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Sun Halos, Dark Twins, Second Suns and Nibiru Planet X

Full Awareness of our current paradigm is being exposed in many different forms through a network of whistleblowers, to expose the truth.

Sun Halo

This Sun Halo clearly shows the rainbow-like circle that is indicative of Sun Halos and lens flares that might be mistaken as planets around the Sun. Science explains this as caused by ice particles in the atmosphere, might there be another cause?

This Sun Halo clearly shows the rainbow-like circle that is indicative of Sun Halos and lens flares that might be mistaken as planets around the Sun. Science explains this as caused by ice particles in the atmosphere, might there be another cause?

Sun Halos

In the last decade a plethora of Sun Halos have begun appearing all over our planet and with the introduction of digital cameras in phones is now being shared on the internet in abundance. In the last ten years I have taken over 10,000 photographs of our Sun, hoping to get a clear photograph of Nibiru Planet X, dozens of my Sun photographs show Sun Halos but it wasn't until recently that I made the connection to the enigmatic Nibiru Planet X. In this article, Sun Halos, Dark Twins, Double Suns and Nibiru Planet X, I will explain why I think there is a connection.

Sun Halos have been around for a long time, having been recorded by the ancient Romans and Greeks. This rare atmospheric phenomenon caused by refracted and reflected light from our Sun off ice crystals in our Trion sphere was used in the past to predict rain and forecast weather, mostly from Moon Halos, this is an important factor too consider.

Numerous photos of Sun Halos can be found on the internet today but the majority of the photographs I have found, have a time stamp of being taken in the last ten years. I have searched high and low for photographs of Sun Halos that have been taken before 2008 and have yet to find one, this seems odd and only supports my contention that this recent increase is related to the arrival of Nibiru Planet X in our Solar System.

While researching this article, I went to Wikipedia to see what they had to say about Sun Halos and of the dozen or so photographs they used as examples of the phenomenon, I could not find one dated before 2009. So while some of these Sun Halos photographs we see on the internet today may in fact be due to refracted and reflected light off ice crystals in our upper atmosphere, I contend the majority of them are being caused by another planetary body moving in front of our Sun. My reasons for thinking this is because of the other interesting images we often see within the Sun Halo, that ice crystals cannot be used to explain, such as other planetary bodies or Moons.

Also I have seen photographs of Sun Halos with a partial eclipse taking place as well, which I will post on this article. This phenomenon is certainly an interesting new piece of the puzzle but just as with all of the evidence concerning Nibiru Planet X, isn't the "smoking gun" that definitively provides proof of Nibiru Planet X's existence in our solar system. However this new piece to the puzzle added to all the other evidence and astronomical and geological phenomenon on planet Earth, should provide even the die-hard skeptic with enough "food for thought" to at least contemplate it's existence.

I put such emphasis on these Sun Halos now because they are becoming almost an everyday occurrence and people are becoming acclimated to seeing them, and yet Wikipedia describes Sun halos as a "rare atmospheric phenomenon". You can't have it both ways people, something that happens frequently cannot be considered a rare phenomenon. Got to YouTube and search for Sun Halos and Nibiru Planet X and begin to watch the many, many videos on the subject and decide for yourself. I have posted one below for your perusal.

Massive Sun Halo

Wikipedia Definition of Sun Halos

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

A halo (ἅλως; also known as a nimbus, icebow or Gloriole) is an optical phenomenon produced by ice crystals creating colored or white arcs and spots in the sky. Many are near the sun or moon but others are elsewhere and even in the opposite part of the sky. They can also form around artificial lights in very cold weather when ice crystals called diamond dust are floating in the nearby air.

There are many types of ice halos. They are produced by the ice crystals in cirrus clouds high (5–10 km, or 3–6 miles) in the upper troposphere. The particular shape and orientation of the crystals is responsible for the type of halo observed. Light is reflected and refracted by the ice crystals and may split up into colors because of dispersion. The crystals behave like prisms and mirrors, refracting and reflecting sunlight between their faces, sending shafts of light in particular directions.

Atmospheric phenomena such as halos were used as part of weather lore as an empirical means of weather forecasting before meteorology was developed.

Other common optical phenomena involving water droplets rather than ice crystals include the glory and the rainbow.

This photograph clearly shows another planetary sized object near our Sun. While this has been labelled as a Sun Dog by many, the difference is that it has the same light refraction as our Sun has in this photo.

This photograph clearly shows another planetary sized object near our Sun. While this has been labelled as a Sun Dog by many, the difference is that it has the same light refraction as our Sun has in this photo.

Common Optical Phenomena

I want to be clear here before moving on, that there is no such animal as a common optical phenomena. By definition a phenomena is not a common occurrence, it is a rare occurrence. While Wikipedia claims Sun Halos happen one out of almost every three days out of the year, I submit to my reader, that this is a false statement designed to assure the reader that Sun Halos are in fact an everyday natural fact of life on this planet. This is clearly not the case and to be clear not something that I even noticed, until recently, and I have lived on this planet for 55 years.

In the above definition of Halos, supplied by Wikipedia, they use the word phenomena, three times to describe Sun Halos but in the last paragraph, which by the way is the last thing the reader will absorb if they read the entire article, they describe Sun Halos as a "common optical phenomena", which is a contradiction in terms. This is no accident people, this is by design, so that the reader will formulate the idea that this happens all the time and they just haven't been paying attention.

My contention has always been that, like NASA, Wikipedia is merely a tool designed by Government Intelligence Agencies to share information with the people in a format that will allow them to "trust' the source because it is editable by the people. In other words because it is construed as a Civilian Agency, it then can be promoted as a trustworthy source of information.

A little known fact about NASA, which is easily verified by researching its original mandate, is that NASA was created by the Department of Defense. Because of this, any information NASA obtained through its exploration of space that could possible jeopardize National Security would have to remain secret and could not by law be shared with the public. This would include but not be limited too Aliens, UFOs, Bases on the Moon or other planets created by humans or Aliens, ancient civilizations found on this planet, new planets in our solar system or any other discovery that could possibly threaten National Security.

So, while Wikipedia does remain a good source of information for facts and other information, it will only publish material that the Government Intelligence Agency that created it wishes the public to know about. Yes, you can edit any article you want on Wikipedia but if the Powers That Be do not wish for that information to be shared it will not stay in place for very long . . . if there is any doubt about this be my guest and try it!

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However the important aspect to consider here is that common and phenomenon cannot by definition be used in the same sentence to describe the same thing, as they cancel each other out. There is no such animal as a common phenomenon, like the Tooth Fairy it simple doesn't exist.

Dark Twin

It is often seen as a dark shadow or blue planet due to how light reflects off of it back to Earth. It is also sometimes seen as a Second Sun because of its nearness to our Sun when being seen.

It is often seen as a dark shadow or blue planet due to how light reflects off of it back to Earth. It is also sometimes seen as a Second Sun because of its nearness to our Sun when being seen.

Dark Twin

I raise the subject of Earth's "Dark Twin" as it is known because it is now being seen in ous skies and being mistaken as other known planets and misidentified. Some astronomers and members of The Powers That Be know of this planet because of their dealings and exchange of information with Aliens in Service To Self (STS), back in the time of the infamous Roswell Incident. This planet has been kept a secret from the public due to National Security reasons, as it was part of another infamous conspiracy known as Alternative 3, which essentially was the removal of the ruling elite to other planetary bodies within our solar system during times of future geological upheavals on Earth.

For those of you unfamiliar witht the concept of the Dark Twin, the basic concept is that another Earth sized planet within our (Gaia's) orbit, is positioned on the exact opposite side. Because of this, it is always on the other side of the Sun and can never be seen with the naked eye or even with telescopes from Earth.

"Put two ball bearings in a circular track and spin this, and you soon find that the balls are opposite each other. Just so do these two evenly matched planets find this position opposite each other."

This is a dead planet, with no atmosphere, no oceans, a completely inhospitable rock, much like an asteroid. Because of this it reflects no light and in fact absorbs it but astronomers do 'know" about it because of its gravitational affects on other planets in our solar system. Because it has long been considered an alternative location to setting up a clandestine military base of operations, its location is considered part of National Security and has remained a closely guarded secret, never being released to the public.

It is only now being seen and misidentified by the public because of the affects Nibiru Planet X is having on the orbits of Earth, Mars, Venus and Mercury as it rounds the Sun and moves through our solar system. This has changed the orbits of all these planets crowding them together, so that they are all seen more frequently but often misidentified by an ignorant public. The constant spraying of Chemtrails in our skies has helped to prevent the public from seeing these phenomena even more frequently but even that has its limitations.

The reason the Dark Twin is being seen now is because of its nearness to the Earth and how light reflects off of it. Dead planets such as the Dark Twin, absorb light and reflect very little of it, much like an asteroid. That is why many asteroids are missed by astronomers until they are right on top of the Earth, they are very difficult to detect (visually).

Light rays in the red color spectrum bend easily. blue light rays do not. This is why our Sun is often seen much bigger than it actually is as it nears the horizon where there is more atmospheric interference and density. Because the red light rays spread outward and bend towards the Earth due to its gravity, they arrive at the Earth spread out, thus giving the viewer the appearance of a much larger Sun. The color blue is a straight line light ray and not easily bent but not easily absorbed either so it is reflected back towards the Earth without distortion.

Yellow ( a shade of red) is one of the least absorbed colors to be absorbed by the Dark Twin and because of this it is one of the most reflected colors. That is why the Dark Twin is often seen as a large yellowish disk near the horizon and mistaken as a Second Sun. However this will often change very quickly to a a small blue planetary object due to the reflection of light and how humanity perceives it with the naked eye or even a camera.

What is important to recognize is that many images captured of the Dark Twin in photographs cannot be seen with the naked eye and are only noticed when enhancing the photographs later. Because it is often seen be the camera as only a dark shadow in different color spectrums, this can lead to some confusion by those taking the pictures, as to what they actually captured. This discrepency has only added to the confusion and secrecy surrounding this Earth Twin.

The other important factor to consider when researching this topic is that our current Government (The Powers That Be), tried and failed to set up a human/Alien colony on the Dark Twin, this is infamously known as Alternative 3. Alternative 1 and 2 were attempts at reducing the population of the Earth through diseases such as AIDS and Ebola and/or moving the Ruling Elite into underground cities and instillations. Both of these plans failed to produce the results they intended due to various factors.

Second Sun

Although this photo can be found on an article asking the question How Would Earth Look Like If It Had Two Suns, it doesn't discount the authenticity of the photo itself.

Although this photo can be found on an article asking the question How Would Earth Look Like If It Had Two Suns, it doesn't discount the authenticity of the photo itself.

Second Sun

Second Sun

Second Sun sightings have been happening frequently for the last twenty years but now as digital cameras in phones have become common, it is much easier for the average man to take photos and videos of these sightings. Science has used a variety of explanations to explain these phenomena to the public, yet the most obvious explanation has been carefully avoided ever since the Reagan Administration made the subject of Nibiru Planet X a subject of National Security in 1984.

Nibiru Planet X has a massive dust cloud that surrounds it as it travels through space, this is due to the fact that it is much denser and has a far stronger gravitational pull than most other planets. It has as many as six smaller Moons that orbit around it, along with this massive dust cloud. Because of atmospheric pollution and chemtrails provided by our own Government to obscure our view of it, Nibiru Planet X can most often be seen as our own Sun rises and sets.

The reflection of light from our Sun bounces of this massive dust cloud during the rising and setting of our Sun and is projected towards Earth, so that Nibiru Planet X is seen many times larger than it actually is. The chemtrails being sprayed in our skies, serve many purposes but the main purpose is to obscure our view of this phenomenon, that The Powers That Be on this planet do not wish to have to explain to the public. They use a variety of techniques to do this, of which ridicule and disinformation is one of the most popular.

The most common theme of disinformation is to insert into the public forum articles that proclaim Second Suns and Rogue Planets, do in fact exist but are either to far away to be seen with the naked eye or that astronomers haven't fully determined their true nature. This tactic allows them to admit some truth while still engaging in disinformation and "False News", a popular term being bandied about nowadays.

They have done this with two articles one about a rogue planet they are calling Planet Nine and the other about a distant Second Sun. More can be read about Planet Nine in this article 'Planet Nine' May Exist: New Evidence For Another World In Our Solar System. Of course astronomers have a scientific label for our Second Sun HD 162826, located 110 Light Years away, far to distant to be seen with the naked eye. However more can be read about this discovery in this article HD 162826: Astronomers Discover Second Sun.

The important factor to realize about the Second Sun sightings, is that without all the Chemtrails being sprayed all over the world to obscure the publics view of our heavens, everyone on this planet would have already have seen Nibiru Planet X with their own eyes. This is a very important factor to consider when discussing or even contemplating its existence because for most people seeing is believing. The Powers That Be wish to prevent the public from becoming aware of Nibiru Planet X's existence up until it can no longer be denied.

So one must ask yourself . . . why would they wish to do this?

The obvious answer is that Nibiru Planet X arrival in our solar system has coincided with many geographical upheavals, tectonic stress, floods and full and partial Polar Shifts in Earth's past and this my fellow humans cannot be denied. The most popular historical and religious book on the planet, the Bible, describes this many times in its pages. However every ancient culture has both written and verbal histories of a Red Dragon appearing in the skies, followed by global catastrophes.

What In The World?

National Security

Most Scientific Institutions are financed, directly or indirectly through Government grants and taxpayer money, so when the Government makes a subject part of its National Security protocol as a forbidden subject not to be talked about in any public forum, as they have done with the subject of Nibiru Planet X (in 1984), you can be sure that scientist and astronomers will not talk about this subject. At risk is their livelihood, reputations and even their lives. Many, many astronomers, scientists and whistleblowers have met with unfortunate "accidents" when trying to reveal information regarding the subject of Nibiru Planet X. Click on the previous link to read more about the mysterious deaths.

The most infamous of these "accidents" or unfortunate deaths is the mysterious death of Dr. Robert Harrington, the chief astronomer of the U.S. Naval Observatory. After spending a grueling research curriculum of two years in Birch Bay, New Zealand, he scheduled a World Press Conference, only to be diagnosed with cancer and die within days of esophageal cancer, which usually only affects children between the ages of 5 to 8 years old, strange indeed.

Many other nations, such as Russia first agreed to withhold this information from the public on the condition that the public would be eventually told. Since this hasn't happened in a timely manner, in recent years Putin and his team of scientists have been openly discussing the topic of Nibiru Planet X with their own citizens and taking steps to ensure that their citizens survive the coming upheavals by moving cities an infrastructures to safer locations.

China has built, what is called Ghost Cities in its interior, that sit empty awaiting the time when their coastlines become uninhabitable. Other countries have begun creating seed banks and storing food supplies for their citizens, as well as creating underground shelters, for when conditions on the surface are no longer livable.

So, while the United States plods along under a National Security mandate that essentially keeps its citizens in the dark, while the vast majority of them live along coastal regions, at sea level, in big cities, many other countries are taking steps to ensure that they do survive by not just preparing for the worst but also educating their citizens by what they cannot see is coming.

Second Sun

This photo clearly shows a Second Sun.

This photo clearly shows a Second Sun.

Washington Post Article

Here is the Washington Post article in its entirety, before the Reagan Administration made Nibiru Planet X, part of the United States National Security protocol, forbidding scientists and astronomers from talking about the subject openly in public forums.

What is important recognize here, is that before Nibiru Planet X was made part of National Security the subject was openly discussed in the public and scieintific circles for decades, searched for by astronomers the world over and the famous Lowell Observatory in Flagstaff, Arizona was designed and built in 1898, specifically to look for it.

It wasn't until it was actually found, using the IRAS telescope and reported by the Washington Post and New York Times, making the front page, that our politicians panicked and cast the subject into information purgatory of a National Security mandate (1984), that the subject began to be censored, ridiculed and disinformation spread like a wildfire out of control. This fact alone is all the information one needs to recognize that the public is being lied to about subject that will affect every man, woman and child on the planet for centuries to come.

Possibly as Large as Jupiter

A Guest Article

From the Washington Post

by Thomas O'Toole, Washington Post Staff Writer

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December 30, 1983 [33 years ago]
Page A1

A heavenly body possibly as large as the giant planet Jupiter and possibly so close to Earth that it would be part of this solar system has been found in the direction of the constellation Orion by an orbiting telescope aboard the U.S. infrared astronomical satellite.

So mysterious is the object that astronomers do not know if it is a planet, a giant comet, a nearby "protostar" that never got hot enough to become a star, a distant galaxy so young that it is still in the process of forming its first stars or a galaxy so shrouded in dust that none of the light cast by its stars ever gets through. "All I can tell you is that we don't know what it is," Dr. Gerry Neugebauer, IRAS chief scientist for California's Jet Propulsion Laboratory and director of the Palomar Observatory for the California Institute of Technology, said in an interview. The most fascinating explanation of this mystery body, which is so cold it casts no light and has never been seen by optical telescopes on Earth or in space, is that it is a giant gaseous planet as large as Jupiter and as close to Earth as 50 trillion mile s. While that may seem like a great distance in earthbound terms, it is a stone's throw in cosmological terms, so close in fact that it would be the nearest heavenly body to Earth beyond the outermost planet Pluto.

"If it is really that close, it would be a part of our solar system," said Dr. James Houck of Cornell University's Center for Radio Physics and Space Research and a member of the IRAS science team. "If it is that close, I don't know how the world's planetary scientists would even begin to classify it."

The mystery body was seen twice by the infrared satellite as it scanned the northern sky from last January to November, when the satellite ran out of the supercold helium that allowed its telescope to see the coldest bodies in the heavens. The second observation took place six months after the first and suggested the mystery body had not moved from its spot in the sky near the western edge of the constellation Or ion in that time. "This suggests it's not a comet because a comet would not be as large as the one we've observed and a comet would probably have moved," Houck said. "A planet may have moved if it were as close as 50 trillion miles but it could still be a more distant planet and not have moved in six months time." Whatever it is, Houck said, the mystery body is so cold its temperature is no more than 40 degrees above "absolute" zero, which is 456 degrees Fahrenheit below zero. The telescope a board IRAS is cooled so low and is so sensitive it can "see" objects in the heavens that are only 20 degrees above absolute zero. When IRAS scientists first saw the mystery body and calculated that it could be as close as 50 trillion miles, there was some speculation that it might be moving toward Earth. "It's not incoming mail," Cal Tech's Neugebauer said. "I want to douse that idea with as much cold water as I can." Then, what is it? What if it is as large as Jupiter and so close to the sun it would be part of the solar system? Conceivably, it could be the 10th planet astronomers have searched for in vain. It also might be a Jupiter-like star that started out to become a star eons ago but never got hot enough like the sun to become a star. While they cannot disprove that notion, Neugebauer and Houck are so bedeviled by it that they do not want to accept it. Neugebauer and Houck "hope" the mystery body is a distant galaxy either so young that its stars have not begun to shine or so surrounded by dust that its starlight cannot penetrate the shroud. "I believe it's one of these dark, young galaxies that we have never been able to observe before," Neugebauer said. "If it is, then it is a major step forward in our understanding of the size of the universe , how the universe formed and how it continues to form as time goes on."

The next step in pinpointing what the mystery body is, Neuegebauer said, is to search for it with the world's largest optical telescopes. Already, the 100-inch diameter telescope at Cerro del Tololo in Chile has begun its search and the 200-inch telescope at Palomar Mountain in California has earmarked several nights next year to look for it. If the body is close enough and emits even a hint of light, the Palomar telescope should find it since the infrared satellite has pinpointed its position.

(ITEM 123) December 31, 1983, Saturday, Final Edition (ITEM 127)

Second Sun

These photo images of a Second Sun are far too numerous on the internet to simply be the work of artists with nothing better to do that refine their photoshop skills.

These photo images of a Second Sun are far too numerous on the internet to simply be the work of artists with nothing better to do that refine their photoshop skills.


So one must ask themselves why would a subject be openly discussed for centuries, until upon finding evidence of its existence, suddenly be censored from public knowledge and then within ten years of its discovery our skies begin to be criss-crossed with chemical trails that we are told are vapor trails . . . Why would a subject so openly discussed for hundreds of years suddenly be the subject of ridicule, disdain and censorship?

The obvious answer is that Nibiru Planet X arrival in our solar system has coincided with many geographical upheavals, tectonic stress, floods and full and partial Polar Shifts in Earth's past and this my fellow humans cannot be denied. The most popular historical and religious book on the planet, the Bible, describes this many times in its pages. However every ancient culture on our planet has both written and verbal histories of a Red Dragon appearing in our skies, followed by global catastrophes.

  • How would our own culture react to the news that Wormwood, Nemesis or Nibiru Planet X had returned?
  • Would you go to work tomorrow?
  • Would you move away from coastlines or regions of the world that were at sea level, knowing that our Oceans may very well rise as much as 600 feet?
  • Would you continue to live in areas that are prone to earthquakes or near active volcanoes?
  • Would people immigrating from such regions by the millions then become a environmental and economic nightmare?
  • Would some nations be unable to handle the influx of immigrants, while others would no longer function because of the loss of large section of their populations?
  • Would food and water shortages become a very real problem?
  • Would large cities on the coast become ghost towns where only anarchy ruled?
  • Would Martial Law have to be initiated just to control migration?
  • Would people simply give up the will to live out of fear of what the future might bring and suicides become epidemic?
  • Would life as we know simply cease to exist?

So, based on just a few of these very real questions, it becomes clear why our leaders may have panicked. But had they informed us in an orderly fashion could we not have taken steps as a race to set goals, created programs and built and infrastructure to prepare ourselves for all these eventualities?

We, as a race of people, will never know the answer to these many questions because our leaders have decided that censoring any and all information about Nibiru Planet X is the better course of action. However I submit to you that perhaps there is a far more nefarious reason for this that goes well beyond mere panic.

Perhaps the reason they have kept us in the dark is that, they themselves have prepared to survive any and all calamities, geographical upheavals and floods and would prefer to have far fewer mouths to feed, after all is said and done. Perhaps they do know, based ancient historical records that often 2/3 to 3/4 of the human population is wiped out and of those that survive over half starve to death in the first six months.

Those that remain would be reduced to living in far more barbaric times with no power, very little tools and weapons to defend themselves and be spending most of their time simply surviving. Would this not allow The Powers That Be to simply come in using modern weapons and tools and easily overpowering the survivors, essentially making anyone their slaves quite easily . . . I think it would.

So while panic maybe used as a convenient excuse to control the masses now, when we stop and think about it, the idea makes a lot more sense as a means to eliminate a huge majority of the population and simply start over holding all the cards.

While this conclusion may seem sinister and dark and even unpopular, the important consideration is that we use this information to become aware of what is happening in our world. If this information resonates with you, if it makes sense to you share it with your fellow human, allow them to become aware, allow them to make up their own mind. Because We The People do have the power to change our world one person at a time, simply by being aware of the true nature of our reality we all share.


somethgblue (author) from Shelbyville, Tennessee on December 05, 2017:

What most people don't consider when reviewing this subject is that when the Reagan Admin. made this topic part of National Security in 1984 it effectively censored all scientific papers, videos and documents from being published and shared with the public.

That is over 30 years of potential research that has been censored from the public domain. Now if anyone wants to explore this subject they have to sift mountains of amateur writers', researchers', scientists' and astronomers' data and information and try to piece together a scenario that makes sense and is coherent . . . this can be a daunting task.

The amount of disinformation on this topic far out weighs the sincere, accurate information, this is by design. The only Govt. employees allowed speak about it are the spokespersons that are paid to spread disinformation . . . such as Neil de Grasse Tyson, Corey Goode and others.

You cannot find scientific papers about Nibiru Planet X published before 1984, because it is illegal to create them. Before then the topic was openly discussed among scientists, astronomers and the public. The Lowell Observatory was designed and built in Flagstaff, AZ in 1898 to specifically look for it. Even our Founding Fathers Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin spoke of it and wrote about it . . . the search has been going on for centuries but once it was found . . . we get only silence!

Doris James MizBejabbers from Beautiful South on December 04, 2017:

Thanks for keeping us posted, Daniel. I was recently at a conference of very liberal minded people, and a speaker whom I've always trusted made the statement that "Sitchen had misinterpreted the tablets. He said that Nibiru did not exist, and that it was not now near the sun. He also assured us that we have nothing to worry about. When big-name people like this man makes those public statements, it causes the rest of us to not know how we will be treated if this planet wrecks the earth in our lifetimes.

I just finished the Nomad series of books by Matthew Mather, on this very subject. Fiction, of course, but I will say that they will make a person think twice about being unprepared for an occurrence of this type against the earth.

TY Chaos, on December 03, 2017:

Love's great article well researched and written...

Blessings this post rocks and so do you Blue...


Sincerely Pamela J.

Namaste' brother Daniel good stuff fo sho I must say...


Ken Burgess from Florida on December 02, 2017:

Damned scary article, not something I want to see you proven right about, but nonetheless a good read.

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