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Survival Hacks That Can Keep You out of Trouble

My interest, experience and knowledge of such stuff instigates me to share it with others too so that they can also benefit from cool stuff.

'survival hacks', its a cool term isn't it? well it is an umbrella term which can cover a lot in it. here in this article you will learn a few simple tricks to save you from certain situations or at least can minimize the potential dangers and harm.

Super match


How to turn an ordinary match into a super match.

1. Most of us must have experienced that when in rain or other wise gets wet, the match becomes useless and it does not light or give fire. so here is what you can do to turn an ordinary match into a super match.

You can turn ordinary matches into waterproof ones, apply a thin coat of nail polish to the matches and let it dry, once they're ready, they'll stay dry enough to start a fire. Even if you drop the matches in the water.

Don't eat ice


Melt it down

2. If you get lost somewhere during the winter and need a drink, then don't eat snow. It has much more air than water, so you won't even feel much more hydrated. Your body also wastes a lot of energy trying to eat it. Even worse, you might lower your body temperature and could even get sick, so its better to melt it and then consume.

since knowledge is power, keep this info in to your arsenal and it will save you from going the wrong way.

How to survive a wolf attack


Face it

3. If you find yourself face to face with a coyote or a wolf, don't turn your back in fact you should slowly retreat while facing the animal. This might only work for a single animal, though. If you meet a pack, then the most important thing is to make sure that they don't surround you. They prefer to attack you from the back so back away towards a tree and pressure back against it. Then choose the right moment and climb it as quickly as possible.

Ta-da here you go, congratulations! you have just saved yourself from a wolf attack.

The more the better


Sometimes quantity is better than quality

4. Do you know that several layers of clothing will warm you better than one warm fur coat or down jacket. Air will be trapped between the clothing layers, insulating you and keeping your body warm. so next time when you go for camping in winters, instead of taking your expensive coat or jacket with you, keep multiple layers of clothing, this will serve you better

Elevate yourself


Sleep but don't die

5. If you get lost in the woods, always try to sleep a little above the ground. You can lay on a layer of branches and leaves as a makeshift bed or stretch a hammock out between some trees. At night, the temperature drops and the ground becomes cold. Even if you build a fire, it could go out while you sleep and the ground will be sapping your body heat. I think keeping yourself warm is a better idea than trying to warm the earth. what do u think?

Fishing is an art


Sometimes fishing can be a good hobby

6. If you are in a boat in the middle of a sea, no food, no fishing net, and you're hungry. You can catch fish even with the help of your shoelaces and any object, phone, watch or keys. The shadow cast by the boat in the sea can attract fish and a reflective object can work as bait. Tie your keys to your shoelaces and use them as a fishing rod. Even if a fish doesn't buy. Activities like this are a good way to maintain a healthy mind on the open sea.

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Breath the calmness in and anxiety out


Your respiration is your magic wand

7. Your reality is always based upon your subjective perception of the environmental stimuli. If you perceive a situation to be stressful, you can change your perspective and thus your reality and the way you feel also. A short meditation can save you from a panic attack. You need to focus on your breathing and try to slow it down. Your brain will quickly calm down and turn its focus away from the panic. Oxygen masks on airplanes work on the same principle. When you control your breathing, your attention is redirected away from whatever bad thing is happening.

Abracadabra! all the anxiety is gone.

Make a fool out of the bear but not yourself


Bears are fat but fast too

8. If you meet an angry grizzly bear, never try to run away because the bear can easily outrun you. Instead, lie down and don't move. Grizzlies only usually attack when they see a threat, so when they don't have a reason to view you as a threat they'll often leave you alone if you show them that you won't cause them any problems. This only works with grizzly bears, though. If a confrontation is unavoidable, you should back away slowly and use bear spray. If you don't have any, pepper spray will work similarly and should disorient the bear and scare him away.

Know the unforbidden fruits


All that glitters is not gold

9. If you are in a forest don't eat berries or mushrooms if you don't know exactly what they are. They could be poisonous. If you have no other option, eat the inner bark of Maples, Birch's and pines to fill your stomach. Use a knife to cut away the rough outer bark and get to the softer white stuff. You can boil it to make it even softer or cook it over an open fire to make a crunchy snack. And if you're really starving, you can look for ants. They might not be the most appetizing, but they're pretty nutritious. behave like a badass commando from the special services and you will begin to feel like one.

Ancient wisdom


Old is gold

10. If you are in outdoors and don't have a watch, you can use your fingers to find out how much time is left until sunset. Raise your hands so the inside of your palm is facing you. Your fingers should be between the sun and the horizon light. See how many fingers can fit in this space. The thickness of one finger equals about 15 minutes. So you can calculate the time left before sunset. In the picture above you can see that 1.5 fingers can fit in the space so you can roughly calculate that there are still 22 minutes left until dusk

There is no smoke without a fire


Get attention to get help

11. creating fire is not a big deal but if you're lost and need to build a fire to attract attention, throwing a lot of pine, cedar branches, cones and any unnecessary rubber objects is a great idea. it will make your fire emit more black smoke, which makes it visible from afar and thus increase your chances of getting attention and help.

Sometimes being hungry is better than being fed

12. If you have no water in the desert but have some food, try to avoid eating for as long as you can. The more you eat, the more thirsty you'll get. The body needs liquid to digest food, so it'll use up what little you have. A person can live much longer without food then without water, so don't be afraid to stay hungry.

Make a drink for yourself


Drink clean

13. If you find a huge puddle of dirty water in the forest and you're desperate for a drink, you can fill your bottle and filter it into drinking water. To clean it, make a rope of gauze or clothing, put one end into the dirty bottle and the other one into the empty one. Before long, the clean water will flow into the empty bottle through the rope while the impurities are left behind. Wow you have just made yourself a pure drink.

Whatever it takes

14. If you're lost in the forest and have nothing to warm you then take dry leaves and grass from the ground and put it between two layers of clothing. This will help you stay warm for a long time.

15. When you're lost in the desert try to move as little as possible during the day, find a shadow or create it from improvised materials and sit in the shade until dark. At night you'll spend much less energy and use up less fluid while you walk. This will help you to avoid the risk of a heat stroke.

Don't break the ice


Swimming on the ice

15. If you fall through some ice, don't try to get out like you would in a pool, if you put your hands on the ice and try to push yourself out with your arms, it could crack and make you fall back into the water. You need to stretch your arms parallel to the ice surface and stretch your legs way back so they float in the water in this horizontal position start waving your legs as if you're swimming, move your arms carefully without putting too much weight on the ice. And you should be able to escape.

Fire in the hole


Smoke without the fire

16. if you need to build a fire while it's too windy. Here's what to do. Dig two holes next to each other and create a small underground tunnel between them. Make a fire in one of the pits, the wind can't extinguish it and the fire gets its air through the second pit. This method is also useful if you need to build a fire without drawing attention in the dark. This kind of fire won't be visible.

The Art of swimming


Swim farther not harder

17. If you are swimming in the sea not far from the shore. You can easily get swept up in rip currents. If this happens, the most important thing to remember is not to swim against the current. This will only waste your strength and sap your energy, and you're unlikely to ever overpower an ocean current. Instead, try to swim sideways along the shore. Sooner or later you should get out of the current and then you can safely swim to the beach.

© 2021 Syed Babar Saleem

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