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Summative Profile and Action Plan

Livingsta shares her positive experience in business administration, customer service and education.

This hub summarises my overall development and strengths as a result of attending PTLLS. I have included a personal statement that states where I am now, the subject I wish to deliver and what I wish to do in the future. Also included is my action plan which states what I intend to do to help me gain a teaching / training position or progress with my teaching / training career

My overall development and strengths as a result of attending this programme:

  • I have learned in more detail the utmost important facts in teachers training which is about the roles, responsibilities and boundaries of a teacher and students so that I know where myself and my students stand, what information can be shared, how students can behave, what can be my behaviour towards students nd what responses I can show towards the behaviour of students.
  • I have gained large understanding about the legislative issues which will help me guide and support my students, colleagues and my organisation and requirements and the code of practice relevant to the subject I will be teaching, so that I can efficiently deliver my sessions.
  • I have gained a good knowledge about inclusive teaching where I will take into account the learning styles of all learners and include teaching methods and strategies accordingly, how to promote inclusion, equality and diversity in the classroom which will contain students from variouys diverse backgrounds, ethnicity, culture and traditions, and also agencies for referral in case of students with any sort of problems, so that I refer them to the correct agency and give them appropriate advise.
  • I have also learned the ground rules to be followed by learners and teachers as to beahviour of students in classes, what they are allowed to do, what is expected of them and what they can expect off me, embedding functional skills in teaching like literacy and numeracy which will help students with communication, problem solving and logical skills, importance of record keeping, why they are kept and how they are kept and different types of records that suit different purposes and their standard formats.
  • Also I have good knowledge of the various assessment methods, an idea of which assessment method would best suit each session or group of students, how assessments have to be carried out and how frequently, why and when they have to be carried out, how they have to be evaluated and recorded and also the importance of assessment records.
  • I have gained knowledge in preparing scheme of work based on the time, number of sessions and resources, session plans and how they have to be prepared, what has to be considered while preparing them and that every learner has to be kept in mind while designing each session, i.e., an inclusive format which will include all teaching styles / methods.
  • I have also gained knowledge on the use of resources and different types of resources, why they have to be used, where they have to be used, different resources for different concepts and demonstrations, how a class has to be delivered, how objectives have to be chosen for a session and which order they have to be completed so that the students follow the session without any confusion but in a smooth flow.

Personal Statement:

Where I am now, the subject I wish to deliver and what I wish to do in the future:

  • I really enjoyed my course and benefited from it more than what I had expected although I was very nervous towards the start of the course and also through a few sessions.. The course gave me an insight to teaching, gave me a thorough understanding and knowledge of how a classroom will be, what type of students and behaviour can be expected and what I will have to do to make every single session valuable and useful and also what I will have to do to make every single learner the best.
  • I have also gained much confidence in myself, in the sense that I can handle a class with all the techniques included and ground rules maintained and have also understood that it is a teacher's responsibility to make a class interesting, motivated and enthusiastic and that way I can make every single learner get involved in the session.
  • I wish to deliver general science, physics and ICT for students of the 14+ age group and I wish to become a qualified lecturer in Physics, further working towards becoming a Professor in Physics / Scientist.

Action Plan:

What I intend to do now to help me gain a teaching / training position or progress with my teaching / training career:

I will be looking seriously to get into teaching in a Further Education College, or join as a tutor in an adult learning centre and then work my way up towards gaining a qualified teacher status in further education. I already do one-to-one tutoring, which helps me to get to understand the needs of different students and the different learning methods each student feels comfortable with. I wish to complete my PGCE as soon as I can, to become a qualified lecturer. In the future, I would love tocontinue my research in my field of interest and eventually get into full time research, but also guiding students side by side. My experience with students so far and the years to come will play a big role towards shaping up the lives of so many other students in the future.

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P.S: On a kind note, please do not copy anything submitted here and display them in your file. This has been published here, purely to help you gain an idea / understanding of what they expect you to write and how you have to write. You will have to relate to your own subject area, experience in your classroom and lectures while preparing the files. Thank you for your co-operation.

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