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Studying for an Exam Efficiently : Tips and Tricks

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1. Make a plan

Whether you have a week left for your exams or one night, the first step should always be to organize and plan. Make a list of all the topics you're supposed to study. Highlight the most important ones and write down the estimated number of hours next to each topic. The less important ones should be left for the end.

2. Clear your space

Clearing your studying space clears your mind too. Think of it as fresh start. Leave only the necessary stationary on your table. Maybe a mug of coffee or a bottle of water too. Now, you're all set to study.

A clean study space is important.

A clean study space is important.

3. Concentrate

As you start studying, it's natural to get distracted depending on your attention span. But worry not. There are quite a few techniques to keep your mind on the track. The most common and in my opinion, efficient, being the Pomodoro technique. In accordance with this method, you study for 25 minutes and take a break for the next five. This technique is pretty helpful and there's actually a few apps to help you with it, like the Forest app.

4. Take breaks

Now, I know you might have heard this too often and it is absolutely true, taking breaks helps you to retain the information you just studied. Do not underestimate the importance of breaks. If your using the Pomodoro technique, then close your eyes during the five minute breaks.

5. Study smart

Smart work can beat hard work. Make notes of the important points, use diagrams and mnemonics to remember stuff that you think you might forget, use flash cards to revise. These small tricks go a long way.

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Highlight important things and make notes.

Highlight important things and make notes.

6. Take care of yourself

The most obvious but the most neglected advice - self care. Eating and sleeping well are the most important things to do when studying for an exam. Trust me, your body needs it. And of course, don't forget to drink your water!

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