciation for intelligence.

4. Trigger neurotransmitter DOPAMINE for their better performance.

A great teacher never overburden his students rather relax them by triggering their neurotransmitter that's Dopamine. He discusses some specific topic of students interest and students will pleasure and happiness while talking on specific topic. He has the power of humor. Cracking jokes and don’t get panic at the time of trouble are very essential qualities for a good teacher.

5. Effective communication and leadership qualities.

A good teacher possesses the skill of communicate effectively with his students. He can communicate (internal and external) and transfer the knowledge and skills to managing work-life balance. In addition, he will train his students in different tools of communication to increase the productivity of work.

6. Critical thinking - able to make good decisions for students.

“To be interesting, you have to be interested.” Dale Carnegie.

A great teacher has some specific purpose for his life and he transfer that vision to his students. He helped his people and in return gain respect from them.He has a sense of responsibility and able to perform his tasks without any delays. A good teacher always think for the better future of his students and never afraid to take decisions for his students.

Sara Shahid.


Sp Greaney from Ireland on November 16, 2020:

It's sad that only a select few teachers will have this ability. I know of only 2 teachers who had the experience and skill to get students to like there class when I was in school.

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